okay i think this.. | Reviewer: Katie | 1/12/13

I, see you as a paradigm
of a life that seems so amused
by all the things that I refuse
I, think ur walkin' on broken glass
and I hope you're not going down fast
The part i posted above^^ is talking at an atheist i believe....it is a christian talking to an atheist about how when an atheist(probably a rude one) tries to argue with those who believe in God they are just acting kid of disrespectful and "walking on broken glass" the singer hopes this atheist is not "going down" maybe because of his lack of belief??

Not just for Christians | Reviewer: Bryan V | 9/25/09

They may be a Christian band, but I am certainly not a Christian. Yet I love this band. And listening to them you wouldn't think they were actually a part of that genre. Not because that type of music doesn't offer anything good...not at all. But because unless you really listen the whole "God" thing isn't in your face.

Just awesome music. I can't believe they aren't bigger.

Greatest song Evur! | Reviewer: Tin Foil Lameface Sarcastic McCowan | 11/17/06

This song is the awesomest song in the world. Family Force 5 is incredible and it shows through this song. I recommend everyone, no matter what genre you prefer, to listen to it. This song will rock your socks so hard the vibrations put holes in them. Believe me, I know. This tune is incredible, and the band is the greatest!