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Performed by Evanescence

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This is not an Evanescence's song | Reviewer: arturo | 7/1/07

This song is sung by Within Temptation!!!
However, Evanescence is the best band of the World and Amy Lee the best singer!

Restless | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/07

THIS IS A WITHIN TEMPTATION SONG! Have you ever listened to it?? Its not even Amy Lee's voice. Its Sharon Den Adel! This song was written before Evanescence had even formed! PLEASE remove it to avoid further confusion!

It's not Evanescence | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/07

I have this unauthorised documentary film about Evanescence, and there was a question in a quiz (in the film) that said "Which of these are NOT an Evanescence-song?", and the alternatives were Restless, Leave me alone, You, and Anywhere.
Both "Restless" and "Leave me alone", are not Evanescence songs!
They should have known... xD

NO | Reviewer: Charlie | 6/18/07

This IS Within Temptation, do you know how I know? Because it's on one of their albums.

It's like you silly people saying "Angel of Mine" is by Evanescence. It's Within Temptation! Please! 8-) Sharon's voice is by far much more refined than Amy's, seeing as she's actually had voice training.

Restless | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/07

This song is a Within Temptation song, from, as Katie said, the Enter album. Released before Evanescence had even FORMED. It doesn't even sound like Amy Lee. She doesn't have the vocal range!! This needs to be changed.

Restless | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/07


Uh..No.. | Reviewer: Tundra | 6/8/07

This can't be by Amy Lee.I've listened to ALOT of Evanescence's songs and this does not sound like them.When Amy Lee does a high note she most definitely doesn't souns like that,or if she did this song when she was younger..But I doubt that.
I'v never listened to a Within Temptation song,but my point is it's not an Evanescence song.

Evanescence. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/07

If you actually are an Evanescence fan... you guys should know that Amy-Lee really can get that high. If you listen to a lot of her songs, especially her new stuff, she hits a lot of high notes. She usually doesn't sing high the entire time, that's probably why you didn't realize it. Amy-Lee can certainly hit high notes. She usually sings her songs as a belt, which is why it sounds lower. This song she actually sang with her Opera training. When you belt, your vibrato usually goes down, which is why in this song, her vibrato is more prominent.

If you listen to songs like "Hello." she definately does go this high, perhaps higher. She's not Mariah Carey, but she's not THAT limited.

It's Evanescence. :)

omg | Reviewer: phedre | 6/4/07

if amy lee ever sounds like that i'll shoot myself. she can go that high, but it wouldn't sound so reedy. it'd be good without the lai lais

Not Evanescence. | Reviewer: Katie | 5/23/07

This song is not by Evanescence. It's by Within Temptation, from their 1997 album Enter. Amy Lee has a lovely voice, but I doubt she's ever sung this song in her life.

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