Reviews for I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me Lyrics

Performed by Fall Out Boy

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EHRMAHGERD | Reviewer: Miaa :3 | 3/10/14

Listening to the song it think 'yeah,this is so fall out boy, yet another great song', then reading the lyrics, it just gave me a whole new outlook on it, so yeah, life lesson kids: read the lyrics!!!

You guys are retarded | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/12

1. Emo is a sterotype labeled to a certain group of people based on what they wear, the music they listen to, how they act, etc. NOT a genre of music.
2. From statement number 1, FoB can be considered punk-rock or punk-pop.
3. They aren't a piece of shit band, the musicianship is solid and the lyrics ARE original and even creative.
4. If you think this is shit then what does that make pop music like Katy Perry?
5. I like FoB and I hate people ragging on them, get a life, I just want to look up the lyrics and not see these bullshit opinions.

uhm, i love them? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/09

jeeez i love these guys! there songs mean the world to me <3 yeah people they are considered emo but only in style so the rest of you just blow cuz they r amazing. patrick stump = voice of an angel!! lmao ily guys so muchhh. cant wait for the concert in may (:

damn love this song. | Reviewer: callie | 3/8/09

for all you twats who are calling fall out boy 'emo', leave the labelling for soup cans, yeah? it's immature and stupid.
anyway, i absolutley adore this song, and fall out boy in general <3 saw them on friday at the 02, just made me want to see them again as soon as possible <3

:) | Reviewer: :) | 3/1/09

Fall out boy is a great band don't get me wrong, but their new albums seem like they drifting away from what they started as.
I mean I loved from under the cork tree and can sing you every song from it, but their newer albums seem like they are just drifting away from what they were.
Idk, they are a great band.
But im just saying:))

fall out boy, amazing? i think not. | Reviewer: steff | 2/19/09

they're not amazing. yeah, they have a few good songs, only the old stuff is the best. their new shit, is just plain crap. my opinion, i cant wait for the abusive replys saying hilarious stuff about "if you dont like it, dont listen to it". i dont listen to it anyway, LOL.

cheers. :)

Really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/09

Okay everyone calls Fall Out Boy amazing, why because your best friend said so? they are not unique and don't have all that amazing lyrics.... i mean don't get me wrong sugar we are going down is an amazing song but they are given so much more credit then deserved... if you people want lyrics you need to look at bands that aren't famous aka people such as atmosphere, Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie, and I'd like to think famous band, modest mouse... All i'm saying is that there isn't anything special about them xept that they are exeptable emo music

i really cant stand it so im just gonna say it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/08

screamo is totally different, now for the song, its a really great song the lyrics are great, nothing less than what is expected of pete, but just like every other song i dont think patrick gets credited enough for writting the music i mean some of it is just pure genious

:D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/08

omg, I luv Fall Out Boy! I hav all their albums, and i evn learned all there songs on guitar.....the only thing that bothrs me (and im glad im oviously nt alone on this) it that sometimes they drift into the screamo type music i cnt stand.....Pete is totally hot bt im nt really obessed with him, im obsessd wit wat he has 2 say. He always comes up wit the best lyrics that acually mean something (unlike the othr music of today)

Basically, I like the band. Just stop screaming please.

:) | Reviewer: Hannah | 5/27/08

i love this songgg.
i personally think that the screamo just adds to the song... i love it!
pete is a great lyricist.
they have an awsome view on lifee.
i wish i could write songsss.
or play an instrument.
or sing with like a rockers voiccee.
if i was ever in a band it would be jazz haha.
i loveee fall out boy!

PETE IS SOOOOOOOO HOT | Reviewer: Allana | 2/28/08


love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/08

this is am AMAZING song.

and i've always loved FOB, before i even found out who they were.
i'm going to get ripped fro saying this, but pete wentz isn't that hot to me, it's just how i am. but he's an amazing lyricist.

and patrick has the best voice i have ever heard, and hes adorable. love him.

Almost Perfection | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/08

Fall out boy are a great alternative band to listen to, they're different and most certainly refreshing but they are not suited as a screamo band so where it goes into the screaming part, thet just ruined the entire song for me, so a relly great song but u lost me with the screamo.

:) | Reviewer: lalalala | 12/8/07

They are my favourite band
and i love them for being so refreshingly different and having a different view on the world.
I admire them greatly for their work in Uganda and with Invisible Children.
I think pete does an amazing job as lyricist
patrick writes the catchiest tunes (as well as doing millions of other jobs on the side eg: producing cobra starships record)
joe and andy are often seen as the guys in the background but they each contribute equally
they are an awesome band and i think people should stop arguing about why people like them
just listen to their music and appreciate them for that.
i do think its disgusting to slander ashlee simpson because as i have heard they are extremely happy together-it doesnt matter if you all think pete is too good for her-hes obviously not judging on talent but personality
so just have a bit of self control people

i love this song :)

fall out boy rox | Reviewer: taylah | 12/1/07

i really love fall out boy i think their awsome pete is really hot but i love their music their beats and their lyrics their performances are great their just a group of awsome guys with talent thats why i love em to death xxxxxx

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