Whitey Ford Kicks Ass | Reviewer: KLLR | 7/20/07

Whatever eminem a big bitch Whitey Ford been around alot longer and seen more shit than Eminem could eminem aint even close to stacking up too Whitey Ford You guys just biast cause you aint listen to whitey ford EMINEM A BIIIIIGGGGG PUSSY!!!!!Whitey Kick his ass any day of the week

Fucked up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/07

All of you guys are fucked up, Youve ever heard the QUITTER song? Yall saying shit like WHITEY IS BETTER THAN EM, come on guys WHITEY is a SINGER eminem is a RAPPER I guess Mr whitey buried him self after it, and for real... i could diss eminem much more better even though i like him, fuck this EMINEM WON

Unoriginal, no talent havin', strivin to make a livin', an your cousins your bitch! | Reviewer: Nonya | 7/12/07

i must say that Mr. Whitey Ford is unoriginal, that he basically threw back in eminem's face word for word what eminem said to him. So get your own lyrics you weak ass punk. You ain't got shit on Em's "industrial whore" ass. All of you are bitches! HA peace!

to eminem | Reviewer: icelord | 7/8/07

eminem's love money and he is too funny
i think he is a disser like the bugs bunny
he got voice like a duck noise mother fuck
time'up shadys clock and boom sha lock lock
his moms the Murdock from the gay team
he is a unluck cuz his got a white ass skin

WTF? | Reviewer: FUCKTARDS | 5/31/07

ok first of all, eminem dominated in the first punch, whitey's song is a retaliation but he barely covered the stuff eminem said. incase you guys dont know the song eminem put out it's called i remember and its kinda like a rock song with rap... sorry whitey but eminem won this round maybe next old school will prevale and i sound like a homo...

THE REAL DEAL | Reviewer: Mike C | 5/18/07

Well what is most striking to me about this song is that it comes from real life interaction.............Whitey is a honest man...................Mr. Emem you are busted>>>>>>>>

Whiteys revenge | Reviewer: max | 4/20/07

this is the best diss thrown at eminem, which isnt that good. Everlast was the only talented person taht ever dissed eminem other than Ja Rule

Whitey sucks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/07

WHITEY FORD IS A FAG, listen to him he sounds like a moron. My freaking little brother could have come up with those lyrics.

whitey da pussy | Reviewer: eminem da best | 2/3/07

its easy to tell who is really scared. why doesnt whitey say these things to his face. whitey is obviously jelous of eminems fame and fortune.

everlast ftw | Reviewer: jamie | 11/14/06

Everlast's is harder hitting and has a better groove. Eminem is all shock and fizzle.

You won't hear any more disses from eminem anyway, being a born again christian.

Eminem Hands Down | Reviewer: Beasports | 7/24/06

Obviously this so called "Everlast" doesn't think before he writes. Punk ass so called Irish whatever it is he is. Go mess with some of your own freaks and hide with your bum pals. When you get real then write a song with meaning. This is a diss somg? Sounds more like a wanna be tough guy song? Get real, get a clue, get with it, you suck.. ...yeah, that's it I'm done with you wanna be clueless trash.

everlast wins | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/05

everlast is basic and raw. he has pure musical talent , eminem is an industry whore.

Eminem rules | Reviewer: colton_g@hotmail.com | 8/20/04

Everlast sux just like this fucking song. If he's so big why doesnt he ever show his face around eminem.