what the fuck? | Reviewer: taylor | 12/17/10

ev's just fuckin jelaous of eminem for bein more succesfull and ACTUALLY havin fans to back him up. and yeah, shure he's got some dumb ass songs but even he said there are certain songs he doesn't like and he's just "what the fuck was i thinkin" but also he has awesome songs with great rhymes and true feelings and all but still doesn't sound corny
and btw, he's been said to be one of the greatest rappers EVER, sold over 70 million albums (which is more than that punk everlast will ever sell), and em has respect from rappers like lil' wayne, and LL so y'all better back the fuck up cuz eminem is the best
and why the fuck you bringin kim up?? it ain't his fault shes a whore
what you gon' take hailie awy from him?? haha you out your fuckin mind

Someguy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/10

At the VMA awards Eminem fought Bruno backstage so u can't say Eminem did nothing about it.(But even if Eminem didn't fight Bruno after it doesn't mean he is a punk, cuz he didn't waste time fighting gay boy). Besides the point some off you fuckin idiots don't notice that it doesn't matter if yur white if you got potential then you do what the fuck you do. Plus this is one of the oldest beefs so why are people wasting time arguing about this?

Everlast is no match for eminem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/10

to that faggot that wrote "Everlast killed eminem" u dont know shit. eminem isnt only the best rapper ever his also the best lyricist. everlast doesnt deserve to be named on the same line as eminem his a washed up rapper who dissed eminem to try and get some fame. eminem destroyed him and if u think otherwise u have rocks in ur head. go listen to "girls" and "quitter" by eminem and put the bias aside. eminem destroyed everlast fullstop.

Everlast killed eminem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/10

Have you seen eminem? Is a skinney bitch who looks like a breeze could snao him. Hes just like everyother skinny white rap wannabe. Not to mention all eminem does is complain and bitch in every song. Yea he raps bout life. His pathetic pver dramatic fake ass life. Everlast not only killed as a rapper but as a blues singer. He actually has talent. This just goes to show that. Everlast is a legend. Eminem. A bitch.

Really? lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/10

OMFG you guys are retarded. heres the score:
Eminem everlast
1 1
frankly id like to see them throw down. and quit qith this punk ass raps. true eminem needs to do shit that he says. BUT everlast shpuldnt be a bich about what people say about him. when he does that shit i find it as him being just bit too sensitive. Everlast=bichy Eminem=punk but they are both gd rappers and makn fun eminem cuz hes white is old lame and a cheap shot. im done gd lyrics tho.

seriously? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/10

eminem totally destroys this battle. everlast only went after em because he knew that em was going to become way more famous than him. everlast is just a jealous one hit wonder while emineme has gone on to sell almost 90 million records.

listen to Despicable by Eminem. | Reviewer: RR | 5/12/10

you stupid faggots. Eminem is the fucking best. Yes, he has changed and evolved, but so has his life. He's been in the rap game for a long ass time. He survived and was able to rap through it.. Everlast basically died out and everybody lost interest in him. I hope he dies of a heart attack

Everlast is tough and means what he says | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/10

sure, eminem can rap but he isn't tough, I mean did you see when an ass was right in his face at the VMA's, he didn't do anything. Everlast seems hard, tough and really means what he says. Instead of em who just says imma kill you, but never does!!!!!!!!
Everlast can get down and kick his ass.

giv respect | Reviewer: nick | 3/15/10

whitey ford is a veteran of rap. if it werent for ppl like him em wouldnt be here. he's old school and has earned his position as a legend. he gave slim a run for his money, although whitey is one of the best white rappers to ever live eminem is the sickest lyricist to ever step up. the shit that pops up out his head is ridiculous. i dont think either man really won here...they both had some ill ass disses in here but both were iffy. whitey used alot of repeated rhymes, and slim randomly threw out cus words and over used choruses. so kudos to both of them, i love them both huge fan of both. i'd like to here shit of them together!!

Are you serious? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/10

Guys, you know that Eminem totally owned the crap outta Whitey? Whitey just sounds like all the other black rappers, Eminem actually went through things, BAD THINGS!

Just cause u faggoty Everlast,
Got smacked back to last
dont mean you diss em
and he's the exact opposite of FEM!

Eminem dissed Whitey Ford?.. You gotta be kidding | Reviewer: Wad | 3/7/10

Whitey is a respected dude, he's established his reputation in serious music besides that teeny "gangsta" rap. Unlike Eminem. After all, why didn't that slim faggot show up to stand a beating when Everlast challenged him? - No, he only instigated his retarded fans to disrupt a show by Everlast. Everlast meant every word he said whilst that retarded junkie Femmenem always hides behind his sponsors and mindless fans

b boy ralph fuck u | Reviewer: john | 1/30/10

everlast was irish shit head m&m is a bitch everlast was in the rap group house of pain
irish pride rap group who made jump around and other big hits m&m is in a rap fight with evry other white rapper out there ICP,vinella ice ,and Marky mark and i hate mexicans to

LMAO | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/10

Wow I'm laughing at the kid who said Eminem raps about real life. You've clearly never listened to Everlast's music. and he's actually quite famous to those people who say hes a nobody just cause they haven't heard of him, honestly, who are YOU, you're more of a nobody then him. His songs are actually in a lot of movies (Big Daddy, for example). Eminem does just start shit with people for no reason, look at most of his songs, its just insults towards people. I don't think he has a song where he doesn't say the word fag. There's alot of underground artists that are sooooo much better then both of them, just cause you're famous doesn't mean you're the best. I mean if bill gates rapped, it wouldn't mean he was the best rapper just cause everybody knows him.

Everlast?HAHAHA | Reviewer: B-boy Ralph | 12/15/09

Everlast wanna smack eminem up?...its a new joke...HAHAHA, man i heard about whitey ford when eminem dissed him, i never heard of that pussy ass fag, bitch SMILE, eminem is promoting you, whitey ford?..LOL, some gay ass mexican rapper

Eminem lost big time | Reviewer: J | 10/22/09

Everlast destroyed Feminem. All Eminem could do was beg his fans to fight Everlast because he was too much of a pussy to fight him. He knew he got destroyed lyrically. Dickface ass cracker pop listening faggots are the only reason Eminem's career survived after the feud. The streets ain't checking for Eminem.