amazing! | Reviewer: Brittany | 3/5/07

omg i heard this song on the radio on the way home from dropping my boyfriend home and it brought tears to my eyes because it describes me and him so much and how much i love him! absolutely amazing!

young love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/07

I love this song altho I'm young and everyone says I shouldn't kno wat love is...I do and this song fits everything about my situation...

This song is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/06

Ohg my God this is the prettiest song ive ever heard it goes really hard when i geyt married ima get married to this song fo sho!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simply Beautiful | Reviewer: Jennifer | 3/6/06

I love this song its so beautiful. I might have this song at my weddin to...sing it to my husband. Anywayz it just makes me think about my baby and how much i love him. And it fits my situation perfectly.

love it | Reviewer: Keisha | 6/7/05

I really love this song. It makes me think of the love of my life. This is going to be the song that my best friend will sing at my wedding.

AWWW | Reviewer: Mrs. Thomas | 10/7/04

This song is just sooo pretty it makes me think of my baby anytime I hear it