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Performed by Firehouse

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To Her | Reviewer: tingku khundrakpam | 7/14/14

Daina Achom, I live my life for you
I will be there always for you
This dedication is a message to you that I still love you
Even you are far away from me you I'll be waiting for you
And I'm still waiting for your return
Hope you see this.................your Datrue

to Avril Kaye :) | Reviewer: ranz kyle | 5/6/13

i want to dedicate this song to my one & only love.favorite niyang pinapakinggan bago siya matulog.I LOVE HER SO MUCH :) SIYA LANG,SAPAT NA :) YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING AVRIL KAYE :)

ur my now and i live my life for you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/12

....your love is full of surprises,mystery and sincerity same as this song u sung for me...destiny already challenged us when we parted ways but the angels of love brought us together again when u searched for me and with that the more i know how much u really mean to me gary...ur my life, ur my now and forever...iloveyousomuch...may God strengthen us

To Dani | Reviewer: Tiara Nuban | 11/7/12

The one who submitted this lyric to this site was my ex boyfriend, Dani. I love him, but we can't be together again since he decided to left me as he's going to marry another girl. He sang this song for me last year, that was sweet. Hani I miss you so. Hopefully you're happy on your marriage. :')

I live my life for my best friend ana.. | Reviewer: Nhurge | 5/20/12

hi ana,
i hope you will read my dedication to you.
You know you're everything to me, and no matter what you do i promise you my heart.
I have built my whole world around you.
I want always to be by your side in everything that you do.

Anna mahal ko | Reviewer: Ed....for my Anna | 12/1/11

This is a beautiful love song, it expresses my sincere love I have for Anna, who is thousands of miles away from me in the Philippines. Even though we are so far apart from each other, we are two hearts beating as one. Someday soon we will be together forever. I do live my life for you Anna mahal ko.

A perfect song for true lovers in love. | Reviewer: Wena | 4/20/10

I really love love love love the band firehouse they do good music and all the lyrics of their songs are very deep touching. This song is one of my favorite. Its making me feel so loved by him. I love you my love.

i`m still love her..... | Reviewer: sham | 10/23/09

This song really touched my heart. I love it! I dedicate this song to my very special someone that i met normi abd still in my mind and love you honey....i`m never stop love you until ends of my life....sorry for the what happens before between you...misha our history....

This is for lover's only | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/09

This is so romantic and so sweet song. I dedicate this song for my future wife. I promise her that I will build my whole life for her and only her. You what to know her name Cristina Aquino I love her so much this youre husband Bryan Cinco!

Fantastic! | Reviewer: wa8tin4you | 10/26/08

This song really touched my heart. I love it! I dedicate this song to my very special someone that i met through the internet. I haven't seen him for a long time now but everytime i listen to this song it reminds me of him because he used to sing this song tome when we were chatting here. I missed him now....

!!!!how!!!!!!!!!!nice!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: catherine fabon | 1/29/08

Wow!!! nice song!!!!!! I would like to dedicate to my special someone!!!!charing!!!!he he he!!!! iba ang pkiramdam pag ito ang kinakanta para akong nkalutang sa hangin!!!!!!!!!!! thank!!!! love ya!!!!

so amazing! | Reviewer: emi | 11/15/07

omg!its suits me!that was my 1st impression when i heard the song...and now after i read the lyric,my tears starting to flows out...this song is really mean to me..........

Passionate | Reviewer: Joshua | 11/9/07

Only one with passion & pure love in his heart can write these lyrics.This song will remain in everyone’s heart forever.

haaahaha | Reviewer: anjesh | 9/10/07

oi la talai geet maile pathaide ko bhane ra bhane ko tara timile bhuje na ho la hai lala thikai cha ni ta timi ta kasto chya

Song which saved my marriage | Reviewer: ray | 8/28/07

The song reminds me of her, now I got 'em in mp4. Can't stop listenin'.....

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