criminal | Reviewer: tater | 9/15/14

Love the song its basically my current situation with me and my partner. I have done some things that were hurtful and regret doing them. And the consequences that I'm going through is him not trusting me and the fear of him leaving. We are working on it and I hope others will take music to heart and listen to with the artist is trying to say.

midniterose | Reviewer: Jennifer Davis | 7/9/11

I think she is alot like me , maybe she liked him or so she thought and then realized she didn't so she was leading him on. Sounds like a good man who treated her right and now she really does want him so she's asking for help with the way she is...hmm maybe I should do that:)

This delicate man was played with and Broken-hearted from her rejection. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/11

I'm here because I was looking-up the lyrics for Criminal. My interpretation...

I feel this delicate man was played with and most likley Broken-hearted from "her" rejection.
He's delicate so this was school aged/young love.

She did not care for him at the time, but wants him now.
Maybe she wants the feeling of being loved. This is the only love she ever knew.

I always liked this song. Lately is on my Ipod and I've really noticed how great the DRUM-BEAT is. Now I also know the lyrics seems powerfully envoking to an innocent time.

wow | Reviewer: Avidruby | 3/24/09

from a lady that is in the precise pictured place of these words..... wow. thank you. I needed that. this is why we get addicted. addiction transferral. Oh well. whatever gets you through. i got to let go of shoes!

Deep | Reviewer: Sfusion | 8/21/07

I think this song really shows a talent for getting out a persons feelings and really laying them out for everyone to understand. Through not only the great lyrics but the melody and rythym of the music. Thanks for the great song. And may you provide many more. Sincerely Mick

one true lyric | Reviewer: isabelle pappaz | 2/16/07

The lyric totally hit me deep. No need "translation" or what so ever to understand what she's trying to say.

Somehow, even from the rythm, beat of this song, it made you feel like running away from your sins, to actually be left alone and think of your sins, hoping that your sins be redeemed..Because you know that he's the person you ever loved..

I like it alot, this song doesnt make you a sissy, crying or sad even more, but .. you feel like you want to get High to ease the pain, yet to reminisce the pain.,to regret them.

SHe's a great talented song writer.