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Performed by Evanescence

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my love | Reviewer: haya | 3/21/08

.. i really love this song... because.. my first love was before 1 year... and i loved him toooooooooo much.. but he didn't relised it... why..?? because of other girl.. i'm not mad... but i'm very sad from my self.. because i really loved him.. now.. i'm trying to forget him.. but.. i can't.. i always think about him... when i loves him... he was in love with other girl... heh..!! i duno what to say... whrn i hear this song i really feel very... i cry... and i get mad... i don't know why...!!! do u think because of him... or because i really loved him!!!

Sad:( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/08

This song is awesome it reminds me of me Grandparents i only have 1 left but it reminds me that i didnt spend enough time with them and i wish i had (crap im cryin now!)but i think theyre always with me and i didnt even know my Aunty before she died.

Evanescence are awesome but its wierd how much i can relate to them

it makes me cry and im a boy and im 12! Great song Evanescence are the best.

my immortal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/08

i like this song so much, because it let me remember my first and true love...
i love him so much that i would kill myself for him, but he doesn't realize it!!
i love him since 3 years!!
i was there for him trough all of the years and he is thinking that i only want a friendship, but i cannot say him the truth...
so i will still loving him..forever..

forever | Reviewer: don't cry | 1/29/08

Death is not the end.That is the most important message of this person who was sun in my cloudy life died..but I know, he won't leave me as long as my love for him is here..

My immortal meaning | Reviewer: Trixie | 1/21/08

This song is about when someone loses their mortality and helped you through al these years and disapears and remebers you forever

this goes to my true love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/08

this song makes me cry it reminds me of my one true love that died in 9 - 11 in the twin towers.... this was our song... i still listen to it to day because every time i do i feel like he is sitting right next to me holding my hand......... it just makes me cry because this is the song i was listing to when he died, we were on the phone and we were both listing to it..... and i got to listen to him die before the line went dead on me........ i cried for weeks..... still today i cry my self to sleep thinking about him....... <3 I love u T.J

This song makes me cry | Reviewer: jessica | 1/18/08

this song reminds me of my aunt who is dying of a weird disease i don't rmember what it is called but i have always been there for my auntand now she is nearly gone

review | Reviewer: ceci | 1/6/08

I'm very shy.. and my boyfriend wanted me to sing because he wanted to hear my voice, but I couldn't so I made a video singing this beautiful song.. just for my boyfriend.. and now I realise that I was not that bad singing..

I'm from Argentina..

meaningful words | Reviewer: Some one | 1/6/08

i really liked this song so much eaventhoug EV are Christian and im muslim.may be u will say how coms that.. this is does not mean that i hate them ... muslims not all of them > the really muslims dont hate any body...I like amy 2 much i like EV (all of thim)


best song ever | Reviewer: utin | 12/14/07

eveytime i hear this song, always makes me remember to someone who already passed away
makes me review all the time i have spent with him.
sometimes i want him back in my life because i never ready to loose him.
anyway thank you for making the song

Immortal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/07

I know Evanescence was originally billed as a Christian group so when I realized the lyrics to this song it made me thing of Mother Mary and how she would have felt after Jesus was crucified and then came back only to leave again. Remembering how she cared and loved him as a child and up until he started his proclaiming his gospel at age 30. However you view it, I know for sure it is great art because everyone that actually listens to it hears something that touches them, and that can only come from God.

My immortal | Reviewer: Naomi | 11/24/07

this song is the best one that i've ever heard!!!!i really like it...always when i hear this song , i must thing about my mother..!! when i was 9 my mother had a new boyfriend...and she leaved my father!!!!1 year after that my father died!!!

IT IS THE BEST SONG EVER! | Reviewer: Gunay | 11/21/07

I am in love with this song...the melody and the words...they are just made for each other. I mean it is a Master work!
Thank you Evanescence for bringing this Wonderful SOng to me...

Growing UP | Reviewer: David | 11/6/07

Everyone seems to be speaking about Eve's song as if it is about a relationship that currently is painful, loveless or for someone that has passed away. I think about it like a childhood love that is being remembered from the present. Often at the time love seems one way but as we grow older we remember it how it was through our current eyes. She is remembering a lvoe, that was when she was younger, maybe even a child, and reflecting on it from the present but through the prism of the past. The melody is haunting as in a childhood rememberance.

I love the song. it calls up my past childhood loves and friendships that are now part of me but are gone as well.

Immortal and endless | Reviewer: roe | 11/2/07

This song by Ev is a cross breed of rock and classic style. The lyrics and the voice behind it gives that unique touch of reality and nostalgia to someone who hears it. Well I personally remember my ex when I hera this song. When we were still together I was his guiding light but now that I'm out of his life when
I broke up with him, the memory will linger always in our hearts and it is something that time cannot erase. No matter how many loves we'll get in our individual lives, our tandem will always be the best I know. It;s just that, we've got differences we cannot resolve after 5 years of being together. Our love for each other as friends will always be immortal. Thanks to EV for giivng us truthful songs that does not yell, you guys give us songs about our lives.

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