DOWN TO EARTH.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/11

what a singer and a lyrics indeed..this song is something one could be able to find strength with especially when he/she is in a ne'er do well situation in the world of love..very astonishing to listen to...

Grammie | Reviewer: Sheila | 1/3/11

I love this song. My granddaughter died a year and a half ago, July 20, 2009, age 7 1/2. This song was on her little i-pod. If you could listen to her i-pod, there is such a diversity of music on there. It just breaks my heart. We miss her so much. This past Christmas was our second holiday without her. Her birthday is on Christmas Day. Born on Dec. 25th, 2001. Always with a smile. She had the brightest blue eyes, always shining.

a vietnamese student | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/10

i know this song from a film called pearl's an emotional film.nice song.nice voice.i haven't been in love before but i feel love every time i hear it.
My nick chat : tranducvuong20021995
I am looking forward to talking with all of you.
best wishes !

w├Ânderful song! | Reviewer: ms.blue07 | 6/16/09

Oh,what a song!its absolutely great.i couldn't help my heart skip a beat everytime i played the song.i love it so much..Thanks Faith Hill & keep up the good work coz i have a "FAITH"in you...God bless

THERE YOU'LL BE | Reviewer: carole | 9/30/08

When you have lost a loved one,The lyrics say it all, I keep the lyrics in my purse, try not to cry but makes me feel as though all the loved ones I have lost in the last 3 years are there, my mum, brother in law aged 46, neice aged 35 and 4 others, it means so much...............

love is life | Reviewer: AYA | 11/10/07

well done FAITH i love the song it's the most beautiful song ever, i love the movie it's amazing BEN you're so good JOSH my sweetheart you're best of the best i love you so much

Great Song!!! | Reviewer: Elias | 11/12/07

I never had put any atention to the song, until now and boy was I suprised. This really reminds me of someone that I really loved, but who now is no longer here with me. She really left a big place to replace; and like the song says "There always be a place for you for all my life"

I always will be there for you M | Reviewer: Xhavit | 9/25/07

When i watch this song with the spot , it makes me feel high , and in the same time some strange feelings but good feelings . Everytime makes me think about a person that a love so much ,but she is not near me , she is so far away from me fisically but so close in my mind .Congratulations Faith Hill , You are the best

nice song | Reviewer: danish | 8/21/07

ti is a sad song this song was very wonderful song
i just want to cry and the voice is rock and i want to be a singer just like her

I think the song is one of the best she has done.

i love it | Reviewer: dominique | 7/27/07

you all have such good reasons my cousin is in the hospital with canser (he has a brain tumer)and it mad me cry when i read your guyses sayings! great job.