Emotional Masterpiece | Reviewer: Shane | 9/22/13

Fantasia has managed to intricately and beautifully weave a fabric that is nothing short of a masterpiece in Side Effects of You. We all know Fantasia can sing but in this album she relaxed, and did not force the listener to jump on the bed, but crafted and eased us on that emotional bed. Fantasia has superbly matured into that voice and has earned the right to be called a Chanteuse enjoy Side Effects of You, it will make you believe in both the rhythm and blues of romance.

Beautifully Awesome | Reviewer: Thelma Peterson | 6/2/13

The title of this amazing song economically speaks for itself,without any introductions. The lyrics are spoken with such ordinary tenderness ,and with great poise, Ms. Barrino,has really worked this with such a remarkable stride ,she has such great ability .She has once again carried on with all emotions within her heart ,her voice is always so amazingly beautiful as ever before, Congratulations Fantasia Barrino, The Side Effects of You!