Reviews for Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued Lyrics

Performed by Fall Out Boy

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The Real Thing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/11

First, I live in Wilmette and I know people who live near Pete's parents, hell, one of my favorite substitutes said that he was always good in PE class and was a good runner. But, the song was originally called "Stevenson Girls Are Sluts" because Stevenson High School is In Buffalo Grove, IL, and New Trier (Winnetka IL) was his High School. The song is named after the truth. I know people that will go to Stevenson, and he's right, they are sluts.

Life is a Label | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/10

I like Fall Out Boy. I hate it when people call them Fall Out Boys. Yes, there are multiple guys, but that doesn't mean they're name is plural!! I've been really curious about what this song really means, but I guess I won't find out here...

stevenson girls are sluts | Reviewer: annonymus | 1/31/09

umm I'm from around the area where pete wenz is from and the high school that he went to is new trier and it is stevensons biggest rival and I go to Stevenson... So why are Stevenson girls sluts... Is there a story behind that???

Musical Interpretation | Reviewer: Allie | 12/11/08

You know, I used to not like Fall Out Boy because I thought they were "emo" and I'd never actually heard their music. Most people who say they don't like a band make an assumption before they listen to that music. That's a proven fact. I've grown rather fond of Fall Out Boy and I want to say that any music, not just Fall Out Boy's, can be interpreted to suit the listener. This song means so many different things to so many different people. Don't over analyze it because the meaning of the song may change to you based on your emotions at the time that you listen to it.

Yes, I like several Fall Out Boy songs, but no, I do not like them all.

YESSS | Reviewer: ILOVEFOBFOREVER | 12/6/08

i love this band so much it is the greatest band on the face of the earth and i worship them so much i love every single song they ever sang i love them so much and i hope they are gonna be awesome froever!!

real song title | Reviewer: Andy,australia | 7/5/08

the song title was actually "My Name is David Ruffin... and These are The Temptations" i dont quite understand how this would have got them sued, im relatively sure that the "the ribbon my wrist says do not open before christmas" maybe a reference to not cutting yourself over little issues(im not emo)also i believe the "brothers and sisters put this record down because we are bad news" part refers to critics around the time of from under a cork trees release slamming the band for some reason..note that pete attempted to commit suicide around the time of the release i think it was 2 or 3 months prior, i just think this along with 7 minutes in heaven was his way of communicating how he felt at the time

Fall Out Boy ROCKS!!! | Reviewer: Mommyrox15 | 12/8/07

I have my opinion and u guys have urs and no one will change my mind!! I love Fall Out Boy and others dont and that is perfectly fine by me and for everyone who has to come on here to tell me that u think Fall Out Boy sucks well that is really inmature and i will not stoop down to your level of childish behavior!! Because u have ur opinion and i have mine!! Now everyone who was swearing at each other u fell bad now dont you because everyone is entitled to their opinion and should speak it freely but not by swearing! Fall Out Boy ROCKS!!

hmmm..sorry for the "essay" but i love analyzing | Reviewer: Luna | 11/15/07

well...i happen to think that fall out boy lyrics is one of the most meaningful that there is in the music industry at the moment...and i know alot about that cause composing is my future major...everything in their lyrics is abstract and can be interpreted in many diferent ways it never really means what it says for example ..the christmas present open thing being a social issue can be an abstract interpretation of someone doing something before it has to be know like growing up to quickly or having sex when your 14... Pete has the talent to tap into the minds of people with pointless situations and turn them into meaningful social issues...Thats just amazing

Whatever it is | Reviewer: T | 11/14/07

Whatever it is, fall out boy are just great lyricists, you HAVE to agree with that. I mean along with all the bands with the same record label, Decaydance/FueledbyRamen, these bands are definitely ones to look for within our generation. I really like the way they put their lyrics together, along with unique tunes. I mean they might have gotten more generic as the albums came, but the lyrical content is still there.
And yup, definitely not emo, thank god. I mean Emily, if it's not your cup of tea, it's not.

Well thats very nice, Tori. | Reviewer: Emily | 11/11/07

I dont like FOB, and I'm not an f-tard. I think they're whiny and write about total crap. But I'm not going to call you names just because you happen to like them. They're just a trend band, it wont be too long until they fade into obscurity. And by the way, ams. reviewer, how is not opening a present before Christmas a social complication? Just wondering.

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