Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/07

I actually cry every time I listen to this song...It's that good.

Awww! | Reviewer: Karen | 3/19/07

I love this song, my ex gave it to me when we were going out, but i still love it. When i'm sad i listen to it and it makes me happy. aww *tear*

This song...... | Reviewer: Tels Arteaga | 3/15/07

Ok, this song is the first song i heared when i first was told that Falling Up is the best band. This song touched me when i first heard it and being now able to be a # 1 fan of Falling Up, i listen to this song ALL THE TIME!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

wow | Reviewer: raine | 3/3/07

this song is simply amazing

kute xD | Reviewer: Flor | 2/10/07

oh, I luv this song (l), it's wonderful and cute xD

Wonderful | Reviewer: Bernice | 6/6/06

We added it into one of the scenes for our movie and it totally changed the mood into something quite romantic :).

Amazing | Reviewer: Aleynah Stoutenburg | 3/18/06

This is an amazing song. The lyrics really appeal to my life because that is how i feel about my lord and savior Jesus Christ. He is my one true love.

falling in love | Reviewer: Andrea | 7/18/04

you are my one tru love
you are the voice that is so sweet
in everythig i do, you bring the best out of me