Beef is old but........ | Reviewer: hOp fAN | 6/19/09

I think Em won the battle. Thas what he does. He is the BEST battle rapper I have ever heard. But Everlast called him out better than anyone Em has ever beefed with. Em's stuff flowed more and was funnier but Everlast just flat out called him out on some shit that Em could not say much to. Ive been a huge Everlast fan my whole life and I love the stuff hes coming out with. His music is real. Hes more political than Eminem. If Everlast started talkin about whores and drugs and that shit he would sell 2 million records a week too. There is no one who can argue how great Eminem is but music is music and just cause he sells more records doesnt mean hes better. Everlast is much more rounded as an artist.

Jumpin' around like a Drunken leprechaun! | Reviewer: Irish Pride | 5/2/09

I've been listening to Everlast Since I was about 6 or 7 years old, and having Irish Heritage, I guess I just Identify with his music a lot more than shadys........let me put it this way, I can't remember the last time I got smashed on Guinness on st Paddys day with Eminem playing in the background! that said, I'm not about to rain hate down upon someone I don't even know. whats the point?

FUCK EVERLAST | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/09

Eminem can make a better diss in one line than this whole song. This bitch is never gonna get anywhere music with that shity rap. Everlast can stop wasting time cracking speakers with his lame songs, he should go take care of his mom. Its honestly hilarious to see a fat country white boy with an acustic trying to diss Eminem. Eminem's lyrics are not just better than his, but any artist i have ever heard.

Everlast VS Eminem: Tie | Reviewer: Ravengade | 4/30/09

My mommy is a big fan of DJ Everlast, and I gotta hand it to him, he has a better groove. I have been a fan of Eminem since I was 5. I think that Eminem won this beef. But I respect all your opinions, and by all I mean Everlast and Eminem fans.

But hey, At least both of them are better than Benzino at rapping. Benzino SUCKS.

WTF | Reviewer: VVG | 3/24/09

ok guys I admire nice diss from everlast!but what the fuck are you talking about shitty lyrics of Em?!Yes he's got a couple of meaningless songs in witch he's just having fun.So what?He's now a produkt just because he's laughing at the stupid things every stupid pop star is doing?If you've ever listened to most of his songs you'll understand he's not like "I'm the GOD you're all my bitches!"He's laughing at himself too and the stuff he did and his career considering his past and the way he started are just amazing!Broke as fuck with nothing but a dream he's going for it!Now you can say whatever you want but the true is true Em sure is amazing rapper with a lot of tellent and good songs!

EMINEM IS BETTER | Reviewer: Carli Jo | 2/18/09

are yu guys serious? eminem writes about real life nd things yu can relate to. he has some serious raps but also rele funny ones. whitey ford can go suk on a dick cuz eminem will always be loved more. a lot of ppl dont even kno everlast, if yu dont believe me then ask a couple ppl yu may not kno nd find out if they ever herd of him. EVERYONE knows eminem, nd he got farther wit his career. eminem isnt a pussy so jus shut the fuk up. everlast suksssssss he shuld stop rapping nd jus go sing some country songs tht fukin hill billy

WHITEY STAY OUT OF RAP | Reviewer: see oh dee why | 10/10/08

hahahahaha. i love how people get so riled up over people they dont even know. in my personal opinion i like eminem AND whitey. i hope you guys that are commenting have atleast heard some eminem songs that werent mainstream. whitey has music that hits you and you can sing to. eminem has rhymes that flow together like a puzzle. this song is just rhyme to rhyme with filler. whitey is also the one that started the whole shit. im guessing because of jealousy of eminem, and eminem came back with shit that blows whitey out of the rap scene. which is where he should stay. eminem should stay in rap, and whitey should stay singin.

everlast is the best fuck m&ms™ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/08

First off any *RAPPER* that has a name that sounds like a childs candy shouldnt even be taken a bit serouisly...everlast has real and raw lyrics compared to the commercialized fake industrial lyrics of eminem.sure marshall has sold more records and and sold out more shows but marshall lost his real meaningful lyrics the second dre gave him a deal..the day you brainwashed industry cats open your eyes and read the fakeness of em then you will all realize that not only is he a phoney but he even stopes low enough to diss his mother just to make some extra money..everlast on the other hand is a much more well rounded ARTIST that would lyricly and proabably physically decapatate marshall matthers

Em is Class AAA++++ | Reviewer: Lil Shady | 3/1/08

what a fukin load of rubbish dis pussy wimp bitch betta watch is back he's the 1 who's gunna need a body guard cuz us em fans are gunna do what he said an wup his ass well i know i am if i fukin see him i've asked loads of people if they know of everlast and i got 1 yes and he said he's a load of shit get eminem an everlast in a rap battle an i would put everythink i own on eminem winnin it no hands down and if i see him i'll fuckin plant a bat right in his fukin head but i live in liverpool, england in fact i will even give shit everlast my address its 32 russian drive cum down 2 mine an i will fuck u up put u in ozzy bitch Eminem 4 lyf em we got ur back cuz safe

whitey ford | Reviewer: Rachael | 2/27/08

i have been a whitey ford fan since the day i was born. eminem aint got nothing on him. i whitey kicks his ass. because eminem aint a rapper he a piece of crap and if he was a rapper he would have his own lyrics and would not be using whitey fords. so basicl eminem is a wanna be white rapper who totaly sucks

shidididi | Reviewer: katie | 1/28/08

rawr im an angry fan and im gonna defend my rapper because the other one sucks and i have the best taste in music and i am right no matter what you (numerous cuss words) say! nobody fuckin cares about the rapper you like or the rapper i like. the internet pisses me off cuz its just pussies like me trying to start a fuckin pointless fight to see tougher than the next person

Everlast is a true artist. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/07

Ive been following Ev since 1988 and he can spit just as good as that little fag Slim.Everyone loves the shock factor of what Em is going to say next..........You take that away and you have nothing.You da man Ev.

woww fuck you faggots | Reviewer: Tyner | 11/14/07

yo whitey is a singer. how many fuckin rhymes can you spit like eminem.. like tech n9ne.. any of them dude, they're sick with it. so stop fuckin saying " eminems a pussy" blah blah blah we fuckin get it okay but u know what if you EVER get a chance to battle eminem I'll straight up tell you rightttt nowwwww you'd lose. plain and simple. plus I don't fuckin hear any of you faggots on the radio... gettin platinum records on mtv in movies shit you just mad bc he's got more talent then you. so stop fuckin wastin your time sayin shit about him because fans of eminem will jus be laughin at you not giving a fuck.. eminem won this no doubt.

If You Ever See Everlast, Whoop His Ass | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/07

Everlast is such a bitch....subliminal disses are dumb and only a pussy would do that shit...Everlast ain't never had no lyrical tension while Eminem brings the best out of bein a MC....sure he dissed people and talked about killin people but that shit is mad funny and more interesting than what Whitey has to say...

The eminem diss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/07

I've always hated eminem. he offences people all the time. once he said he hated Polish people, I'm the one so...I'm great fan of Everlast, I really adore him and I was really angry when I heard the eminem diss, however my smile was back on my face when I heard everlast's response, it's great and so much true. eminem is makin a fool of himself, he isn't any kind of star, he does everything for money and everlast doesn't! everlast isn't so known amongst common people. people who know the real value of music know EVERLAST. I love you ERIC and always WILL:)
your great fun - Kinga!!!!