thinking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/14

We are all have our own opinions about this songs meaning. It has a very simple message u have no idea what a person has gone through in thier life until u lived like they do. You should never judge another person until u know the whole story and even then u should have empathy for that person.

Hope | Reviewer: Michael | 3/11/14

I read the lyrics and they are so sad. What is sadder is that so many people can identify with the sentiment of the song. If that was all there was to look forward to, a life without hope, I'd stay bummed all the time too. I am grateful that, for me, life doesn't have to be an endless procession of regrettable decisions. I have found peace, contentment, and hope in the midst of a dark and sad world. I wish you all well and may you find what you are looking for.

Christlike compassion. | Reviewer: Marcus Allen | 11/23/13

I am a bold Christian. I follow Jesus Christ and His teachings, not some watered down or distorted view of His teachings. If HE didn't say it, I give it a lot of scrutiny. Christ was full of love, grace and mercy. He detested the behavior of those who placed themselves higher than everyone else with their hypocritical righteousness. To me, this song is about not being so hypocritical and judgmental regarding our fellow human family. It's very Christian in its essence. I could care less if it has curse words in it; those are for affect regarding the human condition. This song and "where is the love" and " the Easter song" by A Man Called Adam should be played in all churches across the world, IMO. Anyway, great song!

lyrics correction | Reviewer: Jack Shit now you know whom I AM! | 10/18/13

It is " I stroked their daddy's dimes at least a couple of times before I broke their hearts" Back in the day when there were pay phones that cost a dime to make a phone call. Daddy would give his daughter a dime to tuck in their bra if their date got "FRESH" happy handed if you will. I've heard of one thin dime..... Thick dime? Give me a break you slacked jawed thumb typers!

Why the arguing? | Reviewer: Lisa | 9/8/13

Let's dump religion out. Im not sure if religion/beliefs/culture/ or even God has anything to do with it. When I see disagreements and arguing that take it so personal as if the song is a corruption or agreement to ones values, then we have found the meaning of the song. The insults and jdefenses

Hypocritical? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/13

Not all Christians are the same, and from what I read in the comments, none of them are trying to make you change your mind about what you believe. Calling them hypocritical is messed up. Liberal bastards trying to make others like themselves. Just because someone has a different view. Pathetic.

word | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/13

youre all stupid....its about how fucking stupid people are today. yeah maybe we dont know what its like to be in others shoes but thats because some are smart enough not to be there in the first place. we all fuck up but people choose to do the obvious and do drugs and get knocked up and shit when you know before u even do it...its stupid and ur fucking up youre life so yes we all fuck up but theres making mistakes in life...then theres pure stupidity...think about you WANT to know whats its like....chances are you why even put yourself in that position??? bunch of cry babies if u ask me

# | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/12

Catholicism and Christianity are one in the same dumb-shit. Hypocrisy is not limited to one religion or the other. Next time, hold your tongue so you do make such a judgmental intolerant statement, Bible-thumper.

Simple meaning | Reviewer: MegaA | 3/3/12

The meaning is simple - ita all about not being judgemental because you could of been one of those people who your judging. It does have some Christianity to it but theres nothin wrong with that. The whole message of not judging is one Christ was big on, God forbid, drinking from the golden cup etc etc.

I cant work out why all these tough boys go all crazy when something about Christianity is mentioned - its as if they are saying look at me i'm macho and should put down their Christian ideas - but anyways maybe I don't know what its like to be them.

Hey Jay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/11

Some pretty intollerant/dogmatic bullshit your spewing yourself.
Ill bet you learned that little ditty about the garage from your intollerant daddy right before he poked your ass!

whatever you want | Reviewer: brandon | 11/10/11

music is all about perception and interpretation. if you think this song is about your brother, or mother, or your shitty life then thats what it's about. there is no right or wrong with music. it's self expression by the artist and your mind is free to think of music in anyway you want. KILLER SONG. I've listened to it so many times on repeat.

sadness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/11

This is a song that anyone can wake up to and say to themselves,"I can do better than this." I really like this song because as a different perspective in our lifes, we can see really how bad the world can be, yet we don't even know the half of it.It's a very motivational song. Who wouldn't enjoy a few verses from a different point of view

great message | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/11

I'm a Christian. I wish i could perform this song during the music service to every church i've been to. The piety in most Christians almost makes me ashamed to call myself at times, but then i'm reminded by the Holy Spirit that when i'm calling myself a Christian i'm not identifying myself with a bunch of hyprites that go to a church house, but i'm identifying myself with Christ. When Jesus was on this earth, he hanged out with all the publicians and sinners, forgiving, healing and loving on them. The only thing he did with the religious leaders at the time was rip them to shreads with his preaching for being such pias morons and having the audacity to do it in His name. This song's message of compassion in my opinion shows the mind of Christ. Most Christians would see this most of them would be so focused on the fact that this song has cuss words that they wouldn't be able to pay attention to the message of the song.

Wow..... | Reviewer: Forrest | 10/20/11

For a song about tolerance of others...there sure is a LOT of intolerance in the comments.... Great song though, helps me keep things in perspective about how it is more important to help others than yourself

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/11

To hypocrosy.....typical Christian, you think going to church will save you....and by the way, I am Catholic....I find all Christians hypocrites....try walking a mile in someone elses shoes before you talk.... Love the song, so true!!!