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Performed by Evanescence

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biased i guess | Reviewer: younglover | 6/11/14

i too luv this song and i noticed that a lot of the other reviews came from Christians. im Christian too but im in a bit of a struggle with my life in Christ.....almost as if im being denied my salvation. i consider suicide almost everyday but there is only one reason i havent done it and that reason is my mother. i mean after all it's thanx to her prayers that im alive cuz i was at death's door when she gave birth to me. so truthfully i cant really say im lving for God or Christ cuz im not so sure. at the moment im just living to make sure my mom keeps a smile on her face.....and when she dies that might be the day i die too cuz she's my life, literally my everything. so at the end o the day i dont think one cld say im a Christian...i dunno. honestly i dont kno what i am except alive and human.......although there were several occassions we thought i was demon possessed or sumin cuz i'm not scared of anything the end a part of is crying out to God to be my salvation, my tourniquet but my faith is wavering

to all u Christian folks out there who are strong in Christ....i just wanna say ur the blessed ones, dont let go and pray that He never lets go of you. He's ur tourniquet, your salvation nothing can compare to that.
and those of u who have not given ur life to Christ... plzz do so. i kno im in no place to say this to anyone, but just becuz its probably too late for my soul, there may still be a second left for u. think about it, or just do it. from the little experience ive had i can say u wont regret it. vaya con dios.
God bless

(ps im not from Spain or anything i jus use phrases in different languages when i post stuff on the web.)

hakim muslims | Reviewer: hakim | 5/29/13

every things in this world is done but our only great god ;the one who don't believe in god is not alive, if he just back in time he'll find no meaning of his life. about evanescence the song is wonderfull

good life is going on | Reviewer: maziar | 12/4/11

I was standing on a 5th flour and i was filing realy realy empty that time cuse i fucked up my life but i didn't did it cuse i dicided to fight , case i'm maziar , i steel hate every aspect in my life but i'm trying i hope it go on well
Ps: i'm muslem

snakes diaries | Reviewer: Copperhead | 4/13/11

life hurts, it starts with pain and it ends with pain, it challenges you with a new pain at each and every breath. it is pain but it is good also. pain makes you sure you are alive. there are times which nothing else remained to make you feel. but pain keeps you going. a dangerous toy to play with indeed but it works. pain leads to anger, anger leads to hatred and hatred leads to darkness, but so far what is the risk if you are already down there in the abyss. when the light of hope is fading and fire of love turns into ash the hatred burns and whips you to keep moving. to get there where you can turn the table. and when you are there the addiction to the pain and hatred keeps crumpling you. there you have to do the hardest thing; to let it go when you don't need it anymore but you love it and you got used to it to be there as the best friend you had in your darkest days. then you will cry for salvation suffering from your own poisoned being. god has nothing to do with our own made mistakes. he made us prefect and left us to ruin ourselves if we are that stupid. he don't need those who can't find the way... to live free and to die well...

To everybody | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/11

To everyone who says "They're suicidal, they don't know God" I have this to say: You can't understand. And no one wants to die, not at first. Mostly, I think people just feel like they HAVE to die- there's no hope, and nothing will ever get better. They feel empty, alone, but that doesn't mean they don't believe in God, or that they aren't sorry. Sometimes the pain is too great.
Sometimes it's too much, and people just forget that God is there.
But sometimes, people hurt so bad, they can't hear him, or they feel like NO ONE, not even God, loves them.
You never know what others are feeling.
Don't judge.
P.S. This does not mean I think suicide is right. This is just me trying to understand. I don't think suicidal people are bad.

.............fani | Reviewer: fani | 3/14/11

i think that we the people that wrote something should follow evanscence because of her we have these wonderful songs when we have madness and sanness we just listen to them to take them away and forget=(PS never give up in your life no matter wat because we have it for a reason.

no more suicide | Reviewer: morsy | 12/14/10

i feel that any one who try to suicide is a poor one who really can't fight in this life .... but i would like to tell those people ur life has value and u r the best creature of all ... ur life has purpose so think again .. the only reason u r here is to worship god and do good... because if u believe in god u will find a reason for ur existence and u will find ur ease and comfort .. good song i like it .

