Reviews for Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued Lyrics

Performed by Fall Out Boy

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the REAL meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/07

the original title of this song was "stevenson girls are sluts"...stevenson is a high school near chicago, and fall out boy grew up near buffalo grove, where stevenson is located.
...the lyrics make a little more sense when you know that.

I L>O>V>E> IT!!! | Reviewer: ---------- | 4/21/07

Its sooooo totally awsome.people think their emo and thugs but if u really know them then you knw that they are sooo not emo.their just punk. and idk what people say about them, i still luv em like ma own bros. they make me speak out loud and not be afraid to show who i really am. and if u think they suk then F@#% YOU!!! FALL OUT BOY YOU ROCK MY SOX!!!!

hallmark and fall out boy. a match made in heaven if you have a coupon. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/07

i think that this song is basically retarded. basically. the part about the ribbon...sure you could say its them being "individuals", or suicide, or you could say there was a sale at hallmark. either way, its retarded. basically.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/07

cause it's so hard to read between the lines. brainless kids that listen to music just because it has a cool bass line. whatever the fuck.

wowo and cool | Reviewer: duvan | 2/15/07

if you think this song is cool you try out ``dance dance´´ from fall out boy.
and oh yea i dont get the part of the ribbon

RE: wow | Reviewer: retty132 | 7/16/06

Yes, it is about suicide the conitations(diffinition) to "the ribbon 'round my wrist says do not open until christmas" means that they like slit thier wrists but they want to be alive for thier family/friends.

ribbons and all | Reviewer: tiana | 5/7/06

this song is about being you and how they r goin to be them selves no matter what they mentioned the ribbon beacuse they dont want people to open up their new c.d and expect them to be like anyother band cuz their not they r fall out boy they go by their own rules they r 100% real

Wow! | Reviewer: dougal_love | 5/5/06

This song is awesome!! I love the bass and the drums at the beginning. its so koooooool. But i read somewhere that its about suicide, which is why they had to change the name of the song, hence to name "Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued" and also thats what the bit about the ribbons is about, do not open before christmas. But i may be wrong. and its still the most awesome song ever!

COOL | Reviewer: kellie | 2/25/06

i love this song... i love how its about being u and not what someone says... OH!!! & the ribbon part is like them saying that they are just a product & stuff

my review | Reviewer: alex | 8/7/05

this song is totally awesome even though i dont get the part about the ribbion around his wrist that says dont open untill christmas! it is still awesome!

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