well | Reviewer: Vikki | 11/24/07

you can interpret the song any way you'd like but it is about God. If you knew Lacey's background at all you would be able to see that.
The song is a love song, it's about her love for god. Most think it can't be about god because of the line "My tongue dances behind my lips for you". It means that she is praying and praising god. Just read the lyrics and you can tell its not just another love song.
This song is beautiful and easily one of the bests on their album.

bleh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/07

U ppl have no life. Get over it. The song has many meanings, it depends on how u interpret it, ur your opinion.

ok.... | Reviewer: Sommer | 11/17/07

some of you people have it all wrong. yes Mike this song IS about GOD. Amd Stephanie this song is NOT absurd and WRONG.You may think that but it really is'nt.It is about anything you want it to be. these words are not just some stupid thing in a song. they obviously wrote the song so people could make their own meanings.However,once again Mike is RIGHT. this band is christain and most of their songs are directed towards God. but that doesnt mean you should go around dissing or hating on other people because of their opinions.

This song... | Reviewer: Mike | 11/9/07

To point out something to all of you who think this song is a love song or about drugs and etcetera...THIS SONG IS ABOUT GOD! Flyleaf is an alternative metal band, but with the five of them being Christian, naturally their lyrics would be about things of Christian faith. Listen to the lyrics of the song, take in every single word for what it means and just let the power of the lyrics take you over. Only then can the true meaning of the lyrics hit you. And to you Stephanie, get over it. God is just as much an influence as drugs, sex, and violence in our world. Let me correct that, much more of an influence as those.

not christian song | Reviewer: lauren | 11/9/07

this song has nothing to do with god. although your faith is good and all, not what this songs is about. this song is about her being with the love of her life and when they go off to their secret place which could just mean privacy. there you go

why?! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/07

i think this song iz amazin. so wut if its a godly song? so what if its a luv song? the lyrics r meaningful and beautiful. so get sum business!!!

NEVER WILL I'LL MISS HIM | Reviewer: cherlis | 10/30/07


godly | Reviewer: maquel | 10/30/07

This song to me is about God.
I am a christian and no love is greater then gods to me you can feel it all around everywhere you go you can feel him guiding you.
Thats why it is impossible for me to think this is a bout a boy or anything other then god.
But, the ones who said that you can believe what its about in any way you want is true because thats what flyleaf was achieving but, either way they are singing for god.
the angel part is definately referring to god.
"The angels singing say
We are alone with you
I am alone and they are too with you

And so I cry
The light is white
And I see you"

Ananomys | Reviewer: Rob | 10/29/07

This band is awsome. And the song isn't absurd and wrong. The song can mean anything to anybody but if thats how you feel thats how you feel.

whee. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/07

i know this song is about god and church, but i think it makes such a better love song. i'm glad they kinda wrote the lyrics to go either way, because i'm not a big fan of religious music. it's cool and all, but it's kinda campy and tacky.