An awesome song. A stellar metaphor. A great listen with tons of emotion. | Reviewer: thezachj | 3/10/14

"Why it is called Zombie Eaters | Reviewer: The Troll | 8/5/08" is correct in my opinion of the meaning of the title. He is singing through the eyes of a babies egocentric outlook. You hear ego and you sway to the negative, but it's not, it's primal or basic instinct. They don't know how to care about anyone else but themselves except that there is this weird connection with these people that supply there needs. No concept of other except to say that they give them what why need. It's that simple.

You can read your own "metaphor" into the song relating to relationships of your own, or any other fantasy you wish and that's fine, but the nuts and bolts are here for you.

"So hug me and kiss me, wipe my butt and piss me!!"

a m a z i n g ! | Reviewer: jgm | 8/11/10

There is something truly mysterious about Faith No More. It is the only music that I have never been able to get tired of. I've been listening to them for 15-20 years, particularly their album "The Real Thing". I 'dunno'... just so deep, so elaborate, articulate, so profound, so intellectual, so emotional, so possessive, so... mysterious... A M A Z I N G

33 y/o now & faithful fan since apprx. 14.

KIKN ASS!!! | Reviewer: Ever Mello | 4/19/10

FNM!!!! what a band....zombie eaters gives me a hard on. i love the bit at the end with the chuga...sounds really heavy. Mate Ill NiNO? dont know who they are will listen to there version now. They're pretty guttsy to cover this song i give them credit for that. Long LIve FNM.

Your peanut butter got into my chocolate | Reviewer: 69 Prophets | 10/25/09

Blah Blah Blah! FNM is Ill Nino is better! Shaddup! Critics all of you! Critics are fat, lazy, bald and nobody likes them! The song is great no matter which band did it really... They're fairly close to eachother... the Ill nino is a little harder but most of that has to do with recording techniques of a different decade. Mike Patton vs Chino??? Who wins...everyone bc they both are amazing singers. And whoever said "Musical Aids" I think should die of "Musical Aids" ... FNM and Mike Patton away from FNM have always use technology to be cutting edge for their day... that's basically how they got their start ... being weird with a wild new sound....DUH!!! So when you write stupid crap like that from your bluetooth blackberry in between games of Wii sipping on your AMP energy drink remember you're part of the whole technology factory. Way to go both bands... cool music is cool music whoever did it whether they did it first or not you pretentious music snobs!

Musicans/Music lovers or POP Listeners | Reviewer: Tonyflow | 9/11/09

If you look down on people liking old music. you are a Butlicking cocksucking Idiot, who just cares about Beeing trendy and "act cool". if you like music, you know that even if its not exact your kind of musical taste, it can still be good, well made music.
..And we all know that Artists thats Original, as well as Good Musicans. is the Greatest Artists. Artist who cover others are just Admirers of others great work;)

ATTN: Jason | Reviewer: da fat owl | 8/20/08

Ill Nino sucks bigtime. FNM are kings. This has nothing to do with being stuck in the nineties, it has to do with being able to hear the difference between bands with class and bands with musical aids.

Why it is called Zombie Eaters | Reviewer: The Troll | 8/5/08

This is my reasoning as why this song is called Zombie Eaters. You may have heard the expression "we are born into the grave". This speaks to the idea that the only sure thing in life is death. So with that in mind we are all really the living dead or in other words Zombies. Babys feed off thier mothers for 9months up to 5 years in some cultures, feeding and eating are one in the same. Thus, Zombie Eaters.

Love the song | Reviewer: Jason | 7/15/08

Love both versions of the song. Ill Nino's is much more heavy, but faith no more is the original. Both are good and most of the people who don't like Ill Nino's version are probably old dudes stuck in the 90's.

Ill Nino WHO? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/08

I've never heard of Ill Nino before and to think that someone would even attempt to cover Zombie Eaters?! Ha ha that's like someone trying to cover Hey Jude. It'll always pale in comparison to the original.

I almost cried when I hear how bad ILL Nino's Version... | Reviewer: D M | 3/4/08

I know the vast majority of metal bands that formed in the 90's were big fans of Faith No More but to cover Zombie Eaters in such a horrible fashion is just an insult to how great the song is. ILL NINO's cover is attrocious by comparison. If you don't agree then you should probably stop listening to music...

Ill Nino what?... | Reviewer: Aoife | 11/16/07

"| Reviewer: Keri | 11/4/2007

Amazing song, havent actually heard the original Ill Nino version. "

WTF? Ill Nino did not record the original version! their bad attempt to do this song was a cover, Faith No More were the original heroes who recorded this

. | Reviewer: Keri | 11/4/07

Amazing song, havent actually heard the original Ill Nino version. I'm downloading it now.

So if you are all saying it is better than the Faith No More version then this one must be frikkin' awesome :]

Ill Nino? | Reviewer: Chris | 10/16/07

Sorry, but the Ill Nino version is nowhere near as good as the pristine original version. Ill Nino will never be anywhere close to being as good as Faith No More was. That's the plain and simple truth.

No clue as to why it is called Zombie Eaters either. Possibly the song was named for the feel of the music (some eerie keys and crunchy, movie-soundtrack-sounding guitaring) before Patton wrote lyrics for it.

The lyrics themselves seem to be about a sinister, parasitic interpretation of babies (they do live inside of human hosts and draw nutrients from them after all). Interpreting something as universally loveable as a baby in a sinister way (the baby even mocks its mother) is jarring and effective. Great song, great lyrics.

What's the dealio with this song? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/07

I don't get why this song is called zombie eaters... but the ill nino cover of it is much better than faith no more's !!