Believe | Reviewer: Tommy | 12/14/09

I dont think that anyone kwows what its like
to walk in someones shoes or Truly understand what someone els has, or is going through,
maybe the loss of a loved one or a family member, maybe a close friend ?
I, just I Believe in...
Just Believe and All things are possible...

What it's like | Reviewer: Rock_lover | 11/19/09

Look, guys, here's the deal. This song is not about Christianity. This song is not about abortion. This song is not about this, that, or the next thing. This song is about judging. Read the lyrics. Christianity is never mentioned, and there are plenty of people who aren't Christians who are against abortion, but that is only one part of the song. The song is about judgment. Not about the Bible, religion, God, abortion, or anything else like that. It's about how we judge people. The first is the old man and how we judge him, but have never walked a while in his shoes. The second is about a woman who fell in love and then was conned and left with a baby because of it, and we shouldn't judge her because we've never walked a mile in her shoes. The third is about a guy who died and left his family, and we've never had to wake up and hear how our father or our husband has died. We've never walked a mile in that family's shoes. That is what this song is about. Enough of this ridiculous religion debate taking place here, because this song is DEFINITELY not about that.

song | Reviewer: candice | 11/16/09

Its not a bash on christianity. It is truth in the matter. Most people view abortion as a sin. But the thing is its a hard choice and kills you for years to come. The is my favorite song. It tells truths so much. Cause be glad you never had to know what it was like unlike alot of us.

Just an observation | Reviewer: Tea | 11/1/09

I find it funny that all the reviews in here are about religion, not the song. The point of the song is to make you think twice before judging someone, because you aren't in their position and you don't know "what it's like."

If you read all the comments, everyone is judging everyone else on both sides. One side is calling Christians idiots, the other side says you're an idiot if you're not a Christian. Aren't we all missing the point, which is NOT TO JUDGE EITHER WAY???

WOW!! | Reviewer: Miranda | 10/28/09

Why does everything have to be a battle of religion? Everyone needs to have some tolerance, no one has the right to tell someone what they should or should not believe in! The only freedom really left in our so called "free world" is the freedom to believe what we would like. Faith is just something to get you through to the next day and if you have an easier life you may not need as much faith if you struggle you may need a little extra because it is harder to get out of bed and face the world if you dont think there is anything there for you on that same note it might also be a little harder to believe there is something bigger out there if you are constantly hit with hardship. This song however is not religious, it is just a story about everyday stuff! How many abortion clinics have we seen without protesters in front of it? As far as answering to god at the end of our lives for everything we do, well if you believe that you might possibly make some better decisions throughout your life, so if people are out there making better decisions, not to kill people, not to cheat or lie ect, by all means let them!! But how about just listening to a good song and not complicating it with a big debate on how involved god is?! God lovers keep on loving god!If you dont keep on keepin on!

just real | Reviewer: Lady_Blue | 10/7/09

This song is not of a religious content ,rather"Just real' While the bible does say "judge not lest ye be judged' did anyone see anything other than 'God forbid' suggesting it ?In fact that is also a phrase often used..reality is this song simply says what I have always stated ..There is a reason we all are as we are ..most will not take the time to find out why ..just to place judgement!For that with many there seems to be time!

What it like | Reviewer: Del Griffith | 7/29/09

Ouch reviewer - we're all friends here - even the ones not thinking for themselves -pull back on the reins a bit. I do agree with you that the song isn't about religion - at all! Its about common sense, its about a carnal knowledge that some have - others don't. People who have survived great hardships, devastating news, an extended time having to beg-steal-eat food from places you wouldn't see on Fear Factor. All one has is time - depression is the only one talking to you - and the only pain reliever is alcohol - labeling you a wino or a drunk. Use the basic ethics inside each of you - at the very least find some respect for yourself and don't verbally attack the helpless - truly you won't know what this is like until you look into their\you eyes and ask for 'basic' help. In fact, look at a situation and ask "How did this person get here" Can I help? Sometime you can't- sometimes street folk are frauds - some of them are crazy. Its hard to know for sure but eyeball the non-crazies - look at what that person is telling you - you may be surprised if you listen. I experienced THIS situation - I was lucky, kept my wits, found novel ways to survive and now I'm a Comedian (not my real name – pseudonym for the homeless guy in Planes Trains and Automobiles) - working all over the country. Never far from my mind is 100 stories of "how easily I got here". I hope you can live vicariously through the song and never have to survive without means -floating in a sea of rich people who won't even offer an old blanket from their home or an old pair of shoes. This song, one of my favorite -always brings a tear, tilt of my head and the memory - the realization that 10s of thousands are one paycheck from an experience like mine.

You People Are Retarded. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/09

The point of this song isn't religion, it's to stop judgements. A lot of people who pass a homeless person would say the same thing if they asked for change. It's a song that says "Give him a break." - It's obvious he's been through some rough times. It has nothing to do with anyone looking for God. Or needing god. It means to open your freaking heart and accept people no matter what they've done, and imagine how hard it was for them and have a compassion. It means to have some EMOTION not FAITH. I hate how everyone assumes religion is what everyone needs. Get a life.

