Absoloutley touching | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/09

This song, i listened to it once. then i immediatley me in the best way possible.put it on my myspace profile (:
it is so beautiful.
the song made me cry, it reminded me of love, i dont believe in god right now.. things are too bad in my life to think he exists, but flyleaf you kill

THE BEST BAND EVER MADE | Reviewer: jimmy | 11/7/09

i have loved flyleaf for ages and all there songs are brilliant. there lyrics are beautiful. most of my freinds point out that they are a depressing band with lyrics tht wants u to die. i know of course that this is a load of bull there lyrics are full off hope. i love the new song again...it weired it sort of describes my life sort of thing, anyways well done lacey and crew and plz keep the music comming!!!! :D

wow | Reviewer: Michelle | 11/1/09

This has so many meanings to this song. I know so many people that this song fits. when i was younger, my step mother never noticed her faults, but she noticed all of mine perfectly. If she was still living at this house, i would explain this song to her and sing it over and over and over again in her face. She needs to realize all the pain and suffering she has made for me and my father and its not right. Mabey one day if she hears this song she can actually think about and realize that shes never going to find a perfect child and that no ones perfect. Everyone has thier breaking point. Thats why my father always tells me im unique. He makes a wonderful point on that everyones diffrent no matter how you try to do things. No ones perfect. This song really spoke to me and brought back some really old memories that i thought i would NEVER remember again.

amazing song!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/09

there was this one girl i knew i loved and we tried it and she left me. i tried getting her back so hard. we are friends now but still wish it would work. this song is the story of what happened, it says how i feel. its great

momento mori | Reviewer: the unknown | 10/12/09

I love this song it reminds me of the things that
I have been through in my life and the things I have lost because I had to surrender them. I also love how they named it momento mori. For those who don't kno wat it means: its latin and means "remeber you will die"

fav song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/09

i hope an acoustic song of this is realeased. i would want this played at my funeral cause this is a song talking to me. Ive been through alot of death and have at times got discouraged with life, because i didnt understand why my love ones were going home so early. For instance my grandfather just passed about a month ago after battling diabetes, I beleive this is gods way of communicating with him. Hes telling me to "see and beleive again". I have to say lacey has a gift for saying things we need to get out. Just like Cassie said things we all felt about columbine. Good work Flyleaf, if you ever come to tupelo, ms. i will be on the front row. thats a promise.

Beautiful song with a diff meaning to everyone | Reviewer: porsche alexus N. | 10/2/09

I lost my bf to suicide last thanksgiving and this song reminds me of him and how he felt and how ill i wanted him t do is "see nd believe again"..... and i always would tell him it doesnt mater what everyone thinks of u it doesnt matter if the dont understand u cause i do... also i feel like god i saying this song to me... now that ive been in depression i feel like my bf who passed aways now telling me the same things i told my him to see and believe again since ive lost believing and seeing...
xoxox love you flyleaf <3

An intense deep song. | Reviewer: AmplifylcXD | 9/30/09

I just love Flyleaf. I feel that all their songs are so true to the heart and you have a sense that you not alone. I am not a very religious person, a lot of moments in my life made me feel that thier is no God, but that was long ago. Just hearing Flyleaf helps u know that your not the only one who struggles and thier is someone out there that is thier for you. I admire Lacey so much for being so deep in her work, lyrics straight from the heart.

Enough said can't wait till see them nov 18! I can't wait :)

This Hit Me like a sack of rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/09

Ever since I was little I've been close to God. But in the past couple of years, I've gotten way too far away from him. My parents split, started seeing other people. I went from homeschooled to public. I started doing drugs which i never thought I'd do, ever. everything flipped upside down, and he got lost in it all somehow. I'm shaking after hearing this song. He's talking to me, whether anyone who reads this believes it or not. Thanks for the lyrics, I'm making big change today.

what this song means to me | Reviewer: Monica | 9/22/09

This is one of those Flyleaf songs where I feel it's written in God's point of view. This song is what I think God is trying to say to me because He's really been filling me with His love lately and I have all of this compassion and love for the world around me and it gets me angry that things are so messed up and so many people don't know God. I pray like crazy that things will change and sometimes I do act like things depend on me and I feel so alone, This song is incredible and it reminds me God is hearing every prayer and watching every move I make for Him and one day I will make a difference, I just need to calm down and let Him take care of it!

Flyleaf Is Amazing, now and then | Reviewer: Cate | 9/13/09

Flyleaf has always been amazing and they always will be. I'm so excited for the new album and absolutely love, love, love this song. I foresee this as being one of those albums that goes in the stereo and is set on repeat for weeks.

:D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/09

I've been a Flyleaf fan for years and i'm so excited for the new album. And if all the songs are as good as this one it will be great.. and well worth the wait :3 it's about time they got some new songs, geeez :p