I love ... | Reviewer: Humanoid | 9/15/10

It's a great song . But you know what : Fuck ur gOD and ur cHRIST . If any1 believes in such bullshit like gOD or any other fuckin' religeous shit , they r not real metal fans .
And fuck u all christians .
U r all fuckin' stupid if I were with u I'd prove there is no gOD or such shit . Fuck u all .

Who say's suicides never knew Christ? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/10

I was very close to committing suicide and at the time the only reason I didn't is because I felt I would cheating God's purpose for my life. I figured as long as I am breathing, there is something to do.

Thats when I was in grade 4 or 5 and I was a believer since I was little and me not committing suicide was not because my faith was something so spetacular fulfilling at the time. My walk with God is very satisfying to this day now than I am 21 and have never considered suicide since grade 6. I thank God for it, but if you really think someone who knows God could never consider suicide, then you need to read the book of Job again and see how much stubborn steel it takes to get through the dry times in life even if you are 'saved'.

Why people commit suicide | Reviewer: Alex | 7/22/10

People who commit suicide make a terrible mistake, because they actually found an answer to life: That it has no meaning. That doesn`t mean that people have to kill themselves. This revolution is what makes us strong. And the people you say are sane are actually insane because they give meaning to an absurd life.

:) | Reviewer: Krista | 7/14/10

I absolutely love this song!!! I totally relate to the lyrics, and it has actually stopped me from commiting suicide before.It's not a nice feeling, but I feel stronger inside because I didnt go through with it. I love evanescence and will continue to love them til the day I die (whether it is by suicide or not)

and a tourniquet is a compressing device used to control blood flow.

my TourniqueT | Reviewer: nazanin(a broken heart girl) | 7/6/10

this song is my fav song and i always whisper:my God my tourniquet return to me salvation! when my parents divorced i committed suicide with drugs...beleive it or not i died and i came back to this world...death is not terrifyin happen at all! if you dont kill your self!i suffered painful torture because of suicide when i was between two world! yes!even it's really ecxiting(death)!my GOD returned to me real salvation was in this world not other world...thanks God!thanks amy!!i'm one of your biggest fan!go0d luck darling!!:-*

To deletris | Reviewer: AnTONY | 5/17/10

Hello to all Amy lee Fans . She is so sweet and lovely

Good christians ,God bless you .

Deletris you are so right . Like Roberto Benigni says in a film with Tom Waits , it's a sad and wonderful life . But what do you mean , you are Catholic not Christian . Im christian , i don't go anymore to church , i don't think Jesus wanted a religion .
And what does exactly Tourniquet means .


<<<333333 | Reviewer: Dani Ramos | 5/10/10

I love your music this song is my fav!!! i know what it feels like to feel unwanted..... i hurts. but i live you music and i have been a big fan ever sence i was four and now i'm turning sixteen in september. :) keep wrighting good music!!!

Your biggest fan
Dani Ramos!!

P.S i love your music!

Quoting another xD | Reviewer: Deletris | 3/25/10

Quote: "I think that if someone is at the point where they are taking their own life, they must not be following Christ. Only a person who hates their life would commit suicide, and the Christian life is not empty like that"

Everyone is different but for someone to want to die they must be in great pain whether emotionally, spiritually or physically. I'm not christian really but i am a catholic and i don't feel that suicide really is that bad and that it isn't following Christ. You're right about hate their life but before we judge them why not ourselves in all we as the "society" have marginalized them in some way making them feel worthless. We all need support as social beings with no one to redeem them and save them from the darkness its pretty hard :3 Well this is just my opinion and i know how it feels to lose someone to suicide as it has happened to me... Oh and one last thing and please no one get offended but i feel those who are in "darkness" truly see the world as the world is as ugly as it is beautiful some see it one side and the other on the other...

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