Reviews for Sugar, We're Goin Down Lyrics

Performed by Fall Out Boy

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this song is about being gay and in love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/07

considering the the real written lyrics are "wishing to be the friction in his jeans"look and the cd book if u dont believe me
and lines like "...sleeping for the wrong team..." and "I'm watching you two from the closet" + this band sucks go listen to real music like necrophagist or lamb of god

i love this song | Reviewer: huge fob fan | 7/4/07

haha i finally get the mosuleum part. you see its like a little house thingy you put peoples tombs in and since in the song hes talking about how he'd kill himself for the girl then yea he'd wind up in one. well atleast that's what i think. i mean why else would someone lye in the grass next to a bunch of dead people?

youtube lol | Reviewer: JC | 6/21/07

i thought it was 'watching youtube from the closet xDDDDD' not you two

lyrics | Reviewer: Chanel | 6/3/07

well i dont know, a lot of people have said it says a loaded god complex or a loaded gun complex . and most people say gun makes more sense, but, if it says god it can make sense too in a way . i always thought the chorus is almost like he is going to kill himself, and a god complex is sorta like they believe that they are in control, almost like they are appointed by a god themselves to do their work, and it's almost saying like, he has control over who lives and who dies

cool song | Reviewer: SoNg LuVer | 6/3/07

i think this song is reli rox...its going in my head for the past 1 week and i love fall out boy!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/07

ok, Im sorry, but I think some of you are misenterpriting the song. a god complex is a type of handgun. so when it says cock it and pull it, its talking about the gun not a "loading guy in a complex that geting ready to pull the trigger" so yeah......

i luv this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: katielynn | 4/15/07

This song is really good and catchy. thank u jessica 4 xplaining that cuz ya i was having sum trble w/da hole lyrics thing. peter is a really good lyricist and aamazingly sexy. he is a great writer and a good person. so who fucking cares if he made sum mistakes. hes a real person like all of us. so any1 that critizizes him whil definately pay 4 it cuz he is absolutly amazing. i luv fob. they keep me goin!!

Lol at Jessica | Reviewer: Tre | 3/16/07

nice try at that... thats got to be the funniest explanation of a song.

on subject.. This is one of the bands out right now. i like every one of their songs. well written lyrics and all catchy beats.
keep it up fellers


First off, let me start with how fucking illiterate all you little pre-teen faggot power pop listening fucks are.
Next, how can you possibly think that Fall Out Boy is the greatest band ever?
They are probably the LEAST talented band in the music industry today, personally, I don't understand how they even got signed.
Also, all of you people who say you don't understand the songs lyrics, that's because none of their lyrics make ANY fucking sense.

So in conclusion, Fall Out Boy sucks, stop listening to them, you don't understand it because the writers don't even understand it themselves.

Thank you and good night.

Seriously | Reviewer: a really bad singer | 3/1/07

This song ROCKS. I luv it with a passion (hehe). The lyrics make the song even better. In that line "I'll be your number one with a bullet" i always thought he'd been saying "I'll be another one with a bullet". Whatever. I was close.

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