we did loved | Reviewer: chuchu | 10/21/12

wow! i guess its true then, that love, pain and hartaches know no boundaries, race or gender. and it doesnt matter who d guy is or where he comes from. like every lady here i've had my own fair share of the opposite sex but 1person stands out. am 27 4rm nigeria. 7years ago i met my ex @ a friend's wedding and we connected instantly. we were inseparable, went every where and did everything together. EVERYONE we knew, we knew together (BIG MiSTAKE) 2yrs ago he told me he wont settle with me cos his family didnt think it was a good idea. i held on as hard as i could and finally on the 30th of sep this year (2 days to my 27th b.day) i did justice to myself and let go. destroyed every link he had 2me. i know its still fresh but i am goin to do it right. come next december i will be relocating to australia. will i be ok? will everything be fine? i dont know but i am willing and ready to find out. this a nice track but am done with the tears. one month is too long a time to mourn a bad r/ship. :)

I thought maybe he still loved me | Reviewer: Lynn | 12/21/11

I was friends with this guy for about a year, and I knew he always liked me. A few months ago we started going out and we were so happy and we told each other all our feelings. We were crazy about each other. He broke up with me just a month later, claiming that he wanted to be just friends. And we actually are good friends still, but inside, I miss him so much and Im not sure if he knows. But I still love him as much as before, and I kept thinking by the way he acted that he might still love me. But I found out today that hes interested in another girl and he really wants to go out with her. I want to move on like he has, but I just cant get myself to stop waiting for him to come back. I always wonder if he remembers how it felt when we held hands or if he misses hugging me at the end of a long day. But he acts like we were never more than friends.

like we never loved at all | Reviewer: kayla | 8/20/11

this song just fits how it is for me right now to a t. i've been single for 2 months now i'm 17 and a senior in high school. towards the end of my junior year my best friend started dating this guy who she's with still and in april i started dating his best friend. we were together almost 2 months when we broke up the day before our 2 month anniversary. it still hurts almost 2 months after the break up. he decided that he wanted a break and said we never really got to see each other that much and weren't acting like a couple lately which we never really did to begin with both of us were kind of shy when it came to affection. and i have a class with him now and seeing his face in school just tears me apart all over again to this day it hurts just as much as it did then when we broke up and he tore my heart in two. even though we weren't together that long i KNEW that i loved him. he was different from any other guy that i have dated and i knew that and you can tell those kinds of things and i did. it's just so hard all of my friends don't understand they don't know my thoughts and how i feel everyone tells me to not let it get to me but i can't help it. i lost the one i loved who i thought would never hurt me and it's not fair that i'm the one who is crying every day and night and is angry and depressed all the time and he's just going on with his life like we never even happened at all like i was never a part of his life. and this girl who hangs all over every guy in school has been walking with him and his friend at school and it makes me so mad and sad at the same time. it hurts that he's not mine anymore. i'm sick of crying. i'm tired of wishing and waiting for him to just talk to me and say he's sorry and for us to work things out but i can't help but to hold onto that hope that something will happen. and as crazy as it may be after all of the hurt and tears this summer i still love him after he caused me this pain...

Move On! | Reviewer: zora Mcfanny | 3/17/11

Girls we need to move on if these guys betrade us so be it they are not the one they are stupid morons as i say. Come one wipe your tears find the most summer love you can imagine you can find better!

Still waiting... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/11

I've been crazy about this guy in my band class (now in 9th grade) since the 7th grade.. He doesn't talk to me, we're not friends, but when i look at him it's like my world stops. I was dating guys after I met him, but with every dbag I would run into, it made me more and more crazy about him. I've got a few friends talking to him about me and everyone one in a while, he'll see me in the hall or at my locker and glance at me for like a second, but it makes my heart skip a beat. I'm still waiting for my chance with him, but for now I guess I'll live with glances in the hallway :/

My Jackson | Reviewer: Ashley | 2/15/11

When I first met Skyler I was in junior high. I was crazy about him from that day on. We didn't start dating until a few years after we graduated. We met again after a few yrs at a friends party. After that night we were together everyday. We couldn't get enough of each other. It was unlike anything I had ever felt. When I looked into his eyes I truly knew what it felt like to be loved complete and without end. With every breath I took I was finding myself loving him more and more. He made me laugh and held me when someone else made me cry. He was my love, my protector, and my best friend. Tragedy hit and his father was taking from us. I never left his side and my heart bleed for him. I did all I could to support him and surround him with all the love I had. We moved to help his family and I wanted to bc I knew it was what he needed. He gave me a promise ring on our 1 year anniversary. And I never had a doubt he was the one I would grow old with. A few months after we moved I could tell he was drifting away from me. Maybe I should have done more... I asked what was bothering him and he would dismiss it as work, bills, or he simply missed his dad. I didn't know how to help but just be there and love him. About a month ago he came home and told me that he wasn't in love with me anymore. My world stopped spinning at that very moment. He promised me the world and in one day he shattered it to a million tiny pieces. The man I love just walked away. I still don't understand. Now not only do I love him w each breath but I also miss him. I'm praying for him to find happiness and I know I will never lose this love in my heart for him and him alone. I'm sure one day I will "move on" but I will nvr love another the way I love him. He was and will always be "My Jackson" if only in my own mind. Maybe it didn't last forever but it was real...

