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we fkn love pete | Reviewer: Kyla & Lyndsay | 6/19/07

so basically
we are his biggest fans
no joke
we love him sooooo much
and one day
we will meet him

plus he's friken hot =]

PETE pls READ dis AS u RAWK!!! | Reviewer: jade lee | 6/19/07

hey i think fall out boy rawks and i think u are totally cute pete im comin to ur concert wen u come to south africa on highvelds big night out i only wanna go 4 two reasons i like da music and pete u r HOTT ^_^ lol u rawk pete!!!! ur biggest fan JADE LEE ^_^ !!

The stalwart angels of the god called ROCK | Reviewer: Hartnell(kenya) | 6/18/07

You won't be a true rock lover if you havn't had a music affair with fall out boy. On my side,man they are my number one rock band in the whole cosmos;i shit you not even the rock bands in mars bow down. Heard their new hit 'thnks for th mmrs'. These angels revive the memories of all the babes you've had stands with be it one night or multiple night. Patrick stump has extraordinary lyrical grammer that will make you play their songs in slow mo and slick your ear on yo speaker to grasp his every word. Their song that turns me nuts is the patron saint of liars and fakes. Love will tear us apart' is hot too... I actually love each and everything that escapes their lips and their breathing too,believ me. Hey,am nuts about these guys. Am your greatest fun patrick,peter,andy and joe and am in African. You guys keep singing and never retire coz there is no band the beats you. I would be really happy 50 years from now to see patrick stump shouting pleasantries still growing strong. I love you guys.

Pete SUCKS and so do the rest of them! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/07

pete and all the other guys are f ing ugly and the songs SUCK!!!

i love pete wentz ppl!!! | Reviewer: lauren | 6/17/07

i absaloutly adore fall out boy!! i hav seen them twice in concert this year and im goin again in august!!! i know all of their songs and i practically know everything about them!!! i love pete the best cos he is sooooo fit!! x

fall out boy | Reviewer: leonardo alatorre | 6/18/07

fall out boy is the best band no one aint got nothing on them i hate homos to. ashlie is a gold digger . she likes every one who has sucsess if you bguys read this come to memoria in san diego

best band in the wrold | Reviewer: jpose ramirez | 6/18/07

fall out boy is the best band ever they beet the all american rejects so if you read this come to san diego the school is memorial thanks

pete wentz is sooooooo fit | Reviewer: sophie | 6/12/07

i love u pete but i know that u been took by some1 toaly lovly !!!
i love u pete !!!!!
if there is any1 who dont think pete wentz is fit feel free to tell me why email me a

i love u guys | Reviewer: Cathrerine | 6/12/07

u guys rule i love ur music and i was at the honda civic tour in holmdel it was the best concert ever i really hope 2 meet u one day!

^^ | Reviewer: Lithoniel | 6/10/07

Fall Out Boy is a great band, and they put a lil bling bling in rock and roll. I love the band, and their new album Infinity on High. These guys are the ultimate band for house party music.. >.> Don't ask how I know this..

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