Wow | Reviewer: Danielle | 11/30/07

The strangest thing happened to me today.

I'm a senior in high school and one of my teachers' husbands came to class today to talk about AIDS in honor of World AIDS Day, which is actually tomorrow (December 1). We viewed a video taken by a college student who went to Kenya and ended up interviewing those who lived in one of the biggest slums down there. The video really moved many of us...there were "rivers" of excrements running down the "streets"(dirt paths about 5 feet wide between the shacks that people lived in). There were mothers who, desperate for money, became prostitutes to feed their children. These women are sleeping with 1,000 men per year, only 30% of whom agree to wear a condom, in order to feed their children--there's no other way for them. There is no form of government in these slums, the biggest of which houses over one million people. Watching the video, you could almost smell the stench coming from the place. We, being human, tend to think "well, just stop having sex" because that's how AIDS is most commonly spread. But for many of these people, sex is the only pleasure they can derive from life in the conditions in which they live. Women will not let their children waste away, starving, if they can get money for food by selling themselves. This movie was so moving; it really opened our eyes and made most of us realize how incredibly fortunate we are and how we need to DO something. I could go on forever but I need to finish my story.

Tonight my friend and I went to a movie. You know, the typical American thing: mall, ice cream, IMAX 3-D movie with popcorn in big comfy seats.
After I'd dropped my friend off at her house and was heading home, I started flipping through radio stations because we'd been listening to some pretty crappy music (I'd let her pick the station...big mistake). All night I had been kind of subconciously noticing the overwhelming, saddening wealth and fortune of our country...Taco Bell, ice cream, a mall, a car, a movie theater, popcorn...stoplights....a highway...worrying about being "fat" because we have so much stations.

I have got to tell you, the radio stations really have to STOP PLAYING SO MANY COMMERCIALS because I flipped through all the channels twice before I found a station that was playing music. And the music it was playing was this song. And this was the first time I actually listened to the words. Seriously? I got goosebumps. Of all the stations, the only channel playing music was playing this song, and it was almost as if someone were waiting for me to flip to exactly that channel. This song is what I had been feeling all feelings put into a work of art.

This morning, before any of this happened, I prayed that God would help me make a difference in someone's life's what I try to pray for every day. This was God's way of kicking me in the ass and shouting "WHY ARE YOU SITTING AROUND DOING NOTHING?! GET OUT THERE AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!" I've been trying to decide if I want to participate in Peace Corp or try to integrate extended missions trips into my schedule over the next few years, and I'll tell ya...this song made me realize that there is no way I CAN'T.

In other words, I freakin adore this song and am in awe of it and the circumstanses I found it under. I've found a new favorite song. :)

--Much Love

it's more powerful than it appears | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/07

these lyrics:
"God forbid you ever had to wake up to hear the news
'Cause then you really might know what it's like to have to lose", it really made me remember the time i was waken in the early morning to find out my uncle was dead[him and i were very close].it's a really powerful verse.

:,( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/07

my ex told me to listen to this song and it breaks my heart to hear it

Sorry I rambled | Reviewer: Kristin | 11/12/07

Everyone's got their story. Everyone knows some form of pain and misery, but not everyone knows compassion. We seem to be lost as a human race, caught up in the routine of life, our own abilities, and just everything that has to do with us and us alone. The stories of other people, how they got to where they are, why they're sad, lost, miserable or alone, don't matter, and they should. I think this song just really portrays all that's wrong with society right now, why we fight, why we're at war, why everything has just been in a downward spiral. Right now, there is no great rise of humanity, it's just loss of relations and thus understanding between humans and societies. And it's really quite sad, in all actuality. People just need to realize what they do to each other as groups, lost in the mob mentality, and then this world would be a much better place...because in the end, why do we care so much about ourselves? We're just another blink in the eyes of time, and there are much bigger things to worry about.

*_* | Reviewer: Johnny Blaze | 11/2/07

you guys all make it seem like he wrote the song yeah i realize that it is an excellent song and it does make you think but he just wrote down the lyrics and thank you puppy killer for putting the lyrics on the intronet because now i know the all the words instead of some of them =D we should all learn from "what its like" it tells us that we couldnt live those lives and it makes you think about what we can do and what we can become by doing nothing ive had a revelation listening to this song and every one should think about other people first and dont be so conceited the world was not based on fending for yourself it was meant for a home for us homosapiens and we are to work and get along with eachother. i know that the other people who posted on this site arent in any way my family but we are all brothers and sisters under the kingdom of god even if you dont believe then know that some day we will be reunited under one legion under one king the holy king the one who was who is and who always will be.

raw | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/07

Amazing song. These lyrics give me shivers every time: "They call her a killer, and they call her a sinner, and they call her a whore/God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in her shoes/'Cause then you really might know what it's like to have to choose"

my thery | Reviewer: ali shama | 10/18/07

I may only be 13 but this song makes me stop and think when i listen to it. Mostly the last verse is were u like just wondering and thinking about what he is say and its just amazing.

Makes u think | Reviewer: Lena | 9/13/07

It makes you think that it tells a story of people everyday people who make you think wow! that could of been me, You know its sad to think it but this song has changed so many people including me it has so much meaning! i may be young but hey something of this meaning can really change a person

Make your think and wonder. | Reviewer: Ashley | 9/5/07

I've listen to this song since I was a kid and it still gets me thinking even when I play it on repeat. This song really hits home and I love it. I've even done a piece a art work to the theme of this song.

yess | Reviewer: John | 8/21/07

this song is so true it really makes you stop and think about other people and that like at least you don't have that life and kinda opens you up to some compassion

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/07

this song really hits home. it made me shiver and really think about life. <3 major kudos

about the song what its like | Reviewer: TiLt | 7/9/07

true man it does hit the heart hard very true and good song shit like this happens everyday

In awe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/07

This, in my humble opinion, has to be the most lyrically profound song I have ever heard. Hits you right in the heart.

untill late one night there was a big gunfight | Reviewer: andy short | 6/3/07

it should say until late one night there was a big ole fight and max lost his head