obvious | Reviewer: darwincrowley | 8/3/14

I do think tit is pretty obvious that Everlast is a much more talented musician. Eminem is great with words, and his lyrics are clear and easy to understand. Other white rappers who speak clearly and are great with words... Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, ABK, Twiztid, almost anyone from Psychopathic really. Whoop-Whoop! ...Eminem is no different, he falls into the same category. Everlast can gain fans in many different genres because he is much more than a poet, he is a musician.

Eminem sucks | Reviewer: undergrd | 1/31/14

Everlast has true talent from old school hip hop to rock/blues. Eminem is just a little bitch trieng to get rich off stupid metaphors about drugs and crack whores just like what whitey was talking about. I would like to see eminem play a guitar and actually try to sing. no one gives a fuck about his stupid little poems on doing drugs and being a thug n killing people. what a fake little bitch.

Still Pondering | Reviewer: Lord Joe | 9/9/13

It's now 2013 and I'm still tryna figure out if this was a diss track or was Whitey was telling us a boring story about Em's life and his wishes. I'm sorry Whitey supporters, but this right here is bullshit... Evalast could've done better, but still not compare to Eminem

That M and M stands for Marilyn Monroe line was nice though :/

Eminem fan girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/13

Ok so here's what I think but nobody probably gives a shit what I think but fuck it.
Everlasts lyrics weren't very good in this song and honestly I don't know how some of you can sit here and talk about how this son is so good and how eminem can't rap for shit, but eminem can rap and he's amazing at it. I don't blame eminem for making the everlast diss called QUITTER, everlast sat there trying to rap about eminens wife and his daughter.

I ain't trying to start shit but eminem is a way better rapper than everlast and eminem actually has talent.

Real rapper | Reviewer: Guile-from-StreetFighter | 7/27/12

I agree that Eminem brought something new with his 1st album but it didn`t take too long him to turn a magazine star!
Everlast has always stayed with his certain qualities regardless what music he did; Pop then rap and rock&blues. He just followed his heart whereas the guy called Emimen sold his soul for mass appeal just like Everlast says!
To me, whoever supports Emimen over this, either 15 years old or has a brain equal to that!

non creative | Reviewer: Peter_Clayton | 7/1/12

damn! that track's lyrics are so simple and dumb. they sound like: "you can not rap, you're an asshole, I hate you, you are not hard, everything you said I am, you are yourself, I beat you up, I'm stronger and better than you...blablabla...raharahrah..." sounds pretty childish. I expected more to come - more cleverly, more subtly, more grown up - from an MC like Everlast.

Eminem is my Hero | Reviewer: Stan | 6/30/12

Ok, so lets take a look at how this beef started, Everlast saw Eminem at a lobby so he ran over to him to ask for his autograph but Eminem just ignored everlast, feeling rejected and hurt by his idol, everlast was soon heard singing "i pull a 380 on those that act shady" Eminem ignored this too, but cos everlast was so desperate for Eminem's attention he made this song "whitey's revenge" which is good. Eminem responded with "Quitter" where he disses the hell out of everlast, Eminem hits everlast where it hurts the most HIS HEART, everlast's plan to diss Eminem just to be famous again totally backfired cos he lost the battle and due to being dissed by Eminem too bad everlast's rap career took a nose-dive, read Eminem - Quitter lyrics to find out more... Nice try everlast but you dissed the wrong guy, Eminem killed You! Oh and we know that Canibus wrote these lyrics for you.

This round goes to Everlast | Reviewer: stageon | 6/4/12

Hey, I ain't some fanboy and I could give a f*ck about either dude. Alls I know is rap, and these verses are some potent shit. Personally I think Everlast won the f*ck out this battle with this one track. Of course, Em is a way bigger celebrity and has had tons of success... props to him. And he's an awesome rhymer. But Everlast just nailed him in this song... I mean c'mon, "whoever said you was raw son, they LIED" and "like m and m stand for Marilyn Monroe." Not to mention "Send you pictures of me chillin' all up in yo crib" ...damn if that ain't a beatdown, nothing is! Everlast > Eminem just for this one beef. Em is the better rapper overall tho, no doubt.

