Underplayed! | Reviewer: Disco | 11/28/12

I'm a dj working in Dublin,every time I play this tune it rocks the clubs I work, the voice of an angel Cass Fox makes this song what it is!! another master peace by maxi jass! Long live music matters

Meaningful ryrics... | Reviewer: Natness | 12/21/09

Just check the lyrics of this songs...
They wanted to give deeper impressions about US..
About the common human nature, about our borders,mistakes (misanderstood concepts).. Originally oriental thinkingstyle, by the way of western ppl.
Great way to open eyes Faithless:)!

very addictive & uplifting | Reviewer: iKA | 10/8/07

I first heard this song during a Faithless concert in London (Wireless festival - Hyde Park - Summer 2007). Since then I got hooked up on it big time. Great tune & uplifting vocals. Well done to all peeps on this one :)

Give us more,

great dance song | Reviewer: JP | 10/1/07

First time I heard this song, i was like wow, this is good. Everytime I hear it now it brightens my day up and it makes me want to dance and be happy. If u haven't already heard it I suggest you do, because once you've heard it you'll have it on repeat.

gd song | Reviewer: marfij | 9/11/07

this a very good. this song makes me wanna jump higher than the sky wow thanks faithless

all love

Incredible | Reviewer: Toma | 9/2/07

Incredible song!!! It plays in my player on repeat. I just can't stop listen to it! Super song!Thanks to faithless!

dreamgirl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/07

this has got to be one of the most uplifting and inspiring song ive ever heard
thank you faithless for for sharing there passion with the world.

Wonderful | Reviewer: r15 | 8/26/07

This song cannot be described better than wonderful. I\t makes me party all the time when i hear it !!

sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/07

Very done ! Lovely soundset with great hip. I'd like to hear you Maxi Jazz live in Kraków (Poland). Serenity!

Best song of Summer 2007 | Reviewer: CRS081 | 8/20/07

Insomnia was the first title i heard from Faithless.. great hit and still playing it in clubs. Then Why Go.. Now in Summer 2007 Faithless blew up again with Music Matters, an impressive song which makes you freak out!! Woww... good job Maxi... and btw.. hope to see ya in Malta!

MAXI JAZZ AT HIS BEST AGAIN | Reviewer: zorro | 7/7/07

I heard the song first time in a DJ set in axwell remix ,and I think that Faithless made a superhit again.terrific bassline , and the cool and soft lyrics by Maxi Jazz made a new masterpiece of dance music.since than I'm listening to it again and again ...

this si cool tune | Reviewer: paula | 7/5/07

this tune mekes me wanna dance more and more I can't stop to listen it

this is one to be played over and over | Reviewer: shirley | 6/24/07

This is dance music at its best, just back from malta and heard this playing in the club and was totally hooked. axwell mix is terrific as well as the original. (if this doesn't get you dancing nothing will).love it, love it, love it ...... play it again and again. Title is spot on. what would life be with no music.


abselotely | Reviewer: effskie | 6/10/07

incredible! i love most types of music but this song really gets me, love it!

Music does matter indeed | Reviewer: Lefty | 5/11/07

Faithless is very right saying that Music matters . Does matter indeed . And the videoclip ... Totally original , never seen something like this before , it is a real energy explosion and I can feel it on my skin and inside my body . It rocks the place and makes you wanna move . In matter of lyrics , melody and videoclip Faithless should be the reference artist at the beginning of 21. century