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Performed by Fleetwood Mac

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The Chain | Reviewer: S | 11/9/12

The chain is the band. The whole song is about them never breaking the chain and giving up on the band despite all the problems they were having. It is the only song on Rumours that every member helped to write.

No way it's fickle | Reviewer: Melissa | 3/3/12

I think this song is saying one important thing. If you are in this together, meaning having a family together...You will never break the chain. How can you completely seperate with being chained by having kids as you are always in that together!

Not Fickle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/10

I don't think this song is about "Fickle Love" as the reviewer above states. Knowing what a dysfunctional relationship Stevie and Lindsay have, this is, as most songs on Rumors, a song about obsession, love/hate and betrayals - all the more excruciating because they played them together!

damn fine song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/07

I really understand what they mean, if you really love someone you would never stop loving them. Fickle Love is nothing but a lie.

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