You're Still Here Lyrics - Faith Hill | Reviewer: me | 2/13/13

It looks stupid, but every time I look at a stranger I see some things which I recognise in friends which I lost.
I even thought my I was going crazy, when my died granny was on earth in a person which I still adore. Then I realised she is already to heaven.

you still here | Reviewer: HELENA | 4/10/07

this is the best song i hear and I love it a has the right words for couple the we dont see for almost goinggoing to 6 years
my husband is being put away he was and officer for undercover and New york and since 2000 year I dont see him of touch him and we are married and is being very dififcult for me to understand , he put away very in geal very high CRIMINALS and now my life in his life is destroy becasue his job
and i write to him all the songs the has to do with Us and are feeling and I will wait and till he be able to get home safe
I will apreciated if you send this song to send it to him and thank you
this is beutifull song please let faith hill the is wonderfull the words she put it together
is top 10

i loved it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/05

This song has a very strong meaning and is sung sooo well.
i love the lyrics and the song.