Good song, not religous | Reviewer: Mack | 3/6/09

This song is awesome, it does really make you think about what you have and the way you treat other people. How did anyone bring God into this, at no point is this song religous. Anyways great song with a great message that really makes you think about your life and your opportunities.

awesome song | Reviewer: Julia | 2/10/09

this song is absolutely amazing, everytime i hear it, it gives me chills. makes me stop and think about what i have and makes me grateful. there's so much that people can do for other's and no one ever wants to take the time or spend a couple dollars on someone else. you could make someone's day. it just pisses me off that people turn their noses up and pretend that life is perfect, life's not perfect and if you think it is, you need a reality check, i agree with Haydn about the majority of religious people, but it's not just religious people. but yes, it's a load of crap when they push people away, when they're supposed to be helping people and showing them another path. again, amazing song!

religion, Christ and a better world | Reviewer: Haydn | 1/13/09

well, I am a pastor of a Southern Baptist Church in Texas and we are an extremely conservative church and I too am very conservative theologically, however, I CAN NOT IN GOOD FAITH say that if you turn to Christ that all your problems will disappear. THEY WON'T!!!! The ONLY difference will be that you will have someone there to turn to who will NEVER leave you, forsake you or abandon you. Who will stick by your side through anything you will go through. These ppl in this song need Jesus not so their life will be better but so they can have a friend, someone they can turn to 24/7, 365 whenever they need to. Christ never said that by following him our lives would be easier, in fact he said the opposite, that it will be harder but that we won't go alone. Leave the ppl in this song alone because they don't need Christ so that they can be better ppl, they need fellow Christians to shut the heck up and put their time, money and heart where their mouth is. We as Christians need to be more supportive of ppl who have been dealt a bad hand in life, open up our hearts and time to them, give them food and clothing. Invite them to church if for nothing else than to have a warm place for them to be able to come for a few hours a week. We need ppl to be more humble and compassionate about these types of ppl than to judge them. In fact if ppl were LESS religious and pious then maybe the world would be a better place because it is those same ppl that if a homeless person, homosexual, or abortion patient came to their church they would shun them or at least look down upon them or think that they were not clean enough, healthy enough, pure enough or whatever to be in their church. Its hypocrisy!!! We want you to come to church but ONLY if you look good, smell good and don't make me uncomfortable! Sorry to go on a rant but that annoys the pee wad out of me! As D.C. Talk put it "the single greatest cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Christ with their lips and then deny him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable." Its time that we people of faith practice what we preach and pull the Bible out of our rumps because we are acting like a bunch of elitist, stuck up, snobs and that is NOT what Christ came to the Earth for so we need to get over ourselves and start seeing EVERYONE like Christ sees them!!!!!

*sigh* | Reviewer: *sigh* | 1/2/09

Can the people who see this as a religous song please point out any positive reference to any religion in this song? In fact it is religous people who would call her a sinner and a killer and a whore. I am catholic but I see no need to drag religion into this song. Its a great song and we should be discussing it rather than using it to recruit people to catholisism

Jesus is the answer? | Reviewer: Everybody else | 12/22/08

What? So if we embrace the word of God the world will be a better place without sin? Of course you almost never hear of priests getting under-aged girls pregnant, wars, massacres, crusades and bombings in the name of God.. do you? I'm talking to you as the religious masses now (please pass on the message), do you think when you're done blowing each other up, declaring holy war on everybody else and demanding special privileges whilst you do it, the rest of us could have our fucking world back?

Don't use a beautiful song as a springboard for religious conversion. Please.

no | Reviewer: jon | 11/15/08

this song is a great song and explains how a lot of people have it so tough in life. the answer is not to turn to christ. you can't struggle your whole life and worry about if your going to burn in hell. it's just not right.

8/19/08 | Reviewer: Chantel | 8/19/08

this song is really good. it explains about how people have their ups and downs. but when you see someone walking into a clinic when shes pregant, shes not a killer she just cant have a kid right then. i mean i know its bad but dont tell her something thats just gonna hurt her. thinkabot what they are feeling before you judge thats all.