Heart broken | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/11

The same thing happened to me as posted by the man of my life did..... My husband was cheating on me with a 22 yrs old coworker.. She's 23 going on 24 I think. I'm in my mid h30s my husband if 40...still married after two yrs that her walked out on me nd my four daughters.. He's moved on with his life nd with her. He claims that he had no wife nd acts like nothing...I so agree nd feel ther song word for word... I cry still after two yrs .....

MY FRAGILE MIND | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/10

still 20 try to find the way to tell her about my mind eruptions but she seems very far away even she stay very close to me if anyone got my mind he or she can with me
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I still love him | Reviewer: Judy | 12/25/09

I was in a relationship with a married man for 8 years. It was my friend's husband. Although he told me he would not leave her I knew he loved me. He broke up with me 3 years ago and I still hope he comes back to me. This song seems to be true now for me. I miss him so much! I call him and email him but he won't call me or write!

the song was overplayed | Reviewer: unknownpersonality | 11/11/09

This was a good song, until it got overplayed on the radio. Every day I'd hear someone say "And next up we have 'Like We Never Loved At All'" and I wanted to somehow climb through the speakers and scream at the DJ to play something else.

Okay, now that my rant is done....

This is a good song, and what it says is the truth.

love hurts | Reviewer: tish | 9/29/09

i was married to my jr. high school love for 42 years when one day out of the blue he said he wanted a divorce. i had and have been sickly my whole life and he told me he could no longer take care of me and my illness. i am in a wheelchair and have cronic physical and mental pain 24/7 and have had it for many years. i see him on occation but i can see the love is gone this song brings me so much pain but i cant seem to stop playing it. im 61 now and alone. i know im a fool to continue to love him but 42 years plus the school years are just to hard to get over. ill go to my death loving this man. maybe then i will have peace.

Jboy. | Reviewer: ... | 7/24/09

Dok si ti sretan i praviš se da me nema, ja samo znam da mi fališ do bola i da ne mogu prestati misliti na to kako nikad nisam bila sretnija, i onda sve ovo... sve se srušilo za 5 minuta.
Kako možeš nekoga toliko voljeti i toliko željeti, a da ti uvijek netko ili nešto ne da da sve uspije? I zašto kad samo i pomisliš da si sretan istog se trena sruši cijeli svijet?
Najradije bi umrla.

like we never loved @ all.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/09

there was a time in my life where i thought i would never find love...but my first love found me....he took my breath away, roamed my lonely mind, and owned every ounce of my heart, soul, and being...we were together for so long that i knew his every thought, n i knew him so well that i noticed him changing........we were together for eleven months, and i loved him so much that i didnt wanna believe what my friends were accusing him of....they tried to drill into my brain that he was infact cheating on me, but i refused to believe them....i blocked them out, and continued to love my man; but after a while, love stopped loving me, and then i knew what my friends had told me was the truth...so i broke up with my first love, and it broke my heart to hear that he was actually relieved, so i guess he didnt love me like he claimed, n thats why wenver i hear this song, it reduces me to tears, for whenever i see him, hes always laughing and enjoying his life and walking past me as if i were invisible, whereas im still stuck on goodbye...this song helps with the pain

Like we never loved at all...... | Reviewer: Lorena aka Lyria | 4/17/09

Ive read all the reviews and yes ive had my moments too continuously where i can attach the feelings to myself or someone i was involved with.... the lyrics speak to my soul and everytime i sing this song i reflect and remember just a little bit of the reciprocated angst and pain i felt when my marriage ended 3 years ago, but theres no hard feelings and both of us are much happier now with other people..... the true essence of love and its mystery show thoroughly through these lyrics...... its a work of art!

Anon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/09

I'm young, like all of you ladies :) But i fell in love at a young age. I was only 17 when i decided i loved my boy. I say boy, because he will never be more than a boy to me. Anyways, i was 12 when i met him. I liked him before we met. I basically had my first everything with him. We had an open relationship for years. Then i turn 19 and i find out he's going out with a friend of mine, and yet he still tries to see me on the side. I woke up one day and said, enough is enough. I stopped talking to him completely, and it took a very long time for me to raise my head up high after i would walk by him. I would cry night after night, thinking there would never be anybody who would make me feel the way he did. And there is nobody who can. And i'm glad. He never made me feel loved. But he claims to have loved. And i only heard of this song, and i relate to it completely. I love it.