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Performed by Flo Rida

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Right Round | Reviewer: maddskilz | 6/10/09

Right round is a great song! however, anyone who said the lyrics are vile their right. And if flo-rida is so creative then why did he have to buy some old guy's song. LAME!! Anyway techno what the f***. Anyway good song bu

The Facts by girlG | Reviewer: serena | 5/19/09

I know the this song has a great beat I think rap it's not lame because not all raps talk about what you here all time . heres from a ten year old saying this, they need to stop making these songs about sex and be more serious because if a toddler can know every word from a rap they can know there a,b,c's and 1,2,3's too. So peple who readimg this heres the two things I want to say. One, stop saying rap is wack it's great, and the last thing to all the parents that they need to know what your child is listening because it's setting a bad example and start being a parent stop being '' their friend '' you are making them turn to the wrong crowd and sorry I promise this the last time start whopping them and teach them manners because it's rude to talk an adult a attidue way.

They Absolutely Killed The Original! | Reviewer: Dead Or Alive forever!!!!! | 5/15/09

What the hell is with this song?!
They have absolutely 100% killed You Spin Me Round by Dead Or Alive.
This is a horrible song! It's just as bad as most songs nowadays. I'm 13 so don't think I'm some old person who always thinks "back in my day!".

Also my high school production is using this song for a dance scene. This is horrible and I don't know how the hell my teachers were such idiots to put this song in there! Parents are going to watch their children (13-16) dancing to this!

Why do ya think it's bad??? | Reviewer: Draven Bain | 5/14/09

I've read several reviews about the lyrics in this song. And to those who think the content is awful, I have but 2 things to say: A musician singing about something sexual is apparently absoulutely awful. Then what do you call "Real TV" Where you can sit with the kids and watch people burn to death? Second the song makes my head bounce, and if you are bothered by the lyrics, try my novel solution....It's called turn it off. Thanks.

Misled completely | Reviewer: Alentios | 5/12/09

At first, hearing this song on the radio made me dance because the beat was so easy to follow and the song was catchy. Reading the lyrics, however, made me almost have a heart attack as to how dirty this really is. Ugh. Okay, we get it, girls are pretty. They're not something you can buy. They're not trinkets in a store. They're not objects. Lyrics are not at all artistic, and neither is the music. Granted, it's catchy, but not at all artistic, as music is supposed to be. Rap really IS mindless..

Change of Heart | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/09

At first, I was going to say I hated this song. But, reading the reviews, I had a change of heart. Yes, I guess the music/beat is okay. Still not great, but okay. The lyrics are still awful, though.

awesome | Reviewer: theBeast | 5/1/09

dude whoever says this tune is shit clearly is a virgin who doesnt like partying.. i mean c'mon this song rocks any party to its highest point. it has an incredible rhythm.. so stop complaining, grab a chick an dance..

song | Reviewer: kristen | 5/1/09

nothing creative about this song. good beat but thats about it. using an older song to create a new one about blow jobs...nasty. there is no one playing an instrument, just techno garbage. WE NEED MORE ROCK MUSIC !!!

sup hip hop faggots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/09

this song is pure 100% solid gold shit!! and so is the rest of this mainstream garbage, serious how is hiphop better then rock, all it is, is some dude standing there 'singing' (if it can be called singing) and then the whole song is completely remade by a computer with this techno shit in the background, and another thing flo rider can't dance. i thought black guys could dance. i have been seriously missled

Pure 100% CRAP | Reviewer: The Connoisseur | 4/21/09

Possibly the worst song ever written. Mindless idiotic lyrics, written for mindless idiots, as all rap (or disco back in the day) songs are. Whoever the girl is singing, she is MOST Annoying!! Almost as bad as listening to Stevie Nicks baa baa baa'ing her way through some song. And the music itself blows too, electronic garbage of some simpleton "musician" tapping away at the same 3 keys reduntantly. Rap sucks, it always has & always will. Heard one & you've heard 'em all, same content in all of 'em (my ho's, homies, jewlery & money, down at the local strip club, as I check my gat). Grow up people.

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