Jesus is the answer! | Reviewer: Doesn't matter | 7/7/08

The world would be a better place if it would accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and repent of their sins. God has a perfect plan for every one of us. If we receive Christ into our hearts then that's the first step into God's plan for our live. You have to receive Jesus so that you will not be condemned into eternal Hell w/ Satan and His angels, for it was reserved for him, and those who choose to follow him!
Know Jesus Know Life, No Jesus Know Hell!

Great Song | Reviewer: Darkness | 7/2/08

This is a GREAT Song! For all you people out there that are like, "OH, this song sucks! It's about giving to people that won't get off their lazy asses!" No, it's not. It's about the people who are just dealt a bad hand in life. Like the girl that gets pregnant; then has her boyfriend leave her. Alright, if that ever happens to some of you pro-life people (getting pregnant; then having no one there to support you), have fun. Pro-life sounds great in campaigns and Utopias, but the world ain't perfect folks. Also, for you people are like, "That bum should just get a job!" This bum ain't a crack smokin', inf your face bum. He's a war veteran, a underprivileged, ghetto child, the people that were never given a chance or no longer have a chance. It even says, "He asks for his spare change with shame in his eyes." This isn't a bum that is tryin' to skid by in life. He is trying to survive! And then, the best is the last verse about the gangster. Some of you may think, "Oh, he's just supporting being a gangster." No, he's talking about the family who gets the short end of their husband/son/etc being a gangster! Anyone that doesn't like this song is an ignorant prick that doesn't understand English. And, by the way, I'm a republican too so f**k you Right-Wings that call me some peace lovin' hippy.

never a song more true | Reviewer: Carlee. | 2/2/08

No matter where you come from in life, and no matter what you have, or what you don't, this song is amazing. I'm sure everyone can relate to anyone of those verses, whether through personal experience or through friend or things we have seen. I love this song.

I have a very close friend who had to 'wake up to hear the news.' Twice. Just thinking how that must feel about brings me to tears even now. You'll never know how much it hurts till you are in that situation. There is no room, no right, to judge someone. You can never say with certainty that you wouldn't do the same thing if you were faced with the same situation - if you walked a mile in their shoes.

Just listen to the words. It's an amazing song!

Powerful | Reviewer: Kathy | 1/31/08

I love this song, "They call her a killer, and they call her a sinner, and they call her a whore. God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in her shoes. Cause then you really might know what it's like to have to choose" such truth it never fails to get to me.

peace corps comment | Reviewer: kak2v | 1/10/08

yes to the person who prays to 'God' every morning--any god you claim left this place a LONG time ago. and people only stay in the peace corps long enough to realize they aren't doing a damn bit of good. So, go to college and get involved in politics, or just make a lot of money to give towards these peoples' situation(s). . . THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO HELP.

Hmmmmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/08

i seem to have a lack of care for everyones little story.
good song.
go do something, not type to random OTHER losers.
^ This is what someone this song talks against would say. I say great input!

Totally True. | Reviewer: Ryan | 12/22/07

People these days rush by in their lives not paying attention. I remember as a kid my family functions would last until midnight sometimes one in the morning. Now they usually last until 7 or 8 at night. It's like they're too busy to actually sit down and enjoy family. I wish life was the way it was whenI was little. I had an accident on the freeway where the hood of my grandmas car wasn't all the way latched down and the force of the wind threw the windsheild at the front window bending the hood over the car. I pulled over as soon as I could and NO ONE pulled over to see if I was okay. A California Highway Patrol passed right by me not even stopping. People are too busy to stop and help these days it's pathetic. They just want to mind their own business. Not get involed. How are you suppose to make a difference in people's lives if you DON'T get involed. Think about it next time you see someone needing help.
Much Love <3

amazing | Reviewer: casey | 12/6/07

this has always been my favorite song since i was a kid.
this might be the best song ever...
i listen to it wen i have a bad day
but most of the time i listen to it every day
i love it so much.
well done, Everlast.