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Performed by Fantasia Barrino

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my role model | Reviewer: Anna-Alichia Edwards | 8/20/07

girl this song lights my face everytime i hear it and hear your voice i love you so much just like a sister and we dont even know each other well maybe i will get to meet you one day if you ever come to Gadsden,Alabama and look for Anna-Alichia Edwards.

when i see you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/07

i love this song it reminds me when i had a crush on a boy and i use to be shy to speak to him but we are going out now. i just love this song alot

this songis the bom | Reviewer: Deneisha | 8/2/07

ilove this song very much i would listen to it everyday.

this songis the bom | Reviewer: Deneisha | 8/2/07

ilove this song very much i would listen to it everyday.

Once Loved Him | Reviewer: Carlisiah | 7/26/07

I love this song,Everytime a person plays this song jump up and go where the song is located.The meaning of this song is that everytime a girl is in love with that one particular boy her knees get weak,She blushes when someone says his name,He's the number one topic on her phone and email.This song says alot its powerful in many kinds of ways and it just gets you thinking how much you love this one boy.Every word in this song speaks out for itself and thats why i like the message of this song .

This song is dedicated to ma babe Kirk...

SAME THING! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/07

i had a boyfriend and he never told me he loved me but when i heard your song i still feel the way about him all the time...thank u

love it!! | Reviewer: Ashlie | 7/24/07

this song reminds me off mii crush!!! and it funn b/c everything you say in the song is how i act i love this song i song it alll the time im deffently gona buy this cd!!!


I have better yet had a boyfriend that told me that he loves me,and asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes but the very next day he got out of camp and broke up with me and yor song tells how I felt about him and still do fell about him.THANKS I LOVE YOUR SONG FANTASIA!

Succesful African-Amercian WOMEN!!!!!!! | Reviewer: ANGEL | 7/17/07

DEAR MS.BARRINO I think you are a great inspiration to all and i think your music is an inspiration to all to move forward no matter what!!!!!!!!!! Also this is my favvvorite song.. May god continue blessing you and you family

Da Best | Reviewer: Shaniece | 7/12/07

yo like da best there iz dis bull dat i really like but i don`t know how 2 tell him and i don`t have a picture of him so i can`t put him on my mirror but his picture iz always in my head so dis song iz really4 me i been likeing him 4 a while now so 1 day it will come out. talk 2 u again bye!!!!!!!!!!

you | Reviewer: Olivia Johnson | 7/9/07

Fantasia I love this song it reminds me of how i feel/.

wow | Reviewer: Tricia Mbayiwa | 7/9/07

this song is more than perfect i love it to bits and its drivin me crrrrrrrrazy its always on repeat.fantasia girl love you so much i thought truth is took the cup when i see you takes the cup.mwaaah

When I See You By: Fantasia Barrino | Reviewer: lil mama | 6/23/07

This is my favorite song everytime i hear it my heart warms up and i get butterflies and i could just sit there and listen to it all day and just leave it on repeat and not even get tired of it. This song reminds me sooooooooooooo much of my baby it's not even funny everything dat she's talking bout dat she do i did and I PROMISE U im not lien b4 i had da man i got now i was doing dat exact thing, i start to blush wen ppl speak his name, i see him walking my direction i went the other way and i always wished on a star for a sign to fgure out da REASON WHY,i guess it was destiny.... i love him nd he loves me. LOVE YA FANTASIA AND KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!

my song | Reviewer: Jasmine | 6/6/07

this is the greatest r&b song out there right now. this song makes me have so many memories of me and my ex isaiah. makes me miss him. she did her thing. keep doing big things mama!

I love this song | Reviewer: KiKi | 6/5/07

it means she gets happy when she hears the persons name..and she liked him soo much she put his picture on her mirror...duhhh its not that hard..haha i love this song i here it soo many times at work

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