think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/11

I think that this song is about everyday problems that people go through. And that instead of calling them a whore, slob, what ever it might be, they're telling you to step in other people's shoes And see what you would have done in that situation. Most people don't go homeless on purpose. Girls that are underage don't purposely go around getting pregnant. And the boys who get them pregnant don't always want the child.... shit happens and people need to understand that. Its life. As soon as you learn that you'll stop judging people and think for once instead of running your mouth on things you know nothing about.

Sorrow and Understanding in Today's Society | Reviewer: Sarah | 2/4/11

This song means a lot to me, it's the definition of my young life.

I was a good kid who fell into a bad crowd. All kinds of drugs and parties. I got the shit kicked out of me by huge drunk chicks while panhandling outside of a liquor store. The fattest kid I knew in elementary school started doing coke, and weighed 90 pounds by high school. I've stolen pregnancy tests for girls who had been raped. My best friend's father is in prison forever, and her mother passed away at 32, hopelessly addicted to Percocet. A former friend of mine killed a 17 year old boy at a party and is serving a life sentence.

I could have been any of them. I have no kids, I work full time, I'm not addicted to drugs, I've never been raped, I've never hurt anyone. I saw the misery with my own two eyes, and I vowed to myself I would never let that misery into my life.

The point of this song has nothing to do with religion or politics. The point was to change our perspective, to show us what a bad day really is. It was written to show us the forgotten sorrow we experience as individuals and as a society.

Most importantly, this song teaches compassion and good will within mankind. You don't know the whole story, so you don't have a right to judge. Please think about that the next time a homeless person asks for change, or a co-worker lets you down, or when someone posts a comment with opinions that don't match yours.

hypocrosy | Reviewer: jay | 1/4/11

Typical christian "I have no view on abortion" then goes on to say pregnancy should be continued for adoption purposes. Going to church no more makes you a christian as standing in a garage makes me a fucking car!!! Its a great song yes, look att things openmindedly yes, gather your own beliefs about life but keep your dogmatic views to yourself if you cannot come up with something on your own!!!!

chill. | Reviewer: anonymous. | 12/6/10

ahah ya'll are pathetic. just take the song for the meaning its supposed to portray, dont take shit you have for granted. and look and the world through different point of views, not just your own. open your eyes.

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/10

This is an awesome song! Everytime I hear this song, it reminds me to look at the world from a different point of view. To understand how another feels is most important to this life we live now. Christians should understand this more than anyone. I for one am a Christian, and, to be honest, I have no viewpoint on abortion. It's up to the person, not us. Debate all you want to, it will not change a person's mind. Of course the moral implications are high, I believe that they should continue the pregnancy through, and then give the child up for adoption. Of course, with the rise in population and homeless people, this may be a problem, but still. Anyways, this song is fantastic. Nearly perfect in execution. I wish I could hear a new version of this, with newer lyrics.

Empathy | Reviewer: Healing Light | 10/7/10

"Walking in another person's shoes" is what an Empath does ALL the time! So many more empathic people are "Awakening" & making this planet a more beautiful place:) Songs like this help to enlighten people & should not be picked apart...just take the basic meaning for what it is. Peace, Love & Compassion...the trinity that really works (if you want to talk about religion lol). There have to be different variations of music, books, religion, etc, to be able to reach the vast majority of help them understand what life is all about. I listen to the screaming sounds of the songs my kids listen to & can't understand why they like it, but then I read the lyrics...very deep & meaningful (most of them). Envision the world you would want & it will manifest before you...

spread the message. don't be a music critic. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/10

Spread love not hate. Positive not negative. I advise just applying your own interpretation and inspiration of the song to your life. don't aspire to be a critic especially not a music critic. that would be a shame. love you all regardless. keep walking. stand tall. And maybe give a bum some soup for starters. What's the difference between a judge and a critic? Not much

Ha. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/10

Okay, so first off. Yea, there is one teeny bit of a reference to Christians in the song. Talking about the girl getting called a sinner. So that debate just needs to be over now. You guys aren't accomplishing anything.
Now, the actual song itself is freakin amazing. I don't usually listen to rap/hip-hop or whatever genre this would be in, but I have to say that it's really a good song for people to listen to. Because most of the time, you really DON'T know what it's like. I think that if everyone had this mentality, the world would be a much better place to live.

It's kind of a long song, though.

hmm | Reviewer: araceli | 7/7/10

the song is talking about life, for 1 dont judge anyone its not your place unless your a judgmental prick, 2. be happy for what you got, you never know when you might lose something or someone. 3. keep your fucking mouth shut ppl dont take shit talk very lightly...

Everyday life... | Reviewer: Valkinsenn | 5/25/10

Great song.

Well, the main thing that this song hits on is that you shouldn't talk shit about someone until you know where they come from. That's the main point of this song, especially in the repeated line "Then you really might know what it's like."

And to the person talking about religion, this is the reason why you need faith in something, otherwise the events, and others like them, covered in this song will get you down in the dumps and you will have nothing to pull you back out of it.

However, this song is not about religion, it's about the lack of understanding for others seen day-to-day in the god-awful shitty mess of a world we have to live in.

Pathetic... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/10

It's pretty pathetic that everyone seems to feel the need to put their input in about their views toward religion.. Which obviously your views toward religion have NOTHING to do with this song. Stop bashing eachother and keep your dumb fucking opinions to yourself. UNLESS they have something to do with the song and NOT something else.

P.s. This song is amazing. It's straight up real. These kind of things happen everyday in life.. I think it shows how stuck up people and cold hearted some people really are, and how "shit happens".

Why argue? | Reviewer: Lauren | 5/13/10

So much arguing for no reason. Everyone has different views and opinions and might interpret lyrics differently. I think many artists enjoy when people read into their songs in ways other than they may have intended. So if someone sees this song as having to do with religion, so be it. If someone thinks it has nothing to do with religion, who cares. I don't see a point in arguing about the meaning of a song. Everyone has a right to their own interpretation.

Blues are not for sharing, empathy is. | Reviewer: Overthinker | 3/10/10

It's about how life can be sweet but life can also be harsh and messed-up and you can get caught in the blues. It's about how you shouldn't judge and be happy to have someone to look down on, but should try and remember what it is to be human and have empathy for each other. Or if it isn't, it SHOULD BE, hehehe!

TOLERANCE? | Reviewer: kirsten | 1/27/10

this song is about judgment, and the fact that no human being has the right to pass it onto someone else. How do you know what that person has gone through, or is currently enduring in their lives? it's about tolerance, for everyone. including those with christian views! i believe in this song and all it stands for whole heartedly. so to the "anonymous reviewer" who posted on 7/4/09, for someone who reviews on a song with such a meaning as this one, you sure did miss the big picture. you are the most judgmental person on this site.
tolerance my friend. it goes a long way.

its not about religion. | Reviewer: annie. | 12/28/09

the entire concept of the song is about judgement, not religion. did you dumbasses even read the lyrics? instead of jumping to conclusions and making assumptions you should actually pay attention to the lyrics and listen to the way they are sung. its pathetic for ya'll to discriminate against one another. there are so many diverse religions out there. i'm not even a believer. what does religion have to do with any of this? i'd fuckin love to know. read the damn lyrics if you're on a fucking lyrics site. seriously. get smarter people.