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Performed by Feeder

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Cider from THE Lemon | Reviewer: Nick | 7/14/10

Feeder studied at Exeter University, and began writing the song after their first year (not as some think after finishing uni) the reference to 'got a house in devon' came from after they first got a house together in Springfield Road (i believe, this is just hearsay though). the following lyric then goes 'Drink cider from the Lemon', named after the campus bar, the lemon grove.

hope this helps :)

Lemon | Reviewer: Nina | 3/9/10

EVERYONE! the reason for 'drink cider from a lemon' is that The University of Exeter (which is in Devon btw) student union is called 'the Lemon Grove'. The band obviously had some sort of connection with that... Maybe they studied there?

Lyrics | Reviewer: SImon | 2/8/10

Another argument for it being 'from eleven' rather than 'from a lemon' is that eleven a.m. is the time that pubs open in the UK, so they're saying they'd drink cider as soon as the pubs open. I suspect that 'from eleven' was originally the correct lyric, but so many people misheard it as 'from a lemon' that the band adopted that as the true lyric for their own amusement.

LEMON | Reviewer: shaun | 8/8/08

james: it is actually 'drink cider from a lemon' I read an interview in Kerrang! about it, and they asked: "drink cider from a lemon? explain," and he told them that he wrote the song just for fun, it has no meaning, unlike most songs he wrote, buck rogers was completely pointless really...

LEMON | Reviewer: James Hobson | 2/20/08

"Drink cider from a lemon"... I'm sure it is "Drink cider from eleven"... That would make so much more sense as it would rhyme with devon infact it is not within realms of possibility that you could drink cider from a lemon. Firstly cider is made from apples not citrus fruit and secondly if one would argue that the cider is druk out of a lemon i feel the bitterness of the fruit would obstruct the taste of the cider and therefore the drink would be tainted and not classified as official cider. Also eleven would make much more sense as it is early drinking which is considered rebellious and would make a better subject for a song to be based on. Glad i have cleared that up, i have very strong feelings on the matter.

Cider from a Lemon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/07

I think the overall song is alright but it contains one of the worst lyrics ever written; "Get a house in Devon, drink cider from a lemon". I think that line is quite absurd and silly. Can anyone tell me why that line is there?

MaD GlaSS | Reviewer: Cat | 7/10/05

i've been looking for this song everywhere! and yay i finally found it...but i guess i could've taken the easy way out and bought the "Behind Enemy Lines" Soundtrack..haha nice one!

Lemon! | Reviewer: jon Bolton | 3/19/05

at last , now i know what they drink cider from!!! a lemon! nice one

Feeder - Buck Rogers | Reviewer: Adz | 2/19/05

This song is a classic song. I make my dad play it when we're racin down the freeway doin 90! Its a wkd song, i luv it n always put it on first to play when im play Gran Turismo 3!!! Its cool cos my mate Ric's dad just got a new Jag with leather seats and a cd player, but he dont like the song. Cool song and i always listen to iit no my MP3 player. Wicked Dude. Rock on!

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