The man of my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/08

This song is very important and special to me. I first heard it 2 years ago. My husband was cheating on me. I confronted him about it and he asked me for a divorce. We had been married 21 years with two beautiful daughters. I guess this song hit me because I was sitting there crying and I heard this song. Every word was so true because he acted like those 21 years didn't mean anything to him. He moved on with the woman he was cheating with and din't even look back. It has been 2 years and I still have a hard time. I can't forget I think about things we used to do together. I have not been able to get into a relationship anymore. I am trying but it is hard. I just can't trust anyone anymore. I gave him my life and he just threw it all away. You think he ever thinks about me.

Love of my life | Reviewer: Jamie | 10/10/08

Mark was LOVE at first sight and he was/still is the love of my life even thought we were together only 3 months. It was a long distance love of 5 hrs drive, which he came to see me and was his choice, as we both live in FL. I have known him many years becasue his brother is married to my sister. But I hadn't seen him in over 25 years. When my son had a motorcycle acident, he sent a card and I called him back to thank him. The rest was history. We loved each other very much, We both felt it..we had the magic AND the passion. Then one day he decides to not come here any more, giving all kinds of excuses, but none that are true. But we still talked on the phone for months after that. Maybe it as his way of letting me go. Now he doesnt call me at all. I call sometimes and have now decided to finally let go and move on with my life. I love this song, because he never told me the truth of why he just walked away, I don't know how he feels inside now and acts "Like we never loved at all".

This songs crazy true | Reviewer: Sara | 3/5/08

This song is so perfect for my situation. I was seeing this guy for about a year we were very much in "love"(so i thought) and just cuz one day he started to be rude to me and we stoped hanging then he stoped wanting to talk to me alltogether like we didnt get into a fight or anything it was all so sudden i would stop him in the halls and try and get him to talk to me but he wouldn't now not even a week later he's dating a girl with the exact same name as me but he still doesnt talk to me unnless he has to its like we never loved at all:( ...this was 2 months ago after hearing this song i came to terms with everything i dont hurt as much over him and im going on with my life:) thank you Faith Hill!!!

amor sufrido- love is patient, love is kind? | Reviewer: Negrita | 2/18/08

a friend forwarded this song/video to me. I can definitely relate, am going thru this for the 1st time ever. I wasn't even looking for love when it knocked on my door, the best man ever I thought! I never imagined breaking up with the love of my life, could be sooooo painful, especially when they quickly find someone to forget and replace you - (on purpose because nothing else was working?!)

so helpful | Reviewer: Shannon | 2/3/08

I spent 3 and 1/2 years with my fiance and he wanted to get married in June. We fought but I never imagined anything besides a life with him. He ended things and started talking to someone the day we broke up. Well was probable talking to her before then. He's with her all the time now and today is three weeks since we broke up. How can you do that to someone you loved for so long? It kills me inside and I cant let it show. So this song lets me see that its okay to hurt. I try not to cry but I cant help it when I hear this song. Thank you for giving me strength. This song is amazing!
Did you forget the magic?

this is a beautiful song | Reviewer: Amanda Hill | 1/16/08

Well that is like me and my ex he acts like we never had anything i love him so much but he dosnt see it he walks right passed me like im invisible i still love you and you know who im talking about... but it is a beautiful song i love it it brings tears to my eyes everytime i hear the song

I dont know why I love this song | Reviewer: Kristy | 11/24/07

I really dont know why I love this song I just do I guess I feel the pain In her voice. Something about this song makes me wanna play it over and over again. I just love this song it is the greatest song ever written!!!!

like we never loved before | Reviewer: M. | 10/31/07

My friend has given this song for me and it touches the right tune of my heart which i never really dealt with before. He helped me find the right sense in our relationship through this song. I love you, B. crazy. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/07

This song is the most amazing song in a relationship now of two years and sometimes things get hard and he will leave me and act as if he never loved me at all and then comes back to me..i like this song because it helps me kinda get through the rough times between me and him, i just cant seem to let him go hes my everything and always will be times for me get hard when he leaves the way he does and time after time i still let him come back into my life..its hard.... but i love the song :)

this song is just....perfect. | Reviewer: | 10/26/07

i used to best friends with this guy. he made me feel like the world, and i didn't notice anyone around him. he made me feel like one in a million, and the things he said to me...i'd give anything to have those back. we never went out, even though everyone wonders why we didn't. i have no idea if he ever liked me or likes me, but i still have very strong feelings for him...and he knows that, and yet we ignore each other. we never got into a fight or anything, we just don't even recognize each other's existence. and whenever i see him, my heart sinks to the ground and i just wanna cry, while he looks at me like i'm crazy. it really hurts me, and i love this song because it really speaks to me in my situation.

Review the song Like We Never Loved At All (with Tim McGraw) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/07

I love this women called MIVS , so much that I forget my own family, I do not undestand this... After i heard the song which is so emotional . I keep reminding her in day and night.. Nothing comes into my mind except her ...I have her in my mind all my life ... BUT who knows what is there for me in her LIFe

Loss | Reviewer: Caitlyn | 9/13/07

This song means a lot to me.
I had a best friend that was very important to me, we were as close as could be without being in a relationship, and indeed many people wondered and were incredulous that we were not.
We were peas and carrots, and then on a dime we were barely acquaintances, still attending the same school and passing each other in the hall with barely a nod. One day, it all changed without rhyme or reason.
He loved me at one time and I still love him, but we don't talk anymore and he seems to not feel it.
there was sexual attraction underlying for both of us greatly at one time or another, but we never wanted to ruin what we had.
and then he was gone.
relationships where everything was built on trust and laughter and caring and still being so deeply involved yet platonic, its a deeper more hurtful cut.
I like that she seems like shes mourning in the song, yet she does call him on the way hes acting as she asks her questions.

I swear you looked right through me
But I'm still livin' with your goodbye
And you're just goin' on with your life
Did you forget the magic?
Did you forget the passion?
Did you ever miss me?
Ever long to kiss me?
Maybe that's just your way
Of dealing with the pain
Forgetting everything between our rise and fall
Like we never loved at all

Painful yet true...excellent song | Reviewer: channe | 7/26/07

This song reminds me of a past r/s...I'm still trying to figure out how to survive...but my other half has moved on already...really breaks my heart to hear this song...

Once Loved | Reviewer: Emily | 7/16/07

I dated my boyfriend for 13 months and then he just stopped feelin' anythin so we broke up. This song reminds me of him soo much.

Touches my Heart | Reviewer: Michelle | 7/13/07

I keep playing this awesome song over and over. My boyfriend and I had a very powerful intense relationship that seemed like Romeo and Juliet and then after a year he dumped me, and I am back home with my x-husband and children, and yet he has moved on like I never existed. I cry every time I hear this song, extremely powerful, its been several months now since we broke up and this song has really helped.