humm | Reviewer: Frankie | 1/23/10

It's kind of funny how you all seem to argue about the meaning of this song and god...we were put here to be who we are and strive for success and happiness...if you don't believe god helps you with all that then that is your decision, people can't force you to believe in something you want no part of...if you do believe god helps you with your life then that is also your decision...we all have our different views and worries and morals on things and we can't push people to be something or believe in something...let people be themselves...we try so hard to make everybody believe in god that sometimes it pushes us don't worry about others...view it in a way that will make you happy.

Good song, Bad meaning | Reviewer: numetalhan | 1/16/10

well for me the meaning of the song has angered me, I do not believe in god or will i ever be persuaded to believe in him by a band. I don't really like flyleaf for their occasional preachy attitude. But this song is good, good amount of bass too, quite grungy which is a plus. But this is my opinion, it is your choice to believe in what you want, i really do not care.

I Already Knew | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/10

i had heard about the themes of this song from a girl praising how flyleaf is getting played on christian stations. I say thank goodness, cuz christian radio tends to be on the sappy side. This is like christian rock's "god in me" by marymary (those w/ more eclectic taste look into that song, it's really good, and made gospel more mainstream w/o diluting the message.) i'm not christian, i identify myself as agnostic (altho i'm technically a spiritual since i do definitely believe in a god, just not necessarily the christian one), but as far as this song is concerned, i LOVE it. i'm an artist above all else, and its a beautiful song. i don't have to agree w/ it to kno that its beautiful.

You'll see...someday | Reviewer: Amy Rose | 1/10/10

I love this song and I understand the meaning of it. You guys! Have you ever seen a million dollars in your house or in your hands? If yes then you KNOW it exists, if not then just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it's not their. You say there is no proof......look around you! Look at the trees, at us humans, at the animals. Think abou "How did I come here?" how in the heck could we have come from monkeys? Scientist have said we don't have anything that relate to them accept out fingers. Other then that no genectics. And if we DID come from monkeys, wouldn't we still be walking out of the forest today? How come we stopped? You can't answer BECAUSE you don't know and because that's not true! We have all our answers which are correct.

Everybody, we are seperated from God whom is perfect in everything he does. We all make mistakes, we've all done something bad. And for that we are apart from God and can never be with him. BUT!! God sent his only son to earth to live a perfect life and die for our sins, he died because he LOVES YOU! If you accept this gift he's given you, you live forever and ever in his house. If you don' die. And thats that. And it's not that you BELIEVE there is a God, it's all about your RELATIONSHIP with God. Now I'm not makeing you believe but I'm warning you........someday something is going to happen and you'll be forced to decide:

Life? Or Death?

what did you think? | Reviewer: david | 1/7/10

to the guy below......what did he think the song was about?

FlyLeaf is a christian make a perfect example of ignorant people that just hate things because its religous....

just because its on mainstream radio doesnt mean it has to be about sex and alcohol all day...

just so you know if youv heard of Skillet or Thousand Foot Krutch hate on them to because there christian

Mmmhm | Reviewer: Aliciaa | 1/7/10

Honostly, I don't think it matters what the reasoning was for flyleaf to write the song, because everyone is going to have a diffrent interpretation of the song that makes it special to them I guess? And people who do believe in god and that's what this song is about to them then great. If someone takes it relationship wise. Then let them go for it. I don't believe on god but I love flyleafs songs because their lyrics can be translated into so many things and there lyrics speak to me in a diffrent way from what they intended and that's oookay:)

About the song | Reviewer: Andy | 1/6/10

I still think the song is really catchy, but the fact that the song is about surrendering to God and Believing again seems a little weird only because it's about "believing again" in God. I have no reason to "believe again" in God. God doesn't exist.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Erick Murphy | 1/1/10

In response to the third one down. If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all. None of us are shoving a bible down your throat trying to force you to believe and if you do generalize remember were not all like everyone else.
To everyone else who saw his/her negative comment remember the meaning and lyrics of the song.
"You take what they say and go back and cry", "They don't need to understand"
Before anyone has a negative thought about this persons post remember what Christ did for us, the least we can do for him is find hope and compassion that person can find their way and see God in the beautiful way that we do.
Friggin LOVE the song, amazing message.
Peace out!!

awsum! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/09

wow! this song is great!!! i am a christian,my dadz a pastor.... im glad i believe in God without him i wouldnt be were im at now thatz why im proud to say i love u father God and that will never change

I love you my family! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/09

To my brothers and sisters, your so amazingly beautiful! Don't ever let anybody get you down. We need to be like flyleafs song "the bride of Christ" Keep your eyes on Him, and his words! Remember to put on the armor of Love.
Remember Jesus came for a relationship not a religion. I love you all with all of my heart, and I know God Loves you so, so, so, very much! The songs great to, I like it alot...

stupid realigous fucks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/09

i thought this song was AMAZING. untill i saw all you wierd strange crazy realigous FUCKS say it was about god...


i still like the song, but the meaning of the song, has pissed me off.

THE MEANING! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/09

The meaning of this song is how God just wants a relationship with us. He hates seeing us get hurt and crying. All he wants us to do is surrender to him. I looked up the meaning and i just cried realising this because it is true. God is our father!
All he wants from us is for us to go on the right path.



misinterpreted | Reviewer: anynomous | 12/1/09

When I first heard this song I thought it was really cool, but I misinterpreted what it was about. To me it sounded like a dominatrix like song with the lyrics "Here you are down on your knees again" and "only surrender will help you now"..... kinda like a crazy woman obsessed and in love with her man while controlling and torturing him for fun and sex. I was WAAAAY off, lol

Getting closer to Jesus | Reviewer: Ndjae | 11/29/09

When I first heard this song I was instantly gravated towards it. I am a very spiritual person and I knew what this song meant. This song was written in God's point saying to all of us that you can't make it in this life with out Him and He is telling His people to die to yourselves and live for Him. The part where Lacey says "Only surrender will help you now" that means only surrendering to God is the only way you will live through what ever life situations you are facing....I Thank God for His Son Jesus for dying for my Sins and Jesus inspire a lot of people including flyleaf to write songs to speak to His people to come to Him... So if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior I pray that you accept Him Into your life Now!!! I am Glad I did my life is a whole lot better with Him than with out Him!!

I loovee this song! | Reviewer: Robyn | 11/28/09

... I love flyleaf and as soon as I heard this song I was like.... perfect! It so suits what I've been through... Love and lol men... well.. not just men but anyways.. this song is amazing and beautiful.. I listened to this song about 50 times lol. Never get's old.. I sing it all the time.