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Performed by Evanescence

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Evanescence fan 101 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/10

I love this song, it does not make me cry but it does make me think of some scenarios in life and give me the courage to confront them, because as said in the song you can't wash it all away. Everyone who has said this song belongs in the top 10 is wrong. It belong in the top three along with imaginary ad whisper.

very well put! | Reviewer: PSYCHOTIC | 12/22/09

i love this song it bring back memories it couldn't been done no better ev yall rock!this song makes you (feel) well you all ready know if you enjoy it!can't stop listening to it!juggalo world woop,wooop!mcl!

just i adore u.... | Reviewer: jewels | 11/29/09

all that i can say about AMY LEE is that she controles my feelings...she can make me cry if that i'm in my happiest mmnts she really make me feel sick and falling but, i love that sickness and enjoy sharing it forever....she's really the GODESS of rock music....i love the great " LITHIUM", the last song i'm wastingnon u, hello , my immortal, i must be dreaming, bleed .....and specially understanding.... i love u evanescence...

whooo.... | Reviewer: Ziggy | 1/30/09

whooo....this is awesome !!! I love too much this song, and also my inmortal, and something more...if somebody have the piano tabs of my inmortal please send them to, well, it´s all, bye

Sadness and depression | Reviewer: Kylie | 1/29/09

I just read the lyrids and i first thought i was soething way different but now i know what ist about. This is mt favorite Evanscence song, it's my lullaby. Evertime i listen to this ong i cry cause it makes me think about some ppl i know dieing and losing this guy i love... but its an amazing song. I love u Enavescene!!!

Feeling free | Reviewer: shahla | 1/11/09

I wasnt a fan of rock music! But the more I listen to Evanescence and the lyrics of their songs i feel they just make me speechless!I used to listen to imaginary, bring me back to life and BEAUTIFUL lithium since months a go! I fairly recently heared Understanding! It s just amazing! I really love the step by step changes in the song. bit by bit .. Plus the lyrics s so amazing and I just shows a true love, which is not washed a way by time .. It doesnt make me sad or happy. It just makes me calm as i can trust and believe in true and forever feelings. Whenever i listen to Understanding, i feel free from my fears... THANK YOU Evanescence

one of the best songs ever | Reviewer: Dorwin | 7/31/08

I think that Understanding will always be in ranked in the top 10 Evanescence songs ever because it just has so much meaning and depth in it. I love Amy's range and the guy who speaks on it - I don't know his name - he sounds pretty well too.

One of the things that I like most is the speed the song goes through and it just changes from beat to beat.

makes me cry | Reviewer: Maria | 2/26/08

i believe this is the BEST evanescence song, it leaves me speechless..the feelings u get when u lsn to it are undescribable..i hold my tears everytime..and i lsn to it again and again.. i hope amy lee knows how AMAZING this song is and how it makes us feel,,

Thank You, Amy | Reviewer: Nadia | 2/12/08

Whenever I hear this sound I look at a picture of my dearest love. He is gone now, but when I hear this Evanescence song he returns to me. Its like a dream... I think this song is magical. I can't discribe it. You have to listen to this song. It's so beatuful, I wanna cry all the time.

Just...Wow!! | Reviewer: Heidi J. Miller | 12/29/07

I just heard this song for the first time fairly recently...and just wow. It's so amazing! And it has the most incredible and true meaning to it. It's so true. And I love the guy voice at the beginning and end of it, along with the girl at the end. It just adds on to it. But anyway, the bottom line's M-A-ZING and sooo true. I LOVE YOU EVANESCENCE!! =]


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