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Performed by Evanescence

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Patrick Dean | Reviewer: jordan | 1/29/10

I am all alone. I love Patrick with all of my heart, but he loves Hilary with his heart. I could walk out of his life forever and he wouldn't care. I could die and he wouldn't notice that I was missing. I am nothing to him, but he is everything to me.

sympathy | Reviewer: anonimous | 1/26/10

it seems that the majority of you feel the same like me... it's silly how someone can breake your heart and you still love him with all the pieces.. i've been let down many times but now i just feel alone.. like nobody would care if i died tonight..

Review | Reviewer: Nayem | 1/20/10

Well,i just took a look around the older reviews...and...i wonder how a lyric can wave through ppl's emotion,ppl's heart...its mazing!! Eva's song like enigma to a cup of peace in a dark frozen nite...

Moving | Reviewer: Sila Vendethiel | 1/4/10

Missing is one of Eva's most moving songs, it reminds me of reflections and also the weaker side of everyone - I think everyone has moments when they sit back and think "if I left now, would anyone notice?" It's about not having enough love for yourself.

Undiscribable. | Reviewer: Alexis | 1/2/10

I have been listening to Evanescence since I was about 7 years old. My mom is the gothic type of person. The first song my mom introduced me to was Hello. I love the lyrics, in any of Evanescence's song the lyrics speak to people. Not like songs and this day do. The lyrics have true meaning. I am 14 now. Seems pretty young, I know. But I follow in my mothers footsteps. Evanescence, is by far the greatest band known to man.

Into the mirror | Reviewer: Dougy | 9/7/09

If you think like how i do, you probably thought of this song as a reflection of yourself. Like looking at a mirror and asking why you changed so drastically that you don't even care about your self anymore. Then maybe, you didn't know who YOU were to begin with....forgiving yourself is the hardest battle.

crying all the days... | Reviewer: anonimous | 8/10/09

Missing always reminds me the lonelyness I'm living every day. I don't feel that my boyfriend and all the people I know (I don't know if call them friends because they never acted as it) really cares about me. Will they cry for me if I'll die tomorrow? I don't think so. They don't notice how I'm feeling. I feel that they don't mind. No one think about me... No one really love me...

Listen | Reviewer: lee | 7/19/09

i know everyone has their own song review but it's amazing how much people can mess up a simple song just listen to the pain the tears and the blood flow out of this you know so deep pain is embedded in it i know what it's like to bleed infrot of the one person who once loved me and he never cared some times trhuth is paralyzing

Wow | Reviewer: Stacey | 5/1/09

Ok I read a lot of Twilight fanfictions and Im writing one, so becuz i love evanescnece, i searched all their songs and stumbled upon this one, and i started crying almost. just the emotion in this song matched so many things in literature that ive read. wow beautriful

made me sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/09

i liked a guy 4 and a half years straight. since i was barely 9 so im pretty much 14 in a couple of months and today he found i like him again after a rough time of him finding out last time and we were friends but now he ignores me like everyone else; i know im pretty and im kind and yet no1 seems to see it. -.-

missing.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/09

i love evanscence so much...this song remainds me about a period in my life..i lost him..and i think for ever...i tried my hardest but i couldn't when i hear this song i think that i'm singing it!!

reflection | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/09

this seems like reflection of my past relationship, i fell in love with a boy who was into drugs three years ago. i went in thinking i could change him and i ended up giving him everything i had for it to just end in nothing but a couple of bruises on my face and neck, it was my fault for staying but i know one day when, or should i say if he sobers up he will realize what he let go through his fingers

It means so much | Reviewer: Helena | 12/19/08

Right now I'm sick and I'm at home and waiting for my friends to call me but mostly I am waiting for my boyfriend to call me and I wonder did he even notice I am gone...? Did he ever love me..? This song means so much to me. I'm crying everytime when I hear it. It's so beautiful and it really shows how I feel right now.

Missing | Reviewer: Rosario Rolon | 10/9/08

Missing a grate song i heared it on a anime d gray man someone put that song with a show the song really goes to video ...I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! i thuoght it was an new song since i nver heared it before i only got 2 cds from them & there awesome!!!!!

I love it! | Reviewer: Melanie | 10/8/08

Okay so i was surfing youtube for more Evanescence songs, and i happened to find this one. I listened to it and i love it now! I loved the song so much, and i loove singing so much i decided that im gonna sing it for the high school talent show. I can't wait!

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