To The Anonymous Reviewer: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/09

God doesn't "Put Challenges in your life" to see if you'll have faith. You are a lunatic if you think so. Anything hateful in this world isn't a "Test from God" - it's PEOPLE. WE make the Choices. There is no "destiny" - or "God-Willed-It-To-Be" bull crap. God doesn't determine whether a murderer or pulls the trigger, the murderer does. And the person who dies? It wouldn't do anything if they believed in God or anything. If you want to believe they went to heaven for being so "religious" - by all means. Have at it. But I don't believe it for a second. Faith is such bull. You people really need to stop being so "Faithful" and "Biased" and look at facts sometimes. I can't wait til an archeologist finds the "FIRST PAGE OF THE BIBLE" that says "this is fictitious" - Oh I will rejoice so happily that day.

I live in a bad Hood and am Christian | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/09

1st of all I like the song and it speaks to me because I live in 1 of the worst cities in all of the US, so I see this stuff all the time plus some.I'm a very christian dude, so don't tell me I'm dimwitted because of my faith in God and Jesus. yeah it's a bad thing to kill a baby who never got a chance in this world,but it all falls down on the mother. if she wants to abort the child then that's her choice and she'll have to tell God why she did it. if anything Rachael your the idiot for discriminanting against us Christians, your probably just another stuck up liberal who doesn't know what it's like to be poor or live a hard life and just want to judge other because you have nothing better to do. I thank God for sparing my life for another day. when you walk outside and get chased down the street and beatin for no reason then tell me how it feels. God puts struggles in our lives to see if you will stay to him.
Fr. Stan Fortuna - Everybody Got 2 Suffer
watch this video on youtube. he tells it like it is. so don't tell me Christianity is idiotic. when you have nothing in this world you have God there to take care of you. I'd be living on the street if it hadn't been for prayer to God and Jesus to spare my father from death because he has congestive heart failure and his heart swelled up 3 times average size.we all have struggles in life, that is life.

STFU & GTFO | Reviewer: Rachael | 5/28/09

For one, it's not a religious song. It mentions about the choice of life or death that one girl had to make. Did she make the right choice? Who knows. Honestly, I love this song. I think if have the dimwitted christians listened to this song, there might be a change of heart from them.
After all as quoted from another awesome song
"Please help my people
The poor and downtrod
I thought we all were
The children of God
God help the outcasts
Children of God"
Suck it ♥

Also, does anyone else get chills when they listen to this song? I always feel like I'm going to cry at the beginning. For all we know, that man lost his family and then began drinking. It makes me think of when I'm working at the shelters and I feel horrible.

The religious part is... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/09

It gets religious at "And then she heads for the clinic and she gets some static walkin' through the doors. They call her a killer, and they call her a sinner, and they call her a whore" The static is protesters outside of an abortion clinic. They tell her she's sinning because she's killing the unborn child (against Christianity). But either way this song is AWESOME and I've listened to it so many times and I'm not planning on stopping soon.

Really good song | Reviewer: Zimmy | 4/18/09

I love this song. I have no idea how religion got put into the discussion. Its pretty sad that some of the reviews I read are about people putting down religion and God. I used to be like that then I had a traumatic experience. I wouldn't have survived without God. So Im not putting anyone down, im just saying that some of you that put Him down, or kick Him out of your lives, will regret it one day. You will need Him one day, guaranteed. I found Him again, and im glad I did. Hopefully none of you will have to go through the same experience that I did just to find Him.
Anyway, like I said, I have no idea how religion got into this, but there is my 2 cents worth, lol. Honestly this song has nothing to do with religion (that i can see, or hear) and its just about doing more to others to make their lives better. Treat them with respect, love them, help them however you can, cause that could be you one day.

Stop with the religion.. Fantastic song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/09

This song made me stepp back and rethink my ideology. I now have more compassion for the homeless and those who cannot afford to have children. Some people say adoption is the best option, but those people obviously have never witnessed the life of children in foster care. Most are molested, beat, and suffer from malnutrition; further many turn to a life of "crime" and suffer from severe psychological problems.
Nothing good has come out of religion. More people are totured or killed for religion than any other reason. Religion is just billions of people who all believe they're doing the will of god. They can't all be right. Leave religion put of it- it ultimately makes things worse. THis is an amazing song by the way.

"when one person suffers from a delusion they call it insanity; when many people suffer from the same delusion,they call it religion."

great song!! | Reviewer: britni | 3/30/09

I'm a christian 100% and believe in God with all my heart, however with many christians there is a huge flaw and that's judgement, and that's what this song is about....who's to say these people don't know jesus, just cause they made a few mistakes doesn't mean they don't have a ralationship with god. this song is more less saing the people around them judging their every move are the wrong ones. It's like you hear about someone who gets shot, and everyone acts like it doesn't matter cause they were selln' drugs anyway...they have a family, they had a life just the same as everyone else...same with the girl getting an abortion and the bum on the street, don't judge cause you don't know what's going on in their head. to me this song is more about the judgemental hypocritics, than anything else.