An unbias opinion.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/10

I think she is talking about God actually. It seems pretty obvious to me since she believes in God and if you READ the lyrics you'll see it too.
I believe in God but if YOU don't that's fine too but you shouldn't disregard the opinions and beliefs of other people. It's really rude.
Again though, I LOVE THIS SONG!! :) Interpret the song as you will. That's the great thing about music. You can relate it to personal experience.

Correction to below... with evidence... | Reviewer: Ryan | 12/16/09

"We are alone with you
I am alone and they are too with you"

The "we" means her and the angels.... (refer to above the quote). They are "alone" with Him, meaning God. After all, why would she be alone with a boy and the angels are also alone with him (if referring to a boy). Exactly, it wouldn't make any sense at all. At any rate, this is still an amazing song. Don't beef cuz you don't know wut it really means.

you people are ignorant and it's funny. | Reviewer: really?! | 11/27/09

This song is an amazing song. It's obvious;y talking about a love for God and her getting saved. It's not to some boy she likes ahaha! I highly doubt she'd say that a boy owns her and all she is. Plus, in this song she talks about how she's alone with God and angels. It's about God ahahaha and owell, if you're athiest why the hell are you trying to prove this song isn't about God? Is it cuz you actually like this song and it sucks cuz it actually is about God??? Whatever who cares. This song is a really good song. It's kinnda funny how sooo many people argue over it's meaning. I guess I should contridict myself and say that when you listen to a song and it's lyrics, it should have a different meaning to you and to other people. It's meaning to some people won't be the same meaning as yours.

Don't like 'em? GTFO. | Reviewer: Sage | 10/29/09

Good song, not my favorite from them, but still good. And who cares if it's about a boy or if it's about God? It's still a good song. You should take what you feel from the song and just think about that. I personally think of someone with a deep love for another being. Human or inhuman... it doesn't matter. Seriously. It's great. Maybe she did write this song for God. They are Christian after all, but it's gotta be vague for a reason, right? Maybe they want you to take the song and relate it to your life.
To me a good song is one you can hear and connect it to you in some way. This song does that for me.

Not about God? [ a reply to the atheist's point of view] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/09

I happen to have just recently gone to see this amazing group in concert at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC. Before she sang this song, as an introduction to this song, she says, and I quote, "this next one is a love song for God" you know, God, the fictional character who is apparently one of her past relationships. Get your facts right and don't just draw attention to yourself please. It gets rather boring having to sift through the idiots to find comments worth reading from people who actually are reviewing the song/band.

An athiest's view. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/09

This song is not about God (who, I might mention, is a fictional character). It's about one of her relationships with someone. You should all just cut the God bull-shit and take a reality check.

O.o | Reviewer: Rachelann | 6/27/09

Ok, there is something people need to realise about being tolerant of other peoples beliefs. We can argue for years about were we come from and where we are going, but its not going to change what happens. Cidneys a Christian, Ahmeds a muslim, and Joe is an athiest. In order for these people to be tolerant of the other religion is to accept that they believe what they believe and its not going to affect what you believe, so just leave peoples beliefs alone and focus on your own. If your a christian you should know about this from the bible. You can tell someone about your religion, thats what god wants but he doesn't want you to force people and shove all this 'knowledge' down their throat. It doesn't make you right and it doesn't really help them seeing how you could still be wrong on your religion WE DONT KNOW WHAT IT REAL!! so stop trying to make yourself right and try to understand what you can be considerate rather then starting huge fights and cusing people out. you can say that you think this song is religious or you could say that you disagree, but realize that its all how you interpret the music, everyone sees the world differently. if one persons color blind and another isnt and the color blind person says that a car is gray while the other says that its red, aren't they both right? the color blind person sees it differently from the other person but it doesn't mean that they have to fight about it, what if the car is really green and humans are just too incompitent to see it as that color, so just share your oppinions but stop trying to tell people whats right when your just as blind as they are.

XX Vetty XX | Reviewer: Vetty | 5/22/09

i always related this song to Twilight. it just reminds me of that. i think they should have used this insted of decode. i love this so so much. i love it how it makes you feel like your apart of the music

OMNOMNOM ROAR!!!! | Reviewer: Celena | 5/14/09

i flippin love this song it is amazing.....i never even had the thought it was about god....i thought it was her talking to a guy.....But anywho this song is like on my top 5 list of fave songs.....

Hey! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/09

Look! She can have her own opinion if she wants! And one question for you, Why do you think we were made? We were mad for one purpose, and one purpose only to serve, and worship God so don't cuss that girl out she was only trying to help you get saved, and go to heaven! She wasn't trying to make you mad, but anyway awesome song!