i'll never let you go....but he almost done it to me... | Reviewer: hannah grace | 9/14/12

actually this is not the song that im looking for...
"sandra by barry manillow"that was the song im looking for....
it takes 2 to 3 years before i found it...but i heard the song of miss.faith evans.i got so hooked...i remember about all of him...but suddenly after a year we broke up.and now im still wanting a man who will love me as who i really am...

i miss you baby | Reviewer: Angel | 5/31/12

when i first heard ths song my boyfriend dedicate it 2 me i love him so much . I give him my heart and soul, i knw he love me too n we wil never let each other go, though we are far away from each other, come back baby i mis you alot

EBMP: NEVER GONNA LET YOU GO.... | Reviewer: SERENE_1019 | 1/4/12

the lyrics are perfect to me... I also cried a river when I first heard this song.... I was brokenhearted then and I missed the only guy I loved in my whole life.... Now we're back together again and I wanted this to be my wedding song....:)

Happy 4thyR and 10mnts anniversary baby. . | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/11

I heard this s0ng first 0n the radio i was so ho0ked by it. Then i start searching it on youtube and download it. I Listen to it evryn0w and then. . Again and again. It makes me fall inlove all over again. I dedicate it to baby. I pr0mise i never g0nna let u go. And i was so glad i found u. Love u mahal.

O.M.Freaking.G | Reviewer: Shawty | 12/6/10

This song reminded me about my first boyfriend. His name was gary milton. I almost fell in love with him all over again. I seen him after 6 years and i was listening to this song. It was the song we heard the day we met .

Naughty dragon.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/10

Everytime i hear this s0ng,i'v always remember the woman that i really love..she dedicate this s0ng 2 me,but u kn0w what aftr 4 yrs. she's now with some0ne else,.sad but true,.but for all the pain i'v got,this s0ng gives me a reas0n to fyt,a reas0n to hold on,a reas0n 2 BELIEVE that SHE WILL NEVER LET ME GO..

to my bugoy | Reviewer: nutorious chick | 7/14/10

To my loving Husband James,if you are still listening to this song which was our Wedding Song, i promised you dat i will never let go of you, you know how much you mean to me,. YOU CHANGED ME though you never know, i really miss you, Pls. come home i love you soooooo much baby. always take gud care of yourself.

simple but very expressive... | Reviewer: fey | 10/19/09

It may sound like a teeny bopper song but it really is very expressive. I love the song cuz the lyrics are the exact words that I want to tell my loved one. There are times that I want to give up the relationship but when I listen to the song, it would me me cry and forget about what happened. I will never get tired of listening to the song again and again...

theme song | Reviewer: chinita | 8/17/09

I really love this song so much. actually it's my song dedicated to my first luv/first bf. and actually it is also our theme song. but now where not together anymore ):, but still this song always makes me cry...i wish if time may come i like this song also to be played in my wedding too.

A wish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/09

I love this song coz whenever i hear it,i feel like crying coz i really feel the message of the song. I hope i'll find soon the one whom i will dedicate this song. And yah, i also want this to be our wedding song.

THE PERFECT SONG!! FROM ME TO MY LOVE.. | Reviewer: viv | 5/24/09

this song is so touchy. i love it. i dedicated to man. the words are great. we lost touch of eachother and now we are one again.. this will be our wedding song.. i love the feeling it give, to cry, smile, and feel proud. and it makes my heart beat like never before..

love ya baby..

my wedding song | Reviewer: Krish | 12/19/08

this will definitely be my wedding song whenever i reach that point in life...i have never heard a song so simple that expresses everything i have inside...every time i hear it i feel like crying hoping i will have d right person soon to play this dong for

:( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/08

my boyfriend created a slideshow for me and used this song as the background music..it was the most romantic gift i've had and whenever i watch it..i cant help but smile:) that was his gift on our first month and now we're celebrating our first year together :)

dont wanna lose him | Reviewer: asia | 7/9/08

when i heard this i knew it was a way to express the way i feel about a certain someone they know who they are ....i love this it makes me feel like im gonna have that certain someone in my life for ever

they call my singing group sweet voices | Reviewer: lovely | 12/7/07

i love this song it iis the best and i love it love it loveit love it oh yeah i won the talent show dis is lyndel thats y i love this song