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Performed by Eve 6

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Heres to the Night | Reviewer: Marianne | 5/5/09

I think that this song can be interpreted a number of different ways, and graduating from high school or university might be one of them. Personally, I feel this song is about the decisions and choices we make between being a teenager and adulthood, and the bridge in between. Alot of us want to go back an relive our glory days and live in the moment, or relive that night, but time comes and goes and we need to move on in life. That is what I believe here's to the night means.

a song for a loving memory | Reviewer: nicole | 3/3/09

this song reminds me of my brother who died from a car accident in 2002... it was the theme to one of his last highschool dances before he died.. and i love how it says "Put your name on the line/Along with place and time/Want to stay, not to go, I want to ditch the logical" that just kind of reminds me of his death certificate, with his name place and time. :[ && to the nights we felt alive playing together, & the tears i knew id cry once he was gone.. and tomorrow comes too soon everyday cuz i know its one more day longer that he's been gone.

holy shit its an awesome song. | Reviewer: lauren | 2/16/09

okay people sorry to be the rain on your parade but like sorry. this song is not a graduation song. it was never intended to be one.

i honestly dont know what its about. all i know its a beautifully written song[like all other eve 6 songs]

it just pisses me off because everyone is like "oh my god its a graduation song"....its not. just shut up about it.

<33 | Reviewer: Brittany | 2/8/09

yeah, this song is kind of an original graduation song, but the video kind of explains it. a guy goes around and video tapes i guess their last night together, and then at the near end, he puts it down and sits next to a girl and they cuddle, because she was crying.
then a girl comes out and picks up the camera and starts to video tape them.

like it | Reviewer: chris | 2/3/09

My graduating class had this song as to vote for our class song. I voted for it,because i have always liked this song and it is about saying goodye to friends. My class is almost 900 of us but i have gotten to know a lot of good people and sure not liked others but in the end most will go in different directions and move on. I think this song shows that we won't see everyone forever and the last night will be over too soon. It just works. even if it isnt our official class song, it will be a theme for me and my friends.

Graduation? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/09

eh, my school is using this as our graduation song for 09, and idk if I like it. I want to believe the intentions of the song are good but I don't really like the lines, "Are you willing to be had? Are you cool with just tonight?" That's going to make the whole thing really awkward, especially with our entire families there...

well... | Reviewer: Zadyn | 5/24/08

Just on my perspective this song can be taken in a couple of sifferent ways. and what makes any of you so hi and freakin mighty to determine its meaning if you didn't write the darn thing then just shut up all of you are stupid for arguing like a bunch of drunkin idiots!!!!! That is all thank you. If I have harmed anyones feelings or made them angry I can only tell you too get the F*** over it because if you care what I say so much then you need to get a new life and think differently. thank you that is freakin all.

however u want to take it | Reviewer: here's to all of us | 5/25/08

it doesn't matter what the song actually means...the band knows what it meant to them....and u know what it means to you...their not requiring any one person to feel a certain way about the song....thats the whole reason songs are great...b/c u can interpret them how u want....every song has a story behind for u or it doesn't thats why some songs u listen to and some u don't....feel however u want there is nothing wrong with an opinion...

however u see it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/08

who cares what the real meaning is behind the song...the band knows what they meant...but thats the great thing about any song...intepret it how u want...relate to u want to relate to...every song has a different story behind it for each person...whether ur missing an old friend...or looking back on a one night stand could go either way...nothing wrong with different interpretations...its up to u how u feel about it

YOU dont know anything. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/08

uhm, this song is not about one night stand. you are retarded if you think that. You should not interpret this song literally. this song is about friends going separate ways. they're trying to enjoy their last night together since "tomorrow will come too soon" Could also be interpret to two lovers going to be separated. They're trying to make the best of their last night together.

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