omg | Reviewer: tasha | 7/12/07

this song is so nice i love it so much i want faith evans to come and sing this at my wedding when i get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my wedding song | Reviewer: tasha | 7/12/07

this song iz so nice i want faith eavns to come n sing this at my wedding when i get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love | Reviewer: Shanny | 7/6/07

i love this song. and its rare that u find love like this. i hope i do 1 day

i cry song | Reviewer: brianna braswell | 6/29/07

i luv this song sooo much! everytime im feeling down and out i just pop in faith's cd and i jam and cry and think back about all of my memories! this song is meant just for me because its my life!

gosh i just love.... | Reviewer: jhemzzy | 6/27/07

gosh this song is so beautiful.. i love it.. this is my song to my bf.. i'll never let him go...

My love life............ | Reviewer: Joshua Tamba | 6/26/07

I am so in love with this song in that anytime I listen to it I think on my lover Miss Christina Cleon and how smoothly my love life is moving.

a true lovers ballad | Reviewer: CoCo | 6/13/07

i so so so so love this song. this song touchs my heart so much. every time i hear this i think about my baby and the love we share. its turly for lovers.

My Wedding Song | Reviewer: Erika | 6/7/07

This Song Is The Best Song I Ever Heard And This Song Is The Best Love Song For A Wedding!!!!!!!!!

i agree | Reviewer: tasha | 5/22/07

i agree to the fullest, i love this song. And it relates to my situation with me and my baby, i think every1 can relate to it, but i fell in love with this song just because it remindes me how much i fell in love with my boyfriend and faith Evans sang this song perfectly nobody cud pull it off better then her!

Unexplainable .... | Reviewer: Larry | 5/12/07

This song is so powerful it brings back alot of memories of the past and it's a song where's is though your in love and your just going through that puppy love stage omg just unexplainable this is dedicated to (my first) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO SWEET!!!!! | Reviewer: Britney | 5/9/07


my wedding song!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/07

im gna sing this song 2 the love ov my life!!!it applies 2 him SO well!! it make me cry coz it so romantic!!!!

i like this song!!! | Reviewer: blUecharm | 4/28/07

i love this is so meaningful 2 wen the first time that i heard this song i researh the lyrics n i want 2 have it...hehehe....

LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH | Reviewer: jemillah | 4/27/07

i love this song so much, i song this to my frist love and everytime i hear this song i cry and think about him and how much i love him. I LOVE U BABY

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! | Reviewer: anonymous | 3/6/07

I totally love this song..i noe people myt say that i'm so young to be "in Love," but what can I do? this is what I'm feeling..This song njust talks about me & my situation..