Reviews for I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You) Lyrics

Performed by Fall Out Boy

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Love It | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/07

To Melanie: this is to review the song and the artist mentioned on the page, not to bash others and thier songs based on thier connections to the band, just focus on the song and band itself.

Anyways, I think this song is great and the vocal and guitar arrangemant kicks but as well. It's another hit for Fall Out Boy!

sucks. | Reviewer: o.O | 10/6/07

Fall Out Boy is the third WORST band in the world;; They come after My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco. I give them props for the video, though.

amazazing | Reviewer: Melanie | 10/2/07

when i saw this music video i almost cried oh and btw all u people that hate ashlee simpson for going out with pete get over it its none of your business and as long as hes happy you should be too (i hated her b4 i even heard of fall out boy i mean wat kind of song is lo lo lo lo ve?) stupid people with their stupid songs (fall out boy doesnt hav any stupid songs they rock) oh btw florida gators suck they lost to freakin auburn (no offense to any fans except floridas) go vols (yes im from tennessee wat now?!!)

Bulletproof loneliness | Reviewer: Kayla. | 10/1/07

I watched the music video on a bulliten Fall Out Boy posted on MySpace, and I was amazing. I was sitting, and staring, my mouth open. It was sad. I started to smile when the two kids were happy, and in love. and then suddenly the music stops and the boy has to fight for the war. he's only like fourteen for god's sake. but the saddest part is...this really happens.

anyway, this was the perfect song to use for the video. this has got to be my favourite song on Infinity On High...this and Carpul Tunnel. <33

Lovin Fall Out Boy | Reviewer: becky | 9/30/07

I love fall out boy!i dont really get the video for this song, but i still like the song!patrick is looking fine as usual :D

FOB!! | Reviewer: ali may | 9/21/07

omg this son is soo good! i <33 pete wentz , omg was a freaking hottie! lol well yaeh i love the song but i cant stand watching th music videoit's waaaayyyy too sad for mee. but pete wrote the song so of course the music videeoo . anyways the song rocks i love pete and this turned out to bee and really long review so if you are still reading well then read it all over again. lol, not really!

ME & YOU | Reviewer: karen | 9/12/07

this song is top, the album the best i heard in long time pete so fit cant wait to see video, patrick got best voice in world, they should also release bang the doldrums which is even better then me & you

Amazing. | Reviewer: Page | 8/15/07

What amazing lyrics. Definently one of the best songs on the album. Patrick is amazing. Pete is amazing. Joe is amazing. Andy is amazing. Put it all together: FALL OUT BOY is frickin' amazing!

this song rocks out loud | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/07


WOW | Reviewer: Annonymous | 7/14/07

Fall out boy is like my faveourite band and this album is like the best one ever.
THIS SONG (along with all the others) is insane. I LOVE IT!!!!

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