its ur love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/13

I really fell in love with this song the first time I heard it sang at a karaoke. This song is a mus at my future wedding. Nice song guys, it would be nice if I meet u guys in person. Keep up the good work!

i love my teddy bear | Reviewer: amber | 6/3/11

this song reminds me of when i first started dating my boyfriend, i call him my teddy bear... um..... he's the sweetest guy ever i love him very much and there's something about him that just gives me the butterflies... i've never felt this way with anyone but him. i love you teddy bear 05-09-2011

it´s your love... | Reviewer: Erika | 4/20/10

I love this song, since I´ve heard it for the first time...but my partners at the cellap think that this song socks, but they don´t have feelings coz they are elmos...but I don´t really care about it.

Omg this song..i love it!!! | Reviewer: Ariel | 1/8/10

So I think this is the song that I wanna dance to with my boyfriend that ive been with over 3 years that I know I'm marrying,I want this song to be a first dance for me and him!this song almost made me cry its so beautiful!

It's Your Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/08

This is one of the few songs I love to listen to over and over. My fiance and I have been together for 13 years and this song and "When You Say Nothing At All" are two songs that fit our relationship very well. I hope more songs like these will come along soon!

this song is great | Reviewer: abby mccaslin | 9/8/07

you can tell that tim and faith love each other very much when they sing this song it my faverit song of all the song they so together i hope i find some one like tim

it's your love | Reviewer: bobby jo | 6/14/07

your song is so awesomeness. it is the best ever. i wish that i made up the song. well have a great day. i have to go to a humongous furneral.

its your love! | Reviewer: Lefonda Bragg | 6/4/07

I think this song is one of there best songs together Faith is a lucky girl to have such a loving husband i wish i could grow up and be just like her.

It's your love | Reviewer: Arvetta Bragg | 6/4/07

I like this song this is one of their best songs they sang together and they are a really cute couple.

Kool | Reviewer: Cory | 5/9/07

This Is The Best Song ever....its me and my girlfriend's song

WOW!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/07

It makes me cry everytime I hear it :(!! BUT I LOVE IT!!!

The Cutiest Couple In Country | Reviewer: Becca | 7/18/06

This is the prettest song I have ever heard. I can defently call it my favorite!! They are such a loving and cute couple...I LOVE the music viedo so much!!!

AWESOMEEEEE | Reviewer: Ceren | 7/11/05

its the best romance duet i've ever listened......i have only a word to say..........AWESOMEEEEE

the best couple in country music | Reviewer: lori bohrer | 11/2/04

I believe Tim mcgraw and Faith Hill make a really good couple.You can tell they are really in love whne they sing and look at each other.They are so lucky to have each other.Me and my husband have been married 22years and I still love him this song says it all.In my book they are my favorites.My first favorite is Lorretta Lynn.