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LOVE | Reviewer: Samie | 9/27/11

Fall Out Boy is the best fucking band on Gods green earth in my opinion. Patrick's voice is that of an angel<3 If a day goes by that I don't listen to at least one Fall Out Boy song, I feel incomplete. No one can capture teen angst and heartbreak quite like this group. LONG LIVE FOB!!! <3

LOVE FOB!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Faylene | 1/14/11

so much to say about this band first i like to say thank you guys for makin my life awesome i've been watchin this band since 2003 and now im 11 i also have a friend who loves this band to everybody else thinks ur bands gay but they can kiss my a** FALL OUT BOY FOREVA!

sigh | Reviewer: Kimberly | 3/23/10

I heard they are supposed to be breaking up. It's quite sad and Pete blames himself. Lots of people only like FOB for Pete but I'm one of the people who likes the whole band. In some places they are considered an emo band. I don't know if they'll continue without Pete. He said they grew apart as a band and that it was nothing personal.*sigh

ah!mazing:) | Reviewer: Jamitha | 2/4/10

i am a huge FOB fan. have been since i was like 11. im turning 17 and i just wanted to say, come out with another amazing album boys:)
your songs get me through everything!!! i have yet to find a song that i dont like and i want more!!
i hate when people are fans of Fall Out Boy just cause of Pete Wentz. i adore all of you.
i have yet to go to your concert. too mush money and you guys havent been around in awhile.
hope to see one soon:)
love, your biggest fan.
p.s awe himmingway:)

Just plain amazing.. xD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/09

I've loved FOB since I was 10, now I'm 13!

It all started with From Under The Cork Tree. When I was 12 I bought TTTYG and just a few days ago I bought Folie a Deux. I absolutely love Calm Before The Storm, Tiffany Blews, Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today, 27, The Shipped Gold Standard, I Slept With Someone, Alphadog, Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner, Pretty in Punk, Short, Fast and Loud, Grand Theft Autumn and Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes. I have never met anyone who loves Fall Out Boy like me. My friend is obsessed with MCR, my other friend loves Green Day. I only know songs from Black Parade and I've only heard 21 Guns, Wake me up when september ends and American Idiot! Oh and I love Patrick Stump.


Oh, and other peoples, don't worry if people make fun of you/your opinion because you have a right to an opinion, but so do other people. I never get teased or anything for liking them because my friends like them too! And I'd probably beat them up if they said anything about FOB. (Not really, I couldn't beat up a can of coke! I'm very weak. :()

I really like Fall Out Boy...especially Patrick and Joe! | Reviewer: Future Mrs. Stump | 11/29/09

Oh wow...Soo I have a lot to say about Fall Out Boy. I got a Creative Zen (like an i-pod but you don't have to use i-tunes...)about 3 or 4 Christmases ago and my cousin put Infinity on High and From Under the Cork Tree on it. I really liked those songs, so decided to see if they had any other CD's out. They did. Now, three/two (can't remember lol) years later I have TTTYG, IOH, From Under The Cork Tree, Folie a Deux and soon I'll have Believers Never Die! I really like their lyrics, and I can relate to them...They're not just meaningless words that just "sound good" or "rhyme" they are actual stories with music. There's a song for almost every mood I'm in. (I Don't Care for a bad mood! I Slept With Someone when I'm feeling a lil annoyed or something.)

And I don't just care about a certain Mr. Wentz's looks, I actually think their music is great! (Btw, Patrick is waay sexier than Pete. xD)
None of my friends really like FOB like I do. It's kinda lonely not being able to talk about jokes FOB have said, or how good songs are, or how their music has changed from TTTYG to Folie a Deux stuff, but that's OK because I talk about it anyway! No one knows what I'm talking about and they think it's weird when I laugh out loud because something they've said reminds me of something Patrick, Pete, Joe or Andy said once!

~Drinkin' garlic butter with the homies~

~That's what she said!~

~If dudes can have babies by then~

~It's the musical equivalent of naming a book "The Bible"~

~Potatoe pancakes and a dradle~

~Joe wouldn't make it across the border with what he's made up of!~

~Someones touching my back and I'm not gonna look because I know it's not a hot girl~

~You eat poo for breakfast, lunch and dinner~

~I have more hair. More than the average man~

~Joe: I'm a little dude, she's a little girl. Pete: Gross.~

~Pete: Oh my God it's Patrick Stump! Patrick: Oh my God I am!~

(: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/09

i just want to say how amazing fall out boy is, they are my favorite band of all time and i know and love every single one of their songs. i've been to three of their concerts and got about 5 feet away from pete, i would do almost anything to meet them all. Patrick's voice is unbelievable, and it keeps improving. i really hope they come out with another album as good as the four they have out now(:

fob | Reviewer: fall out boy is <3 | 9/12/09

amazing lyrics, music, and everything. take this to your grave was their best album. they are just amazing in every way. i don't give a shit what everyone else thinks. they are my life. its not about the looks. the music is much better.

FOB BEST BAND EVER!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/09

OMG I LOVE FOB, you guys r the best damn band ever seriously patrick ur HOTT and u have the most amazing voice ever seriously u can make it really low and really high thats so cool i look upto u, ur a great role model....keep it up im going to keep buying your albums if u keep singing =D ur doen GREAT!

FOB!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Fall Out Boy diehard | 5/15/09

I love Fall Out Boy!!!!! I am a little young to like them, (at least that's what my mom says) but they are the best!!!!! I am the only person who likes them in my class, and everyone makes fun of them and says they are stupid. But i just block them out!!!! (especially my best friend) anyway, they are awesome!!! I love Grand Theft Autumn!!!!!(Most ppl know it by Where is your boy tonight?)

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