Role Model | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 3/25/14

I have always loved Faith Hill,since the days of Wild One and A Piece of My Heart! I remember reading in a Magazine,that Faith,(what a Beautiful Name),was adopted and she was married to a very abusive Man. I also learned,that we just happen to share,the same Birthday,(September 21st)! How lovely,that one of my Favourite Singers,should be born on the exact SAME DAY,as I am! WOW!!!

wow | Reviewer: teesa | 1/12/10

Wow Faith Hill is a great artist. The that i listen to the most is "It's Your Love". Faith sings that song with her husband Tim Mcgraw. When Faith and Tim sing It's your love together I cry because they are so good together!!!!!!

Faith | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/06

Faith hill is one of the most outstanding female artists out there. She is someone that will be known forever just like Tammy Whynette, Reba McIntyre, and even Dolly Parton. She has one of those voices that can put chills down anyones spine. She is a superb role model for the girl just starting her life out and a woman that is well into her thirties.

She will be around forever, if not for a very long time. She is definately not going anywhere, off the charts that is.