U guyz ar wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/12

First of all i used to like eminem but as u grow up u stop liking him. Everlast is a versatile rapper and this one diss track is actually better then eminems ones. it hits everyhting about eminem in such a cool way. plus everlast is now with La coka nostra who make excellent music. However they have underground fame and are popular in the rap community with subject matters bout the world. Im not sayin eminems bad but i personally like everlast more!

EVERLAST FTW!!! | Reviewer: Anas | 3/9/12

all eminem was saying (faggot - bitch - sisy - blah blah) he did not really had anything real on everlast,everlast has hit eminem hard on this one,and talked bout real stuff on em!!!

Fuck off Everlast! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/12

Haaha Everlast can rap is an Evergreen joke. That asshole neither can pull his shit properly nor can rap but wants to do both.
Is rapping a game that everlast tryin to play. He's not rapping instead raping songs.
That shitty asshole is good 4 nothin not even 4 fuckin house servant and is a gay with his father. He's a son of hooker prostitute,that's his dna test says!

you lot have no clue | Reviewer: venny | 1/12/12

ok 1st off the guy who said ice t was a legend? hes a bait rapper and lost all of his cred as a rapper, 2nd off eminem only had 1 good album? ok few things, he has had good song if not killer songs on every album, the 2 albums before his last 1 were a pile of shit and he is the first to admit that, but his latest album is him back to himself, still a little bit more commercial but that is because he is commercial!!! at least theres no britney spears or mariah carey tunes on there. also he cant stay doing the shit he done in his 1st album because its done, and times have moved on, if you want to talk about anyone being a "complete" sell out you have to look at snoop. everyones talking about everlast this and that, eminem has rapped with 50, snoop, dre, he battled and slayed biggy, look it up if you aint heard it, hes been the main and best rapper on many songs, forever with drake, weezy and that, eminem smashed that and made everyone else look 2nd rate, any tune hes done with weezy, eminem smashed them and made weezy look 2nd rate. eminem was the battle king for fucking ages. hes 1 of the most intelligent rappers ever and he knows just because of his name he can hum on a tunne for 3 mins and sell it still, because he can. this everlast guy, washed up himsef and nothing on eminem and never will be anything on him, hes hating and trying to get a bit of fame off him.

you guys a so jealous it's embarrising | Reviewer: jack | 8/18/11

All those people that say that eminem is shit and is all the same who is still going now all yoyou people better have written this ages ago otherwise you guys are dumb as shit seriously you just wish you were one fiftieth as good as him

I agree with Jim | Reviewer: Mike C | 3/19/11

Eminem was fresh and original with his first album. Soon after his initial success (like many others) his output consisted of manufactured-sounding garbage - no soul or substance. Now all I hear him do is hijack other artists' songs so that he can go on and on for five minutes about the same inane feeble rant.

Eminem is a washed up JOKE | Reviewer: jim | 3/12/11

OK you douche bags lets go.....First of all the only truly amazing album Eminem made was his first one...thanks to Dre. After that his shit went down hill fast! Have your heard his new shit? FUCKING GAY. Who would claim this guy is the best when his last two Cd's were a big pile of shit!!!! Everlast not only made THREE badass albums with House of Pain but also made Three great rock albums (You fags know what rock is??) Not only that but now has the dopest Under ground Hip Hop group out "La Coca Nostra" and has raped with LEGENDS, Ice T, Cypress Hill, Funk Doobiest, Bun B, Snoop, ETC ETC ETC. WHo did he rap with?? D12? HAHA Terrible..Who ever says that little pop star " Eminem" is the best or killed it bla bla bla just doesn't know music at all....Oh did I mention the Legends he played with during his rock career??? Look it up you fucking stains...Get your head out of the radio, Mtv, Vh1, or whatever you little bitches are listening too now, and why you are at it take Little Wayne's tiny Penis out your mouth too.....WOW he can rap with a robot voice!!! Eninem vs the ORIGINAL OG Whitey MF Ford isn't even a debate.......I don't give a shit how badass his diss song was "or the song with Jay Z was"...No substance....NOW YOU ALL JUST GOT LITE THE FUCK UP LIKE ENEINEM SMOKING OXY"S IN A BURNT DOWN TRAILER PARK.......PS You know that little actor is from MISSOURI LOL with your mom eating my ass like a cheap Chinese Buffet!