Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/11

Ok seriously guys grow up on the whole religion thing... Everyone is gonna believe what they want. Christians and religious people in general need to realize that when a person is ready to take the first step to what is considered salvation they will take that step and ask. The more that people shove religions down a non believers throat the more likely it is that they aren't going to listen... Duh! It's just like with teenagers and their parents. The more a parent tells their kid not to do something the more reluctant the kid is to listen... Use some common knowledge people. Be more observant. Not every song has to be about god either... I write songs and a lotof the time people think I'm talking about god but I'm far from the topic of god. Like some have said everyone will interpret the song differently. Get over yourselves Christians and other religious people. Not everyone wants to be in your shoes!

Y'all are messed up. | Reviewer: Justsonoonewouldcomplainimanon | 6/16/11

Y'all really think your "god" is that much of a sadistic fuck? "I love the way that your heart breaks" being on your knees trying to "find air to breath" is wear he wants you? Fuck I'm glad I'm not religious if the majority population is like this.

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/11

>.> first off thier genre of music is Several of them Ex. Alternative metal, nu metal , hard rock, alternative Rock,post-grunge, heavy metal and according to some of you Christian. Second every song has a different meaning too every individual so its always hard to pinpoint the 1 true meaning of it when noone agrees to it unanimously even if its the song writers meaning of it and no its not the most important thing whats ithat you actually find a meaning to the song that YOU like not the way it was designed. and finally we come to what relates to godand what doesnt, thats just a assinine way of thinking because most can either relate to god or it cant depending on who you and what religion you follow but in the larger scheme of things its actually really unimportant and completely irrelevant.As for this song and thier band, one the best ive ever heard. (FYI i only listen to rock-metal.) Now you want to talk about bands that are of christian/rock try pillar or reliant k though not the best of bands but pretty good bands to say the least.

Jesus freak | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/11

1st I'd like to say tht no matter ur age, religion, r w/e else there is, ur opinions count. I am not an atheist, but I do like to hear ur point of view. Also, yes, u bang a Christian and having a band/ record label doesn't make ur band a Christian band, Ex: usher (no offense to him). But what they talk about in their songs does. Ex: beautiful bride, body of Christ, 1flesh abiding, strong and unifying.~Beautiful bride by again. They are also under the label of Christian music.
This song, carries so much more meaning than I had aprehended

Anotherreview | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/11

I first heard this song sung by maddi Jane. When I heard this I instantly recognized the Christian meaning. While there are many interpretations, everyone is entitled to their opponion. Mine is that God sees us falling and hurting. But we struggle to accept help from anyone, including God. He's telling us that he understands what is happening and is lending out his hand. But still we struggle or are reluctant to take it, so he's telling us to be still. The part that people question most is "the floodgates are breaking they're pouring out." that simply regrets to his love for us and his overflowing desire to help.
I'm entitled to my opinion and this is it. Thanks for reading.

Re: It's about God alright | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/10

Yea, you've hit it right on. Satan doesn't want these people to see the true meaning of this song so he covers it with over feelings. It's all lies. God is speaking to you through this song! Listen to it again and see what he is telling you!

It's about God alright | Reviewer: hoodaticus | 11/22/10

The lyrics here are written wrong. They are not saying "be strong", but "be still", which God spoke to David ("Be still, and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10), and to the waves that frightened His friends at sea during a storm that threatened to capsize their boat (Mark 3:9 "Peace, be still").

These are words of divine comfort, spoken to the heart by a Spirit of infinite peace, and there is not a Christian in the world whose soul fails to resonate with these words. This song is instantly recognized by us as divine. It is written in Divine First Person - God is doing the singing.

The other interpretations - of a complicated relationship, of heart-wrenching feelings - these are brought to the surface by a Being who is intimately tied with your heart and wants you to feel, because the infinity of such emotions points you to Him like a beacon.

Only surrender will help you now. The floodgates are breaking and pouring out.

It's about God. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/10

She wrote it in God's point of view. She's the creator of the song so her meaning overshadows all of yours. It's the one that counts the most. God's saying you're down on your knees and that's exactly where I can save you. God says his power is made perfect in times of weakness. And God understands us like no1 else ever could.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/10

I love this song. It really speaks to me that no matter how much you fall down, make mistakes and stumble, when you come back to God he will take you back in with open arms, again and again. This is only my interpretation of the song, though. And I've read the comments, and I don't think there's a need to argue over whether they're a "christian" band or not. The band members are all Christians, but the band said "...we’re not playing for Christians. We’re just playing honestly and that’s going to come out." So take the band anyway you want. There's no need to fight.

I love yu guys flyleaf is amazing | Reviewer: Alexis | 11/13/10

I have been listenin to them since i was 11 and i think that all there songs yes they can be related to god but they can also be related to love im atheist but thats just me and i think personally that yu guys really shouldnt argue about wat the songs about its your interpretation and noone elses that matter i mean im only 13 so yu probably dont care much about my opinion but can we at least try to make peace =^w^=

what | Reviewer: dk | 10/5/10

@ Anonymous 9/30/10

They are Christian, but the don't necessarily sing religious music.

To quote Flyleaf "Well, you know what? I don’t know what you mean by a “Christian rock band.” It’s hard to say that because people all have a different definition of what that means. If it means that we’re Christians, then yeah, we’re Christians, but if a plumber’s a Christian, does that make him a “Christian plumber?"

Anyways, great song and great band. (I'm an Atheist btw)

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/10

um your wrong thas what music is about. thats why people make music to reach out to others so yes th meaning is important. and what people feel about it is important as well. They are a Christian group. and as being a Christian we are supposed tospread the word toothers and that is what lacey is doing through her music

what is the big deal? | Reviewer: confused?? | 9/29/10

its a good song. y is everyone arguing over what it is about? i only heard this song a couple of days ago and i had no idea who flyleaf were or what their band was about and i still dnt but im guessing they r a christian band??? but i thought it was about love so i guess it is how u interpret it... but its weird that u r all fighting over a song. its crazy. think what u want to think and dnt let anyone think for u : )

I understand | Reviewer: Lucky | 9/26/10

some people may think "Oh. It's just a song." But I understand what is being said. My Boyfriend (Husband To Be, Actually ^_^) saved me. I was so torn apart and my heart was broken he found me and put my pieces back together. I am thankful every day for that and our parents just don't understand us and I believe the words that this song is saying. I can also sing it Amazingly! *jUST sAYING* and I know he understands me like I understand him. we are so close in every way and I Need Him to Stay Alive.

Lol people are wierd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/10

Seriously, some people are way to immature it's just a song. Who cares what it's about? I mean if the words thouched you in a special great then thr artist did their job. And any point of view is your personal feelings. A song is only words put into a perspective of how you view it. If you don't like other peoples opinions about the song keep it to yourself. No else cares what the song means to you. Harsh but the truth.

Btw I really love this song!!!