sooo.... | Reviewer: Amber | 8/13/09

well well wow i just had lotsa fun reading all that, just because this is a christian band doesnt mean it HAS to be intrpretted as it is about god coz for non-believers like me then its about nothing so yea that kinda wouldnt work,so there goes that theory. however for god believers then yea go ahead and say its about jesus or god or whoever but dont go forcing you religion on songs and people coz thats kinda harsh....
when i listen to this song i thing its about someone who means the world to them, this may be god but it may be a best friend a partner or even a family member.
Also two things i dont under stand about christianity:
1. why dont jewish people worship jesus if he was a jew?
2. if the devil is evil or bad or whatever why does he punish people for the sins they commit on earth, surely that would mean he is helping god and therefore is not evil but actually good

7/3/09 | Reviewer: Brittney Vaughn | 7/3/09

To you people that wrote the reviews saying "oh this can be taken both ways." You guys are WRONG!!! I was looking for some Jesus music and I found this band at this website So they are a christian rock band. (:

Wow | Reviewer: Annie Rose | 12/12/08

well in my point of view this song is lovely. and to the person the shamed God. Thats your oppion but you dont need to go and put people down just becuase they are Christian or Catholic or any religion that has to do with God. In anyway shape or form. You need to be respectful of other people. And not to be mena but you are probley just shunning God becuase you are trying to rebel. and trying to be "different" but really your just doing and becomming what the people want you to be a product a manniquin of the media. So be presentable and dont disrepect people for thier beliefs.

what this song is really about.... | Reviewer: Andrew | 12/6/08

OK just to let every one know this song can be looked at from two points of views,

i don't know where jessi got the idea that there was a girl that left /:) didn't here that on in this song...

this is that song that i have sang to my wife since i first knew that she was the one for me... and i know that this won't make any since but I'm a christian and I have always prayed that God would show me who my future wife would be... and when he show me her i just knew.... and this song is everything that i feel about her.... purely a love song....and i know that most people think that this isn't meant for your girl friends... but if she is the one that god has set aside for you then you will feel everything this song talks about...

but also it can be look at as a love song to the bride groom (Jesus) as well.... same concept follows there...

and NC I'm sorry that you have these negative feeling about Jesus and God but i want to say that he does love you... and read the whole bible before you make up your mind about who he really is... find out for your self... not what other people tell you.... Christianity isn't a religion it's a relationship.... yes we are supposed to love god more than we love our close family and friends.... he is the one who created you, he is your father!!!.... he is the one who really thought of you, and designed you, and put his being into you, and you are in him image too....

how would you feel if your child who you really loved more than anything... didn't love you at all.... never talked to you and never even thought about you, or even worse HATED you.... would that not hurt your feelings.... God love you like a Son or Daughter, and he created you, and he loves you more than the your earthly father loves you.... and all that he asks back in return is that you love him above all.... that's not much to ask I think.... and it may seem hard at first but it gets easier and more enjoyable the closer you get to him.... I'll admit when i first became a christian it was hard.... i thought that everyone had this big expectation of me to be perfect all the time.... but know that everyone makes mistakes and will continue too all through out their life.... and i still do.... but i just want to encourage you and everyone else that reads this to find out who god is for yourself.... and really try to get to know him.... even if you have a bad representation about who god is.... you will be surprised to find that he is nothing like you ever imagined.... he can be your best friend.... he can be your father.... he is always there when you need someone to talk to.... and even if you can't see him.... you can still feel him and hear his voice.... so press in and find out the true love of god for your self and then think about this song and maybe you too will know and feel everything in this song.... i do think the true intentions of this song were directed to God...

Jesus | Reviewer: Jessi | 11/22/08

It's not about religion. Yes, it can be. But htink of it from the non-religion point of view. It's about a man who was in love. The girl left or died, it's saying how he loves her more than anything, remember the saying "you can't eat you can't sleep, you can weep when you love somebody"? Yup.

"Always, always you are with me"
As in wherever I am or who I'm with, a part of you in always there.

When you love someone, your mind love devotion, dreams hopes future is with them.

Get it.?

to NC | Reviewer: Seth | 10/26/08

NC, think about it, God is the master of the universe who has all the power He wants. He (being so powerful) loves us. He could have shown us Himself and EVERYONE would fall in love with Him. Do you know what forced love is?? Rape

Christianity is shit. | Reviewer: NC | 7/4/08

All this elitist bogus doesn't matter worth a crap. I look to this song as purely a love song. Fuck Jesus. Fucking Jew bastard - so loving, eh?

Jesus condemns entire cities to dreadful deaths and to the eternal torment of hell because they didn’t care for his preaching. Matthew 11:20

Families will be torn apart because of Jesus. “Brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death." Matthew 10:21

Jesus says, “Don’t imagine that I came to bring peace on earth! No, rather a sword lf you love your father, mother, sister, brother, more than me, you are not worthy of being mine. “The real beauty of this verse is that Jesus demands people truly love him more then they love their own family. I ask you how can we love someone that we can not see or interact with? Love is an emotion pertaining to physical existence not to faithful ideologies, yet God threatens you with Death just because your love for your mother maybe stronger than your love for him. Matthew 10:34

wow... | Reviewer: colleen | 4/17/08

i LOVE this song. and, i think it's a great christian song, worshipping Him and all he does for us. but, songs are always up for interpretation, and even i think of my boyfriend when i listen to this song. a song is never strictly pinned down to one thing, people are allowed to think of it however they want. to me, this song is about the love of your life, be that person jesus or your BF/GF.

GOlley | Reviewer: bevirtuous | 1/22/08

This song has SO much meaning!!

It makes me want to cry. Around the end i just put my hands up and praise him for who he is and all hes done. HE truly is spectacular. I Love God!!!

Falling UP has managed to show some of the MANY wonderou s traits of our King

omg | Reviewer: alexa | 1/4/08

this song is awsome the first time i listen to this song i thing it was actually from a borfriend and girlfriand but now reading the first comments and cheking again the lyrk
yeah! this song is talking about GOD.. but the song is really amzing...

thx to god | Reviewer: Lynn | 12/7/07

this song is way awesome because that is Jesse(the singer) sayin that he owes everything to Him and that he wants every1 elso 2 no that god loves them and that god will be there in the worst of times 4 u even wen no1 else will

Awsome | Reviewer: Jimmy Deen | 11/28/07

i am fully understand that this song was written to and for god, but it is the way i feel about my girlfriend, well most of it...