I'm keeping it real yo! :D | Reviewer: Andiee | 8/19/10

As many people see this is about religion, it's not like that to me. It's more of a really complicated relationship I have. In some way this song goes for it perfectly.
I'm not trying to disrespect anyones beliefs, but I don't really believe in much, but strangely love flyleaf. She once said in an interview they'd prefer their audience to get their OWN interpretation of their songs. So what it means to you may be different than what it is to someone else. It's a great song enjoy it and don't think about the meaning only Lacey and the band know what it really means.

Btw treasure was written for when her husband proposed to her so :p :)

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/10

Why is everyone arguing over what the song actually means. i mean sure all songs mean something and have a message but the real fact about all music is that if it sounds good to you thats the point of it. not what it means. every single song has meaning and a hidden mesage that can be decoded but everyone interprets this diifferently. my real point is that the lyrics are lyrics. just that so now everyone knows how to sing the song and that is the oint of music - that it will be passed down and listened to and enjoyed not the secret messages.

The thesis' | Reviewer: Jazzy | 6/17/10

To say that this song doesn't relate to religion is just being ignorant of all of flyleaf's work. All of their songs have to do with religion and God interference. 'Tresure' and 'All Around Me' and both indefinably about religion and them giving praise to God. I love Flyleaf!!!!

This song is SO CLOSE TO MY HEART. | Reviewer: KevKun | 5/31/10

This song is God himself speaking to every frustrated soul who thinks he(or she) can do it on their own. They don't realize that God understands their frustrations and knows the desires of their heart and the things they want to do for Him. We have to realize that we do nothing. We are nothing without Him. We must let Him fight out battles for us.

for any true artist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/10

I don't really care about religion wars, because it's people choice.
I love this song only because it is some sort of message to any true artist, who wants to change world and helps others. And to stay on the way to accomplish such difficult task require's strength, patience and good heart.
I stepped on this path long ago and start writing and I perfectly understand every word, every emotion in this song. For me it's like hear from anyone: "You doing good. almost perfect, but you need time to rest". What words said without lies or flattering is most valuable thing int he world.

Who cares? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/10

As an artist I feel that I need to state that most music is written in metaphors so that each person can take from it what they need. Flyleaf may have written the song as Christians but you are the only one who can decide what it may mean to you, whether it be love or God. Take from it what strikes you and leave it at that. We all have our own battles.

Jesus 4 Ever | Reviewer: jack | 5/24/10

Well, the definition only belongs to the maker and the definer...

I see this song is for my God, Jesus Christ. Im not pushing anyone to believe it.

Religion is not important,it doesnt make you a better person BUT a true relation with God does.

JESUS~Love the Sinner Hate the Sin

clarification | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/10


alright I hate it when people comment and then start arguing about God and religion. But this song is way too good to let people misunderstand what it is trying to say from a Christian perspective. Most of the truth of this song can be found in the lyrics and how they relate to the characteristics of God.

Verse 1. God is saying that He loves the way the person’s heart breaks for every injustice and deadly fate. This a line based on the quote by Bob Pierce "Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God." This means that God is pleased to see that the person’s heart is in the right place. When someone lives like everything depends on them then that person is not allowing God to guide them and that's when bad things happen. SO when someone depends on themselves they slowly realize that they cannot do it on their own; that is when God is found the most.

Verse 2. God loves that person is never satisfied. Christianity is not simple or easy to understand. Most believers and non believers are satisfied with the minimal understanding of the truths about God. So when someone is unsatisfied with the minimal then one begins to seek all the truths about God. He continues to say that when someone takes what everyone says then they go back and cry because that truth is not enough; they want more. And in that brokenness people come to God to seek help, wisdom, satisfaction, truth and love.

Chorus: God needs people to come to Him in humbleness (on their knees) in order to come into their hearts and use them for His greater glory; that is surrender, when someone gives everything they have to God. God reaffirms His love.

Verse 3: When you believe and trust in God some people will not understand. But God’s will, be patient for God's plan (it is perfect and better than what we can imagine).
"Be strong," throughout the Bible God speaks of perseverance and strength; so be strong in hard times God will hold you in "His righteous right hand."

again | Reviewer: Rose | 5/23/10

if u are not a christian i wouldn't expect u to understand what is going on the song is talking about what god loves about the people and how they don't like whats going on in the world and the chorus is about god wanting people to come back to him and he is telling them not to worry about anyone else just god because he understands them.

confused | Reviewer: Alex | 5/13/10

okay. people have their own opinions. this is mine. I think this song is about love. how it breaks the heart and tortures innocents. if you think this song is about god, you are saying that he's an asshole who likes to torture people. That is the fallen angel's job, Lucifer. Is this about Lucifer? No. Just because someone isnt or is christian doesnt mean ANYTHING! Get it?? If you remember, this is exactly how World War 2 started! Hilter wanted the "different" people to be eliminated for they are not worthy! It's pathetic! And for christian. You believe everything a book says? Open your mind. maybe you will learn something new. Like "satan" is Wikka's god of hunt. They named him Satan and Evil cuz he had horns! He the god of the hunt! It's reasonable why he had horns but no! Whatever you think isnt right is automatically classified as Evil! So do us all a favor and shut the fuck up cuz no one wants to hear your weak evidence that this song is about God. Speak with Lacey and record it and let us hear if it's about God or not!

empty rite | Reviewer: cosmin satncu | 5/11/10

Is is very disappointing to see that people are still so concerned with such a small thing as organized religion.
The main aspect of art is meaning of metaphors, if you bring the restricting religious view into the equation you miss out on the true meaning of art. basically if you entire world view is locked in only on set of convictions your reality is a very boring place.
It is essential that we all have ideas rather then beliefs, ideas can change, beliefs cause pointless bloodshed.

What happened to UNCONDITIONAL Love? | Reviewer: Patient | 5/7/10

Okay - what ever happened to "Unconditional Love" (love without conditions) or Do not judge others? NONE of us has the right to say this is or is not a Christian song or about God - ONLY the writer and creator of the song can do that. If you hear something you don't like - look at it UNCONDITIONALLY (without any of YOUR conditions) and love it anyway. I am so "SICK" of "Christians" touting their Love for God while they are hating (or disliking and judging) each other. IF you are a Christian and you don't like this or that...please "love" it anyway...BOY what a difference that will make. BTW - FLYLEAF ROCKS!!! Lacey has her finger on the pulse of what is really going on and I admire her for PASSIONATELY singing about it!!


I prayed for a band to be Christian for once that I could hang out with. | Reviewer: Mike | 5/8/10

Then a day or two later, I walked over by the beach and met Flyleaf. I would of stayed longer if I knew they were christains. So I went to their show and heard them for the first time. People are such athiestic nazi's for dogging a little more true christian band. At least I can exhale a little. It was exactly what I prayed for, as always.

wow | Reviewer: ha | 4/30/10

this is a total religious war thats being argued about this bands lyrics... cant we just say hey i loved this song, i love this band, it doesnt matter if your christian, buddist, or any other religion.. and this is exactly why i dont like any religion cause they turn on eachother and argue which is better than the others.. so im just going to say this is a very good song and we interpret these lyrics to our own personal beliefs.

awesome song | Reviewer: Grace | 5/3/10

I love this song. It's totally amazing and reflects that God wants us to come back to him. Fly is a Christian band, no matter what people say. Most of their lyrics are about God and Jesus and you'll find nothing dirty in the lyrics. Go FLYLEAF!!!!