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Performed by Eve 6

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Reply to ? | Reviewer: Ashley | 4/19/07

I Don't care that this song is about one night stands and all that shit. It's an amazing song, and it could mean so many things! You shouldn't critisize people just because it's their graduation song, or the song they played at a loved ones funeral. We're going to play it at something for our school, and it's been aproved!

? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/07

Are you people that fucking retarded? It's about one night stands. Not graduation or love or anything else pleasant.


Hides | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/07

this song is amazing. My sisters boyfriend died a month after his graduation in a foolish, horrible car accident.

This song was played at the accident sight a month after he died.

Read it Again... | Reviewer: Becky | 3/18/07

i definitely agree, this is an amazing and beautiful song, and it was my class song too.

however, i dont know if anybody reads it clearly to realize that its about sex and one-night stands...

kind of ironic?

wow. this song makes me cry. | Reviewer: Kellie | 3/13/07

One of my really close family guy friends died last summer in a horendous car crash. he died the morning of June 19th, and that night we had a candelight vigil up at the highschool. he was in the graduating senior class. we played this song. its soo sad to hear it but its such and amazing song!! i love it!!

awwww | Reviewer: katie | 5/26/06

It's my class song for graduation and I love it. It makes me cry every time.

WOW | Reviewer: candice | 4/19/05

OMG this song took my breath away! it's so beautiful!!!

Here's to an amazing song... | Reviewer: Jay | 2/10/05

Fucking awesome song... Download it now!